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    Good luck on either plan that you chose. It is more a personal choice of core plan vs. points plan. I'm not celiac, but my 2 children are, and I actually met a lady at WW who has celiac and she has utilized both plans with success. My personal choice has always been the points. I've been a life-time member for 1 1/2 years and lost 26 lbs. AND have kept it off. Mom 2 2
  2. You don't know what you are missing if you don't place an order. All the cakes, bread and cornbread are awesome! My kids love them and they are so quick and easy. I can't say enough good things about them. Actually saw them do a demo, by one of the owners, at a support group meeting and tasted first hand and have been hooked ever since. Mom22
  3. I toast them and then put pizza sauce and mozarella cheese and pop it in the oven until the cheese melts. The kids love them. I haven't had much sucess with these rolls staying together unless they are toasted first, but they do taste good!
  4. Going to be going there next week for dinner with friends and have not been to one in a couple of years. Has anyone had a good/bad experience? Any recommendations on their menu? Thanks in advance for any replies! Mom 2 2
  5. Our son was 9 when he was diagnosed and was of average height at that time. In the past two years of being gluten-free, he has gained close to 20 pounds and grew 4 1/2 inches. Our daughter was diagnosed at 4, now age 6 and has grown 2 inches, but is still a little underweight, but is improving. I think it is the age. I'm sure your son will sprout up too! Mom 2 2
  6. My kids love it and it is so simple to make! Mom 2 2
  7. Pumpkin Fluff 1 small box of sugar free instant vanilla pudding 1 small can of pumpkin pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon to taste 1 container of cool whip (about 2 cups) Mix the pudding mix with 2 cups cold milk as directed on box. Mix in the can of pumpkin & spices. Add cool whip and mix. Refrigerate. Mom 2 2
  8. Anyone Out There?

    LAUREN!!! Glad to see you found this site. Miss you and will catch you at the meeting in the spring, but will also send you an e-mail. I hope you are doing well and look forward to chatting with your mom. Take care!! P.S. You won't believe how big the kids have gotten. Mom 2 to 2
  9. Anyone Out There?

    There is a support group in Gettysburg, PA that meets twice a year and has a meeting coming up on November 7th, I believe. We have about 40 people and the chairwoman contacts numerous gluten-free companies and gets an awesome abundance of gluten-free samples. I usually come home with several shopping bags of free food. Meetings are on Monday nights. There is also a group that meets in York twice a year, but theirs is on a Friday night. Since they are much larger (100+), they are able to get some great speakers to come in, i.e. Dr. Fasano. Camp Hill, PA also has a group. If you want more information, just e-mail me: prock@pa.net Mom 2 to 2
  10. This is a great place to get chips as I live 15 minutes from their main plant. they often supply our local celiac support group with samples for our meetings. If you click on products, it will list the snacks that are gluten free. You can also order on line too. Try this: http://www.utzsnacks.com/index.html Mom to 2
  11. Mel, You can check the Utz website at www.utzsnacks.com If you click on the icon on the left "Utz Products" it will then come up with a listing you can click on for their gluten free products. I actually live 10 minutes from their huge plant. Their promotions coordinator's daughter was just recently diagnosed with celiac and at our last local celiac support group meeting, Utz sent 12 cases of gluten free chips and snacks for free! I highly support them and we buy alot of their chips. Mom 2 2
  12. Thanks for the replies. I guess I get a little overanxious at the first sign of any gastro problems with the kids. We just had his yearly appt. with Dr. Fasano and both our son and daughter's antibodies were negative, which confirmed we are doing the gluten free diet well. After 1 year of doing this, it was great to hear it is working. Our 10 year old gained 19 lbs and our 5 year old daughter 9 lbs in one year since going gluten free. It has been quite a year of learning on my husband and I's part. Mom 2 2
  13. Our 10 year old has been gluten-free for one year. Last night he was having real trouble with diarrhea and had several trips to the bathroom and complained of an achy stomach. We know of 1 time that he accidentally had gluten 6 months ago and it took 2 days before he showed any reaction. Our son denies sneaking gluten or having something he knew he shouldn't eat. We are trying to figure out if this was just an isolated incident and was having GI symptoms without having gluten, or if he did actually have gluten should we retrack what he ate the past several days, or do most people have an immediate reaction or within the same day if gluten is accidentally ingested? Hope this makes and would love to hear any feedback. Mom 2 2 celiac children
  14. Thanks Kati! Guess where I'm going over my lunch hour today?? To buy syrup! My kids love pancakes and waffles. I can't be without syrup. Mom 2 2
  15. Can someone please list what maple syrups are safe and gluten-free? I have been using the Log Cabin syrup for my kids for months thinking it was gluten-free based on the gluten-free listings. Ugghhhh. Both my kids just had their annual physical with their GI specialist and bloodwork was taken to check their antibodies, so I guess their #'s won't be low as expected. This is frustrating to say the least. Mom 2 2