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  1. The allergy cookbook I have confirms that. Neither coffee or chocolate is of the legume family - I have heard some people mistakenly believe that an allergy to legumes means all "beans" but that's kind of like believing that "coconuts" fall under a nut allergy. I actually just had JUST the same fear as this earlier today, which is why I found this post googling stuff to find out if I had need to worry! The allergy cookbook my family has classifies Cocoa with *Cola* under the "Stercula" family. Coffee is listed as a single category on it's own, unrelated to others. (and Vanilla, which I have seen people call a legume, and *looks* more like a legume than coffee or cocoa, is also a single category. phew. ) I also found an excellent definition of a legume: "A legume is a pod that splits into two valves, with the seeds attached to one side of the valve." This is very helpful to see if you google for pics of each of these "beans" split open. The peanut split open looks exactly like a really short pea pod with empty space around, and strings attatching the nuts to the side of the shell. the coffee bean is more like a berry, with gel around the beans, and the cocoa beans are some sort of a fruit shape with the beans attatched all over... looks kind of messy This put my fears to rest for a little while, since I *know* I'm allergic to legume protein, I have the itchy-tongue/throat reaction to soy-protein-isolate and split peas and lentils, etc, but I can take soy sauce in the occasional restaurant meal... but my reaction to legume protein is also a lack of concentration and twitchiness - is that a weird reaction? I'm prone to be a tad more twitchy and low-attention that I would like so I was worried maybe the chocolate and coffee have something to do with it. They could, still, under a different allergy, but I think I'll avoid testing that for awhile since I think for now I'd be sadder without it, given all the other things I can't eat