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  1. What Does "pinned" Mean

    Hi, I got your message, adn I'm guessing that it was also posted in the thread. I'm still learning how to use this site so hopefully an administrator will answer your question.
  2. Dh Dxd

    Belinda, I think that must be rare for both parents to have it. And, to all get diagnosed at the same time. At least you wont have to worry about in-house gluten contamination!
  3. First Time Posting Here

    Belinda, Thanks. Sorry that you are going through this also, and are dealing with your son having it. My D. is supposed to be going out of the country in 3 weeks for the summer and then to college. I haven't contacted either program yet as don't want to jump the gun, but we are all worried that her summer may have to be canceled if she can't eat gluten free there.
  4. What Does "pinned" Mean

    Thanks Lisa
  5. First Time Posting Here

    Thank you Jessica!!! I was wondering if anyone was out there... We were hoping to get the results today but the pathologist couldn't do it in time. It is a holiday weekend so now we have to wait till Tuesday. Does anyone know how long it takes the diet to alleviate the worst of the itching?
  6. Should I Get Dd Tested For Dh?

    I am new to this board and just saw your post. My DD had what we thought were Spider bites. Sounds similar to what you are reporting. Rash started on knees, then elbows and spread up and down arms and legs. We had biopsies and are now waiting for results. She started eating glutten free and even though rash is still excruciatingly itchy, the spread seams to have slowed nad she isn't as "frantic" form the discomfort.
  7. I posted a message on a board and I noticed that others say "pinned" adn have an icon illuminated. What does this mean? I posted 2 days ago and no-one responded so I'm wondering if I did something to prevent responses. Thanks
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for insight. My daughter developed a purple tint to both knees and both elbows and what looked like spider bites that itched like mad. We thought they were spider bites. Over a month, the rash became more intense, spreading down arms and legs and across hips on both sides, the longer she has it the faster it spreads (slow at first, then quickly). She describes the itching as being "under her skin, like it was in her bones" rather than related to the actual sores, and it is worse in areas where she hasn't yet developed sores.. We went to Dr. every other day the last week to try to get relief, she actually raked the skin off of her lower leg! Finally 2 spots were biopsied and we are waiting for results. In the meantime, she began glutton free diet. Within a few days, spread of rash seemed to slow a little bit and itching seamed a little less intense. Is this possible?? Interesting, her brother has Ulcerative Colitis, a different autoimmune intestinal condition. Like the last poster, she is allergic to Sulfa. She also just had vaccines (Yellow Fever and Typhoid) in preparation for travel. Can there be a link? Does this sound like DH symptoms?? She is a senior in HS and a little late for juvenile diagnosis. Worried...