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  1. Do you know any reason for this? It's an instant reaction for me - serious bloating and stomach pain almost as soon as I eat anything with soy flour in (annoying as most supermarket biscuits etc in the UK are made with soy flour - there are obviously alternatives but it makes it harder to just grab something from the 'Free From' section...). Am presuming it must be something in the process to get the flour from the bean or something they add to it that makes it really indigestible/means it causes more problems in that form...?
  2. Does anyone else find that they react to soy flour much worse than tofu etc? Soy flour (in biscuits/cakes etc) has a really quick reaction with me - I get some similar reactions to my coeliac ones - bloating/gas etc, but I think things like tofu/gluten-free tamari are OK...