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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    I'm a writer and currently a nanny. I live w/ my vegan husband in Chicago, where we make lots of unintentional trouble when ordering at restaurants.
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  1. Eating Gluten-free In Montreal?

    wow - thanks so much!!! I would definitely love any info on vegan places, and where I can pick up La Messagere! thanks again!!
  2. in Victoria: The Joint pizzeria has gluten-free pizza and it's GOOD! (250) 389-2226 1219 Wharf Street Victoria, BC we were only there for two days but I got pizza there three times I would love to hear any info about Montreal gluten-friendly places since I'm going there this summer. bon appetit!
  3. Lakefront Brewery makes a gluten-free beer called New Grist and it's GOOD! if you go to www.lakefrontbrewery.com/where.asp, you can see where to get it - throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, etc. this is great for us Chicagoans
  4. hi there - my vegan husband and I will be vacationing in Montreal in August for a week. if anyone has any recommendations for any stores or restaurants or bakeries or ANYthing that is gluten-friendly, please let me know! thanks so much!
  5. Hi there - I have a week off at the end of this month/beginning of next, and I just want to GO somewhere. I'll be traveling alone and I'd love to go someplace that has celiac-friendly restaurants, something like that. I don't have tons of money, but enough to have a few options. Does anyone have any recommendations? Places to eat? Places to stay? Gimme whatever you've got and thank you!
  6. Super Dizzy W/ No Other Real Symptoms..

    I really appreciate all the responses - thank you! I'm definitely going to mention it to my doctor, whom I can finally call tomorrow when it's no longer a weekend! it always seems the weird-health happens on a weekend.. thanks, everyone!
  7. hi everyone, brief backstory: had 2 accidental glutaminations which I am recovering from, so it's not much of a mystery WHY I'm having these symptoms, -but- I am hugely dizzy, not the lightheaded, shaky kind, but the I-just-spun-around-fifty-times kind, where the room feels like it's swaying and swooping and if i try to walk I bump into the wall eventually. other than that, no real symptoms. is there any way to make this go away/ease it up or do i just have to sit on my couch w/ my eyes closed and wait for it to stop? it's not low blood sugar related, i don't believe, b/c that feels very different. help!
  8. back to the subject of cheating: first of all, (check other forums) it's not something typically *done* by celiacs. most of us have been so sick we'd never willingly submit our bodies to gluten again! second of all, what the author ought to know AND report to her readers is that even if someone eats gluten and feels NO EFFECTS WHATSOEVER, the internal damage (lymphocitosis, damage to villi, etc) STILL happens. your blood antibodies will get thrown off and take at least six months to right themselves. people who have been gluten-free for long periods of time tend to have only small reactions to gluten because their systems are not inflamed like they used to be. if we were to cheat b/c it didn't really feel painful, we'd be doing inner damage and eventually our system WOULD get re-inflamed, etc etc. it makes me really angry that someone would publish things like this without an organized outcry. it's bad enough not all doctors know that much about celiac. i'm a writer myself and in nonfiction, there is an implicit responsibility to tell the freaking truth! esp. when health is involved. but she sounds a little weird anyway.
  9. What's This About Kissing Non-gf People?

    well, they say that there is only a ten percent chance that a celiac will have a celiac child - so I assume that w/ a celiac spouse, it would stay the same, or else be 20% - I don't really know if the risk is officially doubled! there is actually a higher likelihood that your sibling would have celiac disease rather than your child. so that's a relief, at least.
  10. Ate Gluten By Mistake

    what should you do if you just ate some by mistake? I ate about half a bag of Doritos before I realized they changed the ingredients to add wheat flour - my stupid mistake - but now what? I can't reach my doctors, I tried unsuccessfully to throw the food up when I first realized. It was about an hour ago and the only symptoms I have (other than panic) is a burning feeling in my stomach. what should i do? are there things that can help, or make the damage less?????
  11. larger chain health-food/organic-focused stores tend to have good selections. Around Chicago, for example, there is Whole Foods. Around Indianapolis there is Wild Oats. If you don't know of one, you might want to google "gluten free" and the name of your town. Also, there are a ton of gluten-free stores online. this, at first, doesn't seem nearly as convenient or nice as a grocery store down the street, but you get used to it... I buy bread from www.ener-g.com, and doughnuts and muffins from www.kinnikinnick.com, and there are so many gluten-free sellers that I still haven't visited all their sites! I really do have to plug kinnikinnick... I practically cried the first time I had their food, because it tastes REAL. the same goes for Ener-G bread. even a 12 year old non-gluten-free kid had it and said it tasted "regular." also, there is a Gluten-Free Market in the northern suburbs of Chicago, and it's online as well, at www.glutenfreemarket.com. they have ALL kinds of stuff, and they do online orders. take some time to browse at these places and you should really feel better. hope this helps you, because for me, it made all the difference!
  12. good news for you and your kettle corn! taken directly from the website: http://www.actii.com/company/faqs.jsp Are your products gluten free? ACT II Microwave Popcorn does not contain gluten or related proteins obtained from wheat, rye, barley, and oats and ingredients derived from these cereal grains. Allergen information obtained from our ingredient manufacturers states that the ingredients used in ACT II microwave popcorn do not contain gluten or related proteins obtained from wheat, rye, barley, and oats and ingredients derived from these cereal grains. ACT II microwave popcorn is made on dedicated equipment, eliminating the possibility of cross contamination.
  13. mine is still positive after 10 months gluten-free!!! I haven't eaten gluten! I don't know the numbers, though. I don't know what to do
  14. hi, I was diagnosed in December after being gluten-free one month. I continued to be gluten-free and had antibody blood tests re-done in the spring which showed, reportedly, that I was still getting "significant" gluten. I did find out there was barley and oats in a nutrition bar that I had thought was okay previously (because I looked at it so early on in the diagnosis and didn't recheck!) since that major bummer, I have been SO vigilant. now it is 10 months that I have been gluten-free and my antibody tests still show up as positive! ! ! has this happened to anyone else? what do I do? I am not eating any gluten- and I know ALL about the hidden places, and I am not taking any risks, and even my make-up is gluten-free, and I don't know what more I can do. someone please help if you can! I can handle being celiac and going gluten-free but if it never actually gets *better* (although I haven't felt sick at all!!) then what do I do??? Jen
  15. Fast Food

    meh... I was afraid of that...