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  1. at first, vaccin have been invented to save lives...that was a great idea. Unfortunately, big corporation always trying to make more profit, have introduce the idea of getting shots for prevention... Unfortunately, yes because, you must know that all vaccin contain mercury or aluminium: Further, there are potential dangers to the flu vaccine, particularly to the already vulnerable elderly population. Dr. Hugh Fudenberg, one of the world's leading immunogeneticists, states the chances of getting Alzheimer's disease is 10 times higher if an individual has five consecutive shots than if they have one, two or no shots. This is likely due to the thimerosol (a mercury-derived preservative) and aluminum content of the vaccine. http://www.mercola.com/2004/oct/27/flu_options.htm In my area, in winter, the temperature goes down to minus 22 farenheit (minus 30 in celsius). People i know who are taking the shots get the flu anyway... i have heard someone speaking this morning at radio about the avian flu. He was telling that birds, generally carry flu virus in their gut, like if it was normal....but for an unknown reason, sometimes, the virus cross the GI tract and goes all over the body...and kill. Personnaly, it makes me think of the leaky gut syndrome...something that is normaly in the gut gain acces to blood. And since i have started the protocol against the leaky gut, i have experience no flu or cold symptoms at all, even in january or february. also, sound pretty amazing that your governement is going to give 2 billion dollar to donald rumsfeld company, for an exclusive contract for flu shots...you can read that in one of the two mercola's newsletter of this week. Make me think also about the west nile virus. since 5 years, we can't stop to hear about west nile virus that is going to kill everybody(just like avian flu) In 5 year, only one person has died in my province. west nile virus is an encephalitis (a fungal disease). What does like fungi. Yes, heavy metals such as mercury an aluminium. How does it work? Your body runs on 2 systems: 1) electric (central nervous system, neuron) 2) homonal (endocrine, glands). heavy metals really strike in the first one. if you read a little on dentistry, you will hear about stories of mercury filling that were constantly inducing electric signals some organs(think it's bladder). organ could not rest, leading to organ depression, thus leading to gastrointestinal disorders. yeast and fungi have the ability to grab and keep heavy metal in your body, leading to cell death, cell death leading to more yeast overgrowth. Alzheimer disease is a yeast overgrowth in the brain...just think of the white protein coat that cover the brain in alzheimer disease... thank you industry to give me the opportunity to get or worsen a fungal disease each time i am getting a shot!!!
  2. - i have avoid tomatoes 1 year in my diet. i had symptoms when i was eating meat. a little searh shown me that tomatoes and other food high in msg (msg) combined with meat (arginine in meat) plus a bad intestinal flora was a good recipe for the gas NOx. in little quantities, NOx create bowel movement wich is good. In larger dose, it soars tissues in your gi tract wich is verrry bad. Folks taken by cronh disease often have problem with NOx.
  3. ohoh poop, stephanie, look what i have found: http://yarchive.net/food/potato_alkaloids.html http://www.mold-help.org/content/view/417/ ...
  4. psyllium hulls, just like the two other one, bind mycotoxins and exit your body when you go to washroom. - By eating mucilaginous fiber, you are lowering the level of available mycotoxin in your gi tract, thus, reducing damage to your GI tract. a leaky gut is a damaged GI tract. for example, just think about what mycotoxins does to skin: eczema, psoriasis... It's the same process involved inside. - By eating mucilaginous fiber, you also prevent constipation, wich in turn can be bad for your general health. mucilaginous fiber are verry usefull if you put yourself on protein (low carb) diet. is n't great: something that prevent diarea as well as constipation, and contribute to your general healing by lowering you mycotoxin level in your gi tract. of course, you have to pay attention of the origin of your mucilaginous fiber since wheat contain mucilaginous fiber.
  5. stephanie, charcoal, as well as slipery helm and psyllium hulls are remedy for the leaky gut. someone who has a gut that leaks can have psoriasis, eczema, multiple food allergies, arthritis... may be your nightshade intolerance is just hiding a leaky gut problem.
  6. What about stuff that has corn syrup in it...is that the same as eating corn? Hi Rachel 24 Unfortunately, i don't have the answer to that question. but i could do like a politician by giving an answer without answering the question. One of my favorite link: www.phs.ualberta.ca/PHS522/PHS522Myctoxins.ppt When i explain to people that i don't eat corn or peanuts and pistachio because it can give you cancer, they start to laugh like if i was stupid. then i tell them: Do you want to see picture of it? Now they stop to laugh...and they don't want to see the link. i also ask them Never got diarea after eating freshly harvested corn? Never got small pain to your liver after eating peanuts? p.s. the name of the fasano's medication is not zonulin, i was confused with the concept.
  7. honestly, i am tired of that subject... i am going to ask you just two question. 1) How do they refine L-Glutamine? There is rumor about the use of saccaromyce yeast to do so. that rumor could be true, considering the fact that saccaromyce yeast contain glutamine, as well as aspergillus niger in itself. You know that saccaromyce yeast are recognized to inflict diabetes in people (diabetes is an autoimmune disease, and made possible by a leaky gut syndrome. You can learn that if you read Infectious diabetes by Doug Kaufmann. 2) So...if you had the choice to eat glutamine, choice between an artificial food that you don't know how it has been produced, or a natural way (by eating meat), what do you think would be the best choice for you? like i have mentioned earlier, meat contain 15% of glutamine. You are desperate about getting your villi back. Well, why don't you get on a low carb diet. you are not going to lack glutamine anymore...never again.
  8. IBS = Multiple food allergies and the pain that comes with Multiple food allergies = Leaky gut Every coeliac, on the sick phase, have a leaky gut, have multiple food allergies...so i guess we could say have IBS to.
  9. i am not type 1 diabetic so it was probably not ketosis acidosis. i have talked about ketosis because mercola have wrote on it in his book the 'no grain diet'. It's good to be aware of it. you get a bad breath on a low carb diet...may be you just got to far into cutting carb of your diet. just pay attention to it. Speaking of adjustment here. not to say that low carb diet aren't good. i am following one myself so... and i am healthy like i have never been before.
  10. One of the wonderfull things with the paleo diet is you leave most grains (contains mycotoxin and turn out to be acid food) to replace it by green veggies. green veggies are alkalyne and are well recognized for their anti-carcinogen and anti-fungal properties. green veggies can be 100% more alkaline than fruits. When eating lots of green veggies, you balance your body's ph. by turning your body into a non-acidic one, your going to be able to practice much more sport, endure much more stress than before, two things that produce acid into your body. people are often sick only because of an over-acid body. the only thing you have to be aware of when cutting on carb is the risk to fall into ketosis. to drastic low carb diet such as the atkins one can lead you to a condition called ketosis. ketosis leads to kidney failure leave a bad breath. personnaly, i have removed all grains of my diet for 6 month and reintroduced small quantity of rice (the less toxic grain according to the prolamine theory) after 6 month because i was always falling into ketosis, no mather what was the amount of green veggies i was eating. david holland said the best way to eat grains is on pasta form. most of mycotoxins they can contain go into the sink when you remove water from pasta.
  11. Candida

    the number one is nystatin. if to expensive, you can take the threelake: http://www.candidafree.net/pages/1/index.htm. it's not written in the ingredient that it contains gluten. you could check out with the company to sees if it's really 100% gluten free. also, you could simply take probiotics, do a diet against yeast, do some sport to oxygen your body since candida are anaerobic bacteria. also, yeast generaly does not like chlorophyl. yeast prefer heavy metals contaminated body so anti oxydant such as berries, dried plums are food of choice against heavy metal contamination. i was forgetting cilantro. grapes, lemon and grapefruit seed extract is also good against candida. small quantities of sodium bicarbonate also helps. caprylic acid is strong against candida. you can find that in coconut oil or in little quantities in dairy products. garlic also is good. note that some of the above contains strong acid (except for sodium bicarbonate) and you will have to ajust your diet to balance your body ph if you don't want to get a bad breath.
  12. Wondering

    Drs are great but not always right. May be doctors are great but society is not. You have a liver that is damaged. When not because of alcool, you might be interested in the fact that corn, peanuts and pistachio, contain a poison called aflatoxin b1, poison produced by the mold aspergilus flavus. Aflatoxin is well known to cause liver damages as well as cancer, and also cause b and c hepatitis type, when not killing. On TV screen, instead of broadcast on this subject, you can see publicity about hepatitis vaccin. The position of US government is: Because there is not a lot of case of hepatitis, it shows the government handle the situation (control of aflatoxin in crops). In one word MONEY. Money first, your health is second Knowing about aflatoxin, wouldn’t you have pay more attention when eating corn. For example, you eat fresh harvested corn and hours later, you get diarea…(why is it happening?, could it be aflatoxin?). It’s just the same with gluten and your grand children. You might prefer the mysterious theory about celiac disease and the hla gene that touches more than 35% people. Or, if you are interested in science, you will find that there is at least two problems well explained by science with gluten. One is candida albican. The second one is Ochratoxin A. let’s have a look at the second one. ‘ochratoxin A produced predominantly by aspergillus ochraceus and penicillium verrucosum, occurs worldwide in many commodities from grains, to coffee beans, and it is implicated in urinary tumorigenesis in human and rodent. Furthermore, barley, wheat and pork products all appear to be human dietary sources of ochratoxin A’. ( national research council, Carcinogen and anticarcinogens in the human diet, p.62) ‘…although aflatoxin is the most carcinogenic substance on the planet, ochratoxin beats it ten times over in terms of its toxicity and the damage it inflicts on the human body. Despite this, the USDA does not screen for ochratoxin’. (doug kaufmann, infectious diabetes, p.35). ‘ochratoxin has been documented to cause kidney damage in laboratory animals. Scientist also believe that it cause Balkan nephropathy, a form of kidney failure common in central Europe, where ochratoxin has been found in high level in the food supply. Ochratoxin is also commonly found in the blood streams of humans. In 1996, A.V. Constantini conducted a random broad-based study in which 56 percent of his subjects tested positive for the mycotoxin, crop testing in the United states indicates that it commonly contaminates barley, corn, oats, rye, green coffee beans and peanuts. (doug kaufmann, infectious diabetes, p.90) All that to say that gluten is bad food. Yes some family are gluten sensitive and if I had a grandkid who would have been diagnosed with that disease, that would ring a bell to me. Some people are seeing celiac disease or gluten sensitivity like a weakness (disease). When in fact, it’s a antibody reaction to a real danger. Is it the body that is stupid by attacking itself (the autoimmune disease theory)? Or is it people who are stupid keep on going eating bad food when body is showing clear evidence that it’s not good at all? that is the real question.
  13. julie, all your symptoms fit the yeast profile. you should go at mercola.com to test your metabolic type (what proportion of protein, fat ,and carb you should eat at every meal to be healthy). and then put yourself on the one you love diet against yeast. easy as that. and i would also test for diabetes because your symptoms could also be linked to diabetes.
  14. Could the problems caused by gluten consumption have caused me to lose my bacteria so that now I have none? <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  15. Hey mela14 I got 2 things to say to you. One about antibiotics, one about your headaches Watkinson is right about the probiotics. For Interstitial Cystitis, doctors probably prescribe you antibiotics. And your stories about the 7 surgeries just shows it’s not the first time you are taking antibiotics. Right now, your GI tract is probably a mess if you didn’t took probiotics each time you were having antibiotics. Its really important to take probiotics while taking antibiotics, because you never know when a bad bacteria will resist to the antibiotic, and take all the place in your GI tract. Take the C difficile story for example. You are following the diet for interstitial cystitis : a low carb diet. You complain about headaches. Well your problem may be the diet. Headaches, when following a low carb diet is a sign of a hypoglycemia. Here is a quote from infectious diabetes from Doug Kaufmann and David Holland p.79 “With all the discussion going on about the evils of overeating sugar, you might think that dropping the concentration of sugar in your blood as much as possible would be the thing to do. In fact, a drop in blood sugar to less than 50 mg/dl would literally knock you out. And while a count of about 100mg/ dl is normal, anything below 80 mg/dl can cause the classicc symptoms of low blood sugar. These include light-headeness or diziness, anxiety, irritability tending toward hostility, paranoia, headaches, abnominal pain, nausea, heart palpitations, blurred vision, confusion, loss of muscle control and seizure”. 2 questions now; 1) what is exactly the diet you are following,? 2) have you ever did the metabolic typing test? If not, I strongly recommend you to do so. It’s free for a limited time at mercola.com. . the test will give you an idea of the percentage of protein/fat/carb you should eat at every meal to stay healthy. If you do the test, please answer me back with the results. I can help you, I got the metabolic typing book with me, as well as others usefull ones.