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  1. Yeah where do you find a G.I. doctor in toronto ontario. who doesn't look at you like its all in your head. Before I got diagnosed last yr, I had gone to the emerg three times before that with chest pains and stomach pains, on the third time they admitted me for six days, and a week later the G.I. who did the scope, called to tell me that I might have celiac disease, but would be confirmed by getting a blood test done, well on my last visit almost a week ago, he said well sort of there is nothing more for him to do, see you in yr. what no more with him perhaps its time to find another one who knows more about this disease. ok bye from leewendy
  2. Hello I am canadian, lee wendy, diagnosed with celiac late june early july of 2006. Its been a rough ride for the last eleven months. A little upset that the G.i was seeing will not be until next year. thinking of finding a new one. Well its sunny day here take care. from leewendy (wendy)