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  1. Western Europe, Help!

    Hi Andrew! It sounds like a great trip! I'm in France and there isn't a lot of public awareness about gluten intolerance here. You can't get gluten-free food in the supermarkets as far as I know, but you can in health food stores. I buy mine at La Vie Claire, which has a good selection. You can also order on Internet (parallerg.com, rizen-sans-gluten.com.....). I don't think there are any specialized restaurants so you'll have to be careful about cross-contamination! Have a nice time! Rosey
  2. Hi Theresa! Thanks for the reply. You did very well indeed, if you couldn't speak French! People here don't seem to be very well-informed about Celiac disease at all, but at least companies are starting to indicate the presence of gluten on labels now! Take care and enjoy those restaurants !! Rosey
  3. Thanks for the encouragement Belinda! I didn't know you could find Paris in so many different places!! Take care!
  4. Hi! I am quite new to the board and to Celiac disease, but not new to France (well, to Paris to be more precise!)! I was just wondering if there are any other people over here in a similiar situation. If so, I'd love to hear from you! Take care, Rosey
  5. Hi Di-Gluten-Free! Sounds like you've really had a tough time of it. When I had the choking problem (it's really frightening when you just can't breathe anymore, isn't it? I went to see a specialist and he said "Don't worry- if you're just swallowing the wrong way you won't lose consciousness". Now that was a great help ) I was already on acid blockers, but apparently my body had accustomed itself to them and I was getting acid reflux in the night. I changed to Inexium, which did eventually clear up the esophagitis, but since then I have never been able to come off it. So you managed to get your heartburn more or less under control by eating alkaline foods? That's very interesting! I'll definitely have a look on Internet! Is there a special site you can recommend? It's too bad about the coffee, but I know it's a real killer! I mainly drink herb tea and green tea (that's alkaline, isn't it??). I hope you soon manage to get back to feeling as close to 100% as possible! Thanks again for the advice and take care! Rosey
  6. Hi Sheryll! I'll go for the liquid then! Thanks a lot for all your help! Rosey
  7. Thanks Ravenwoodglass - I'll try and check. It seems gluten can be hidden in just about anything! I wouldn't have suspected the vinegar though! I hope I will be able to find the Braggs during my vacation. Take care!
  8. Thank you all for all this information! I've already got some organic cider vinegar and will try to use your doses to see how it works. I had actually tried once before a long time ago, but I stopped because it seemed to cause nasty bouts of D . I guess I took too much too quickly, or maybe it was just the wrong time to try. If it happens again I'll try the lemon juice!! Jestgar, your suggestion is great - I hadn't thought of that! I'll try that as soon as I can get my stomach stable on 1x20mg Inexium a day! Thanks for recommending the book Paperdoll. If it's available through Amazon I'll get it at the same time I order the one Burdee advised me to buy! Burdee, when you stopped the acid blockers, did you do it gradually or just go 'cold turkey', so to speak? I haven't drunk coffee for about 10 years and I stopped black tea this year when I started getting bad palpitations. I drink 1 green tea a day and peppermint herb tea (peppermint doesn't seem to bother me, I must be lucky ). Having to cut down on chocolate is a real heartbreak, isn't it?! I've done that too, but can't bring myself to stop eating it entirely!! Sheryll, thanks for the extra info! Did you find the pills are easier on the stomach? I'm going to Canada this summer- I'll see if I can find the Bragg pills there! Thanks again for all your support! Take care all! Rosey
  9. Hi everyone! I wanted to thank you all so much for your replies - finding them has really made my day!!! Jestgar, I don't think I can go down to one pill a week because I still have trouble getting through the day with just one (I often have to take a couple of Rennie as well). I'm going to try to take one every two days to see if my body will adapt. Sheryll, I'm sure you're right about it being necessary to give the body time to heal. It's really nice to know you managed to come off the acid blockers using vinegar even though you have a hernia (I have a small one too). How much vinegar did you take with each meal? Violet, the cider pills sound like a good alternative. I'll see if it's possible to order them on Internet! Burdee, thanks for recommending the book. I'll definitely see if I can get a copy! Sorry I couldn't reply to you individually, but it would have made a long list of posts! (Is there a better way of doing this?) Take care and thanks once again!! Rosey
  10. Hi Ravenwoodglass! Thanks so much for your reply. It's really nice to know one is not alone! I eat really slowly and am still afraid of eating with people other than family members in case I have another choking fit although it hasn't happened for some time, thank goodness! How much cider vinegar would you recommend? Take care! Rosey
  11. Hi everyone! I'm new here and have been trying to screw up the courage to post something for a couple of months. Here goes! I have suffered from digestive problems for over twenty years now and have always been told that I have IBS and must grin and bear it! I found out about Celiac in May and after having done a useless blood test (they only tested for IGE E) I decided to try the diet (I was already dairy and soy-free and had tried to go corn free as well). It immediately helped diminish the terrible gas, bloating and alternating C and D I have been suffering from all this time, but the GERD and sour stomach continued and I still tend to have 'gas attacks' although I'm very strict about the diet and try to follow all the recommendations I've read on this great board about cooking, make-up, soaps etc. After reading a very interesting post by Burdee about acid blockers ruining your digestion and about people being misdiagnosed as having hyper-acidity, I have been wondering if this might be contributing to my problem. I have been on Inexium (or other similiar medications) for many years now because the GERD led to esophagitis and trouble swallowing (I used to choke on my food all the time and couldn't breathe anymore - has that happened to anyone else?? It terrified me!). I have managed to reduce the dose (I used to take 2 of the strongest a day and I'm down to 1X20mg now), but every time I try to stop, the GERD gets so bad I can't bear it and I'm worried about choking again. Could those of you who have had a similar experience and who have managed to come off the acid blockers etc. give me some advice please? How do you know if you suffer from hyper or hypo-acidity? What natural cures can you take initially to help calm the GERD? I would really appreciate any help you can give me! Take care! Rosey
  12. Hi Deb! I'm so glad you are feeling better! How did the colonoscopy go? For your sake, I hope you'll get some positive results! I have left you a message and would be happy to chat whenever you like! Take care, Rosey
  13. Hi! I'm new here too, but I've already found tons of useful information on the board (thanks so much everyone!!!!!) and I hope you will as well! I can really relate to what you are saying. I've been having problems (pain, bloating, alternating C and D, GERD...) for over 20 years without knowing the cause. The bloating and gas started to get really bad after I had appendicitis in 1994 (they didn't even diagnose it properly at first - just put it down to my "irritable bowel"! The result was a burst appendix and peritonitis!). People used to offer me seats on the bus thinking I was pregnant or ask me when the baby was due - it was so embarrassing and very painful as well. Finally, it got so bad at the beginning of this year that I was having problems at work and was afraid even to go and visit friends. And that's when someone (to whom I will be eternally grateful!) told me about Celiac disease and I found this wonderful site. I didn't wait to do the test (here in France it's not so easy anyway!)- I started the diet at the end of May and I can tell you that the bloating and gas subsided in less than a week!! I still have occasional attacks of course, and suffer from some other symptoms, especially GERD and fatigue, but I can tell you that my life is already so much better and I'm hoping that I may be able to get those other symptoms under control sometime as well! So please don't despair! I really hope that the gluten-free diet (I'm also dairy-free and soy-free) will help you as much as it has helped me! Let us know how it goes once you start the diet! Take care!