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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi Dawnsister, I am new to the forum too and thought I would share with you that a few years ago my hair started to fall out and I was devastated but after going to the doctors and having a blood test it turned out I was anemic and there wasn't enough iron in my body for my hair to grow. After a few months of taking iron tablets my hair grew back and was in the best condition it had ever been in. 3 years later and again I have become anemic and just this week tested positive by a blood test for coeliac but I have started to notice hair falling out again but my irons levels are apparently quite low so as I am awaiting for a consultants appointment and hospital tests I feel another trip to the doctors again and the more I probably am stressing about my hair falling out is making the situation worse. I would advise that you get a blood test to see if you anemic and give you an explanation for your hair loss. Anemia will also make you feel so tired, the last week or so I have felt shattered and easily nod off during the day. I hope you feel better soon. Claire
  2. I just want to know either way now and can't believe the NHS's waiting list times, unfortunately cannot afford to pay to go private. I would love to give a gluten free diet a trial but the doctor advised me to keep the same diet going as this will effect the test results but I am entrigued to know if it would make a difference as I feel so tired all the time at the moment.
  3. Thank you for your replies. I have only been researching Celiac since yesterday and luckily came across this forum which already has given me a lot of advice and information. I am sure in time it will prove to be invaluable. Hopefully the biopsy will not prove negative as will be even more confusing and I can progress to see a dietician and try a gluten free lifestyle. Claire
  4. Hello all. I have been told today from my doctor that a I have a positive blood test for Coeliac. I have been anemic for 4 months and a repeat blood test last week showed that after taking iron tablets since diagnosis my levels are still very low, my nanna had Coeliac Disease and my mum suggested that I should have a test to rule it out as it can be hereiditary. I am just confused now as I have been referred to the hospital to see the consultant and have an endoscopy and gut biopsy but the doctor said that even tho I have tested positive it doesn't mean further tests will confirm I have celiac disease, when I asked her to explain how this can be the case, she didn't really answer so wonder if anyone could offer any further advice especially as the waiting list to see the consultant is 3-4 months. Thanks in advice Claire