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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I had positive test through Enterolab -- I went through w/ a biopsy which came back negative, but I decided to give the diet a shot anyways to see if it helped my symptoms. I figure, it couldn't hurt. So -- to answer your question, I may not have Celiac, but I believe I do have an intolerance to gluten. My main symptom was chronic D for about 18 years, w/ the last couple of years just awful -- since I've been gluten-free -- no diarrhea. That's enough to keep me going -- I am going to keep w/ it for a few months and MAYBE do a gluten challenge to see if my D comes back or not -- I haven't decided if I really need to do that yet -- I may be feeling so good by then, it wouldn't be worth it! I actually did not have the gas problems until AFTER I started gluten-free -- so I don't really know what is causing it. I've read that people do have problems w/ legumes, so it could be the culprit -- it is the "magical fruit" I am beginning to question the gluten free flours b/c I have had a lot of that lately -- most of the people on this board say to go simple at first until your gut heals -- meaning meat, veggies, and fruit. I may have to do that and see if things calm down. Anyways -- hope you find some answers -- good luck!!!
  3. Hi -- don't have anything to help, but wanted to let you know that I am in the same boat -- been gluten-free for just under a month and am terrible gassy!!! I've never been this gassy before (even when I ate gluten!) -- and my stomach is quite bloated too. Just wanted to tell you -- you're not alone. Hope you get some good suggestions and you start feeling better soon!!!
  4. Hi -- I just got some psyllium tabs to start taking -- you say you take 4-8 a day; how many milligrams are in the ones you take? Just curious to see about how much I should be taking -- mine contain 880 mg. Thanks for the info!!!
  5. wow -- thanks for that info -- i would've just assumed b/c the large ones were gluten-free, so were the small ones -- that's so weird that one would have it and not the other! hope you're feeling better soon! thanks again!
  6. aww -- i hope it gets better for him!!!! i could knock someone out w/ mine! luckily, mine is much worse at the end of the day so it's just my cats that have to worry! i've been eating some homemade gluten-free bread b/c i was just craving something like that -- maybe it is the flours?! but, you said you've been off yours for a week, so I would think it'd be better by now. hmmm -- maybe our bowels are just trying to regulate themselves or something and things are going a little haywire in there? oh, I don't know, i just wish it would go away soon! i'm so impatient thanks for responding and I hope you feel better!!!!!!!!
  7. I tested positive through Enterolab, but had a negative biopsy. I decided to try the gluten-free diet anyways, and so far so good. It's only been just under a month for me, but I used to have diarrhea all the time(every day) and have not had it but once since I started (and I think that's b/c I accidentally had some gluten). Good luck to you!
  8. sorry to be off subject here -- these have gluten in it? i thought reeses pb cups were gluten-free? so the ones in moose track ice cream have gluten in too??! to be more on subject -- i get night sweats ALL the time -- not sure what that's about. Anyways -- thanks for the info on the reeses!!
  9. you have the nausea too? is it constant? mine doesn't ever seem to go away and i am soooooooooo gassy! of course the nausea doesn't stop me from eating -- my appetite is ravenous! time to dust off my exercise ball!
  10. so i've only been gluten-free for a little under a month -- my D is completely gone -- haven't had an episode in weeks -- however, i've been extremelly nauseaus all the time and very gassy -- thinking the gas thing may be the corn tortillas i've been eating?? has anybody else felt nauseated after going gluten-free? do you think my body is detoxing or something? i've also had a constant sour taste in my mouth (and hence, really thirsty) and still getting tingling in my hands/feet. Any ideas? Thanks a bunch!!!!!!
  11. thanks for the replies! I think I will definitely go back to using the psyllium fiber. I never thought about the B12 -- some of that definitely sounds like me -- anemia, fatigue -- and I have numbness/tingling in my hands and feet/legs ALL the time!!!! I had no idea what that was about! Can you have too much B12??
  12. thanks for all the replies -- I guess I never thought about the dairy as causing me constipation b/c I've never really been all that constipated before (when I was eating gluten I mainly had diarrhea ALL the time!) I do eat a couple of pieces of string cheese and a yogurt a day, so that may very well be my problem. I haven't done much w/ the gluten substitutes yet, except for a rice bar that I eat once a day at work b/c it's easy to grab in the morning. I literally lost 4 pounds the other day after finally having a bm (sorry if tmi) -- then i gradually gain it back over the week when i don't "go". I am having an awful time trying to figure out what to eat -- I was never really much of a chef b/c it's just me and it is hard to cook for one person (recipes always serve so many people). I guess I need to just start doing it b/c food is certainly starting to get real boring! thanks for the ideas -- I think I will start eating some raisins too b/c I like raisins! I used to use psyllium husk pills for fiber to try to bulk up my diarrhea issues before, maybe I will go back to that (those are safe right??) thanks again!
  13. did anybody's D turn to C after starting gluten-free? i used to have chronic D (several times a day) and i've been gluten-free for 2 1/2 weeks and am barely going now (maybe once a week -- so bloated!). Did this happen to anyone else?
  14. Has anybody had a constant sour taste in their mouth? I've had it before when I was on a course of antibiotics and just thought it was a reaction to the medicine. I have it again, and haven't been on any antibiotics (although, I just finished a round of Prednisone for hives). It is driving me absolutely bonkers -- i can not get the sour taste out of my mouth. Any ideas of what this is from and how to stop it?? I thought it may be acid reflux, but I've been taking Zantac and the taste is still there. Any clues? Thanks!!
  15. i got my endoscopy done on Aug 23rd and have yet to hear my results -- i went in to ask for a copy of them b/c every time i called, they said -- they're in, the doctor just hasn't looked at them yet. when i went to get a copy, they refused. i think it is so inconsiderate how they treat people, busy or not -- good luck w/ your results. i, myself, decided to go gluten free regardless of the biopsy results -- one week through now, and boy, do i feel tons better! give it a try Best luck to you!!