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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Any Ideas?

    thank you one and all you guys are always so helpful.
  2. Any Ideas?

    Hey guys it has been a while since i have been on here, some days are ok and some are not ok. I made a trip to my grandkids they live in MO. Been here about 2 weeks and have been doing better only 2 real bad days. The babies are 4 and 1, gluten has bound to be here but they kept a hyla water filter vacuum going quite alot. When I visited my father in Arizona i did pretty well also and was gone 10 days, ok here is the question, At home in my own home which is a new trailerhouse, I get sick almost everyday, and never feel like doing a thing, not even visiting my friends,afraid i will become ill at there house, and not be able to get home. I still am not driving, in too much pain and misery. I am wondering if there could be something in my home that is making me ill I do have lupus of the skin and DH and celiac of course but my home is clean and gluten free. which is not the case when i visit family, my husband thinks i am either crazy or just major depression. I have been gluten-free for about 6 months, Please help and give me some advise.
  3. Test Results

    I recieved my results can anybody figure this out?tissue trangluteninaseab iga 64 endomysail ab iga screen 0.5 gladin peptide 0 immunoglubin a serum 222 There was nothing to go by no within normal limits Now what? thank you again doc never went over my results had nurse call me and she didnt know anything about them just to make a appt for march
  4. I Have Questions About My Endo

    The dr's nurse called me last night said, labs normal, endo normal, didnt say anything about the biopsys. Just stay on the gluten-free diet for 4 months and come back and see him in march! Didnt have any other info for me. I asked her to send me my reports but she never said she would just got off the phone. Going to call today to re request my lab and biopsy reports.
  5. I Have Questions About My Endo

    Thank you i had not a clue
  6. I Have Questions About My Endo

    PS My dexa scan came back and i have severe osteoporosis, imagine that
  7. Has my biopsy done on halloween and still have not got my biopsy report but i did get the initial report that said localixed mildly erythematous mucosa Second part of duodenum hyperemic makes no sense to me any help here would be helpful thanks
  8. My Toes Cramp

    Have you tried bananas?
  9. Thank you Thats what for dinner tonite.
  10. Dr Returned Call !

    No i am still on the gluten-free diet. Still feeling well today (thats 3 days in a row) I dont know if he will find anything on the endo after 3 months on diet but he said to stay on diet Right now just happy to be able to get out of bed!!!
  11. cheesy ham soup oh yum that sounds so good could you post or pm this for me? Thank You BARB
  12. Hey everyone just wanted to get you guys up to date. My dr finally returned my call last night at 10.30 pm. Said i still tested positive for celiac disease but my IGA is still really low. Now back in for more blood tests and another endo really don't like the idea of yet another endo but what do you do? Feeling somewhat better today, YES I AM OUT OF BED !!! Think I will take myself to the store and get something good to eat Barb
  13. Anyone In Utah?

    Welcome You should get some good info here alot of helpful people. I live in wyoming thats just a hop skip and a jump away. I travel to utah to see my gastro. welcome to the group
  14. I type in the google search bar Gatorade gluten and hit search