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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Looking For Dr In Westchester Area

    About a yr & half ago I tried calling them several times to get an appt, but 2 of the doctors didnt take my insurance & the other one was like a 4 month waiting period to see him. but, i guess i could try again. i dont know if driving there i would be any more successful. i believe its by appt only. i doubt they would take walk ins off the street. but thanks for responding. maybe i'll try to call again. im just apprehensive. im sick of being disappointed.
  2. Hello. First time posting. Had a positive blood test 3 years ago after 18 years of being told it was IBS or that I was flat out crazy. Went to a new doctor 3 yrs ago in NYC cause i had bronchitis. Asked me my med history and from that he deduced I had Celiac & gave me a blood test. also suffer from severe anemia. heres the problem: i asked the dr for a biopsy so i could be sure of the diagnosis and he told me it was unnecessary. but everything ive read says the opposite. also, i have quite a hard time sticking to this difficult diet. so i want to be sure i have this before i radically alter my diet for good. & i am willing to change my diet. as for right now i feel horrible, not a day goes by that i my stomach doesnt hurt, real low blood (low energy & i am freezing all the time), feel sad alot. so, i do believe it's celiac, but then i have doubts because neither of my parents have it. can any one recommend a dr. in westchester who i can go who will give me a biopsy? i live in the white plains area. thank you. i really want to start a gluten free diet, cause ive been feeling lousy. but, ive read that you shouldnt stop eating gluten until you have the tests done.