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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Malt Flavoring

    Hi I've been going gluten-free for past 2 months, but I think I may have found a problem ingredent in my instant potato mix. It's called MALTODEXTRIN, and when I checked out the safe/unsafe food list here it said that DEXTRIN is not safe, but MALTODEXTRIN was safe. Apparently, if it's made in the USA, it's supposed to be from corn starch or potato starch (per FDA regs) BUT, the manufacture's might change it to wheat starch or gluten-based enzyme, in the future (article written May 1997). (from Celiac.com) The product is made by the food chain, Stop & Shop, and it's called: 100% IDAHO, Sour Cream & Chives, Mashed Potatoes. With my long hours (job & commute) I need something quick & easy to make when I get home. Unfortunately, I've used it for several different evening meals, and now I'm all bloated up and have the gas attacks again! And here I was just feeling really good about my body! Has anyone else used this product or can tell me if it's the maltodextrin that's effecting me? Thanks for any help you can give!
  2. Hi: I, too, have had sacroilliac pain, on and off, for past year. Also getting shoulder pain (2 yrs) and knees are popping and grinding (1 yr). Could my heal pain also be due to not enough calcaum? Not only was I a Celiac baby but also born with an incomplete stomach lining. Couldn't have whole milk till I was 6 yrs old. Mom said she had to raise me on steak and banannas. My painful knees drove me to search for a reason and I found the link to being a Celiac. Mom said it was only a childhood condition. But, with the help and information from this site, I've gone back to my "baby diet" and have left all forms of wheat behind. It's been 2 months and much has improved, but I find I can't do too much work that will stress my bones and muscles. So don't try to push a grocery cart and then go home and mow the lawn. My sacroilliac is killing me today!
  3. Hi: My family line came from London (England), Londonderry (N. Ireland), Scotland, Alsance Lorraine (German/French border), and Austria. I had sent an e-mail to an old friend of mine and described the countries relationships to being Celiac, as such: "It's inhereted, runs in Irish, Italian, and Northern Europian families and is due to getting a gene from our Hunter/Gatherer ancestors (a real caveman's gut!). The Romans (Italian) brought their cross-pollinated wheat/rye hybred up to the North, but my ancestor's couldn't digest their bread. (Remember in StarTrek the episode "The Trouble with Tribles", the Tribles ended up dying from starvation from eating the wheat seads....the same exact stuff that effects me....) Well, the Roman's took back wives from Ireland, England & Germany and that's why they got the gene, too!"
  4. Help for Kelly R: Go to: http://homepage.mac.com/sholland/celiac/ Go to the bottom of the page where you see this paragraph: The support group has an ongoing group project. A list of gluten free foods was compiled by one of our members (who prefers to be anonymous). As a group we are reviewing this and reworking it. The list is one of foods that are OK, in contrast to many lists that are lists of prohibited foods. Last updated 5/11/2004. Click on "A list of gluten free foods" and it will take you right to the .pdf list. When you get there, bookmark it!
  5. Excuise me, everyone, but the strep throat that I got as a kid (yes, a Celiac kid) is exactly as you described it, with the swollen glands and white spots. It may not have shown up as positive, yet, but that is what it is! To the parient who said "...it is unlikely to be strep in a healthy child -- at least this is what I am told." We (Celiac's) are not healthy children! This IS an immunosuppressed disease. Our immunity is attacking the gluten in our guts, and sees it as a poisen. It is turning in on it's self. It's like sneezing from tree pollen; if you don't take an antihistamin, you histamin's in your system would not shut off till you get far away from the trees! The antihistamin's block that reaction or else you would sneeze your noise off. If there only were an antigluten agent, to bind with our villa in our intestants, we would be able to eat wheat, but would we still be able to absorbe our food? Only the future will tell.....
  6. Genetics

    I was diagnosed a Celiac baby, but my Mom didn't keep me on the gluten-free once I reached my teens. My whole mother's side of the family moved away to Florida, when I reached my twenties, and haven't had anyone to discuss it with. But, considering the links to different diseases/conditions, I would have to say it does run in my family. My mom had two sisters and one brother: * Brother - no kids, colon cancer * 1st Sister - no kids, breast cancer, colon cancer * 2nd Sister - no kids, colon cancer * My mom - 2 kids, 3 still born, broken hip, dementia (still living- 90 yrs old) (my half-sister & I - no kids) My dad had 2 brothers: *1st Brother - 2 kids, heart condition, leukemia-passed in 1 wk. *2nd Brother - 3 kids, heart condition. (#) *My dad - 1 kid, skin cancer, Alzhemers, Parkinsons (passed at 72) Don't know about my grandparents as most of them had passed before I was born (Do know my Mom's dad died of a goiter in the neck (thriod cancer?) Also, my dad's (1st) brother, who had two daughters, I know one adopted a child and the other I've had no word of her having any kids. Have I ever spoken to my cousins about it; tried to at a Thanksgiving dinner, but was told by my Aunt (dad's 2nd brother's wife-not blood) to be quite about it! And here is the only surving line in the family(#). Ignorance is bliss...
  7. Hi everyone, kinda new to this message board, but not to being a Celiac! I didn't realize how many different things that I considered "normal" for myself. And now with your list, I'm realizing just how many ways eating wheat was affecting me! My mom thought it was just a childhood condition, and if I survived, that I would be OK. Since I only have one (older) half-sister (Mom's first marrage) and she has just gotten back into my life (having left the family when I was only 6 yrs old) I am only now finding out how sickly I was as a baby. I know that I had a prescription for iron tablets, and remember that I was weak and tired. My sis confirmed that they did say I was a Celiac, but also born with an incomplete stomach lining. Couldn't have whole milk till I was about 6 yrs old. So I missed out on getting enough calcum for my bones. Was so alergic to just about everyting that I had to get shots twice a week. (And for you with kids, get them the shots, it helped alot!) It's funny, but the clearest memory I have as a little kid was sitting in the bathroom, with belly pains, rocking side to side, with my feet on a stool, hoping that the diarrhea would just stop. (Never been able to say this to AnyBody!! Who would understand?....But you guys do!) I can relate to what Chantalle said about summer vacations! How come I was the one who came down with some kinda fever while my parents were OK? Well, since I found this website, about a month ago, and stopped eating wheat, I've noticed changes, good changes about my body: my gas isn't constant, the big blouting belly is shrinking, the tiredness after eating isn't happening....got energy instead! Whow! Plus, I don't feel fuzzy headed, but clear, after eating, too. Add to that that I don't have to go to the bathroom several times a day at work, or about 4 times after getting home that evening. Not retaining a lot of excess water. Yea, and you can add dreams to that check list too! I can remember them when I wake up. (the last one I had, not all of them). I could go on thru you check list and say, yep, had that, and that, and that. But my biggest concern right now is getting my bones tested cause my knees are popping and creaking, and I see that osterperosis is on the list at this website! My right shoulder has been painful on and off since last winter. Don't want to get old this way when I retire in about 5 years. I want to be able to live and enjoy it, finally! So glad I found this place, with all of you to talk to! I might just make it, to enjoy it. Thanks for letting me talk!