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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So Depressed!

    I start physical therapy for my neck this week. The doctor wasn't really thrilled about my going back so soon after my surgery, but I am in a real bind with money. I was pretty much eating what my son eats until I had so much problems with my neck and back. I had a hard time with all the cooking I generally do. It seems cheaper to me to make my own stuff rather than try to find gluten free foods in the stores. There are no health food stores or any of those nice big chain grocery stores that carry the gluten free foods anywhere near me. I usually order the stuff or buy a lot when I make a trip to a health food store. I couldn't do any of those things for a while, because I wasn't able to drive. I think most of my trouble started when I stopped eating the gluten free foods. That's why I think it's celiac disease, but I didn't realize that could be what caused the depression to get so bad. Thanks for your response.
  2. I posted in April wondering if I have celiac disease. My son is on a gluten free casein free diet due to allergies and intolerances. I went to the doctor in April with mouth sores and complaining of GI problems. Since I was there I decided to also mention that I was having muscle spasms in my upper back. I didn't mention how many ibuprophen I had been taking for the back pain, didn't think of it until later. Anyway, he ran a CBC then told me to take vitamins for three months and repeat the blood test. He never checked my back only told me to buy a new mattress and ignored me when I said I had already done that. Anyway, about a month later, I went back with severe pain in my upper back and shoulder, a few days later numbness in my fingers. I have since had surgery for a herniated disc in my neck and have been out of work for about three months. I gave up trying to eat the gluten-free diet since it was all I could do to see that my son stayed on his diet. I ate whatever was easy. Several other things have also happened this summer...my son got stitches in his foot, broke up with a boyfriend, had my well pump go out, dog hit by a car ($200 vet bill), still having back pain after surgery, ...sure there is more. Anyway, it has been an extremely stressful summer. I weighed 124lbs in April. When I saw the doctor in May for my back, I weighed 118. I had been eating gluten-free but not trying to diet at all. I now weigh 107lbs and am so weak! I look emaciated! I am 5'2". I tried to take an antidepressant that I got the orthopedic doc to order, but I got so nauseated, I couldn't eat for two days! I am having a lot of trouble just dealing with life! I can't stop crying. Can celiac disease cause this depression? I really feel that it is more than all the stress of the past few months. Any words of advice or encouragement would be appreciated. Connie
  3. I have know for several years that I have an intolerance or allergy to eggs. I get severe stomach pains about 30 minutes after eating eggs. It seemed that after staying away from eggs for a while I could eat something with eggs in it (ie. gfcfbread) occassionally without any problems. I haven't noticed the severe stomach pains after eating eggs for a while. I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and am showing signs of vitamin deficiencies. I started keeping a food diary last week to try and figure out the problem and noticed that I had the same horrible stomach pains after eating gfcfbread with eggs though it was hours later instead of minutes. Could it be possible that eating eggs occassionally could cause major GI problems without my realizing it? Or is it more likely that I have some other problem?
  4. Testing ?

    Thank you so much for your replies! This message board is different than ones I have used before, and I was beginning to wonder if I was doing something wrong. I'm still trying to decide what to do. I am expecting resistance with the doc, because I have "been there, done that" with my son. It was with a lot of research, a lot of frustration, and a lot of tears that I finally found someone to realize my son really had a problem which was not a normal boy or the product of a single mom household! Still the group of doctors I'm going to (our family doctors) don't understand what testing he has had and why and pretty much ignore his diet which is EXTREMELY frustrating when he needs an antibiotic. I have had one even ask me to tell him what to prescribe!!!! I am expecting the doctor to be reluctant in ordering the testing, if for no other reason than he won't know how to interpret the results. That is the reason I was wondering about the amount of gluten I would need to consume for it to show up on the test. I would hate to have the tests come out negative when I do have celiac or gluten intolerance. I guess I am also curious now to see if my son got his problems from me. Thanks again for your replies!
  5. These questions have probably been asked before, but the more I read, the more questions I have. My son has been on a gluten free casein diet for about 5 years and to keep him on it, I eat pretty much what he eats. Although, when I am away from home I occassionally eat things that contain gluten and casein. For example, if he has a baseball game, I make sure to feed him properly before he goes, but rarely take the time for me to eat. Which means I usually get hungry at the game and when he isn't noticing, eat pizza or a hotdog. Also, when we have to eat out I will take a gluten-free homemade bun and order him a McDonald's meal without bread and cheese. Then I just order a meal for myself. We don't eat out often, but in the past 6 months or so I have probably eaten something with gluten once or twice a week. I have also not checked on the shampoo or lotions that I use! I do know they aren't on the acceptable Gluten-free Casein-free list we use for my son. What I am wondering is if I have a problem with gluten, could the little bit that I have been ingesting cause me to have increasing symptoms and now nutritional problems? Why would they get much worse? Also, how much do you need to ingest and for how long for what kind of test to show the problem? I need to understand what I am talking about when I go back to my doctor. This group of doctors has not been very helpful to me with my son as far as his food sensitivities, behavior problems, etc. They seem to not understand any of it so just ignore that he has any problems. I am afraid that is what they will do with me. I am not satisfied with "take vitamins for three months, come back and redo the CBC." When initially being tested for different things, my son had a urinary peptides test done for both casomorphin and gliadorphin. The gliadorphin was 160.4 (normal being less than 20ng/ml). That was before the Gluten-free Casein-free diet. In January, he had the Celiac Disease AB Profile done with the following results: IgA-negative, IgG-negative, (tTG) IgA-negative, Reticulin IgA Ab-negative, Reticulin IgG Ab- 1:20 He hasn't had his follow-up appointment with the doctor that drew these labs yet so I don't understand the results, but I thought it might help you answer my questions. Even though I have been doing all this research to help my son, I have never really researched what related problems I might have. I feel so ignorant! I'm sorry if this is confusing. That seems to be how my brain is working lately. Thanks for your help!
  6. Enterolab

    Do you need a doctor's order for these tests?
  7. Hmm...not sure where to start.... I guess I will start with my son. About 5 years ago I started researching answers for my son's behavior problems. He was found to have ADHD, gluten and casein intolerances as well as allergies to other foods. He has been on a gluten free casein free diet for about 5 years, and we are still learning. I have basically been on his diet in order to keep him on it, but I do cheat much more often than he does. I did notice some improvement in my sinus problems and some bowel changes when I started eating the Gluten-free Casein-free diet. I also noticed that I seem to have problems with certain foods such as severe stomach pains with eggs and broccoli and oatmeal constipates me. Since Christmas I have eaten more things more frequently that are not Gluten-free Casein-free. I have become increasingly tired. I ache all the time especially in the mornings. My back muscles stay extremely tight to spite buying a new mattress. I have a rash on the back of my neck that won't go away and have been getting sores in my mouth. My mouth got real bad last week, my tongue felt 3 times its normal size making it difficult to pronouce words. My GI track was a mess from my mouth on down. I can't say I really have diarrhea but mostly constipation with occassional loose stools. Anyway I finally went to the doctor about my mouth which was almost healed by the time I got the appointment. He did a CBC which was off. He said I may be deficient in folic acid and vitamin B12 and said to take vitamins and come back to have the blood tests again in 3 months. Since my appointment I have noticed tiny blister like bumps on my knees (only a few) that itch. (I can't see the rash on my neck so not sure what it looks like.) Also, over the past who knows how long, I can't seem to think straight, my brain seems to be in a fog all the time, and for a long time I have been fighting depression. Ok, for the questions. I am wondering that with my son's problems might I have had undiagnosed celiac disease? If I take vitamins for 3 months, whether or not I keep eating gluten, will that mask any deficiencies that are there due to malabsorption? I feel that from what I eat, I should not be deficient in either B12 or folic acid. Should I take the vitamins, wait three months and see what happens or ask the doctor to do the blood tests for celiac disease or refer me to a gastroenterologist?