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  1. Hi, My gym uses this company called Royal Smoothie Company: Whey protein and also advertises energy boosts, Focus boosts and fat burning boosts. I can't reach the company to see if these products are gluten free. Is anyone familiar with these products. I would love some of these drinks but am afraid to try them. Thanks, Rachel
  2. Hi, I joined a gym and they have a smoothie area. They use this Whey Protein called Royal Smoothie Company. They have whey proteins, energy boosts, Focus boosts and weight loss boosts. I cant find anywhere if they contain gluten. I have called the company but there is a recording to leave a message. Has anyone had these products and/or besides the obvious words, what should I look for? Thanks, Rachel
  3. Hello all, I am new so I am sorry if I am posting a question already asked. I was wondering if anyone has a subscription to "Living Without" and what they think of it. Thanks, Rachel from Long Island