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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. But how do I reply WITHOUT the quotes? Do I simply delete the quote that appears on the screen when I hit "add reply"? I don't see any other way to answer the posts. Thanks for all your help.
  2. No, I haven't, but that's very doubtful in my case. I'm a tall, large woman with no family history of osteoporosis. I had a bone scan at 45 which came out fine. I understand it's possible to be celiac and not be thin, but less likely. I'll see what the blood work says. If it comes out negative, I'll just assume that I'm intolerant to gluten. Either way, I'm staying on this diet. I feel great!
  3. I've noticed this too. Although I still have some sciatica, it seems much less painful than it was and sometimes it even goes away! By the way, how do I reply to these posts without including a quote of your entire letter?
  4. I still have some sciatica, but it's not that severe. That's why I didn't say I'm 100% percent better with my back. But now I can live with it and do what I have to do to bring some relief. Before, I just didn't know where to start. The chiro would ask me what hurt and I didn't know what to say. Everything back there hurt! Now I can point right to that area and we can work on it together.
  5. The MRI showed some slight degeneration, I believe it was at L1 and L2. The ortho said it wasn't at all unusual for my age and wasn't enough to account for the pain I was in. Nothing was ruptured, or anything like that. I'm assuming my intestines were just so inflamed all the time that it hurt my back. Don't know what else to think.
  6. Okay, a false negative makes sense. I'll see what happens with the results. However, no matter what the results are, I'm staying on this diet. I have inadvertently had something with gluten in it a couple of times (found out later), and my back started hurting by that night. No food is worth that kind of pain.
  7. Oh wow, I didn't know about the false positive thing. I obviously have to read up on this more. I also thought it would be hard to follow this diet, but the change in my life is so incredible I would eat sawdust if they told me it would keep that awful pain away. It isn't that bad at all! I do like to cook and have discovered a wonderful yellow cake recipe. Thank you for your kind words.
  8. Is is possible to still get a copy of this restaurant guide?
  9. I can't begin to tell you how happy I was to find some people posting here about back pain going away after going gluten-free. My doctors are happy for me, but seem to think it's a coincidence that more than 4 years of constant, debilitating back pain have, for the most part, disappeared after I went gluten-free. I still can't believe it and find myself smiling all the time. I went through a year with an orthopaedist, 3 outpatient trips to the hospital for steroid injections in my back, x-rays, MRIs, 12 weeks of physical therapy and practically LIVED with my chiropractor. Five days after giving up gluten, most of the pain disappeared. After another 2-3 weeks, I would say it's 90 percent gone. The best part of all is this - I had NO idea this was possible! I went gluten-free as sort of a solidarity thing with my niece and sister. My niece had done research and felt this was an issue in our family since we fit a lot of the digestive problem issues (terrible cramping, frequent diarrhea, etc.). It sounded worth a try, so I went along. My stomach felt much, much better within days and the diarrhea went away, but the disappearance of the back pain was a total shock. I didn't tell my family for almost a week because it seemed too good to be true and I was afraid it might come back. I hadn't gone more than a day without back pain in a long time. I don't know yet if it's celiac; the doctor added it to the prescription for blood work that he had just given me. Either way, I am SO happy.