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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi all more questions, my middle daughter who has been gluten free for two months now is now experiencing severe swelling in her left leg, from calf thru her foot. It is quite noticeable and takes along time for the color to return if you touch the leg in this area. Has anyone else ever experienced this or heard of this. She also has polyglandular autoimmune disease, which involves her thyroid, parathyroid and we know that it can develop rheumotory arthritis but this in only one extremety that is swollen. Please let me know if any of you have any thing like this and what is typically done in this case. Also has anyones child had such severe problems with thriving on the gluten free diet that they had to have an engitube inserted for a while until they were able to thrive and not have adverse symptoms persist?
  2. Thank you all so much I cleaned our cabinets and ridded our home of the old toaster and condiments didn't think about the spoons though that might have been cross contaminated also. I didn't think about the orange juice either though that is a good one. I also didn't think of bringing in magnesium as a supplement or digestive enzymes to assist also. So far we are on calcitrol, prevacid, zinc sulfate, calcium, leventhyroid and vitamin B. We found out about our first daughters Celiac in February, were in the hospital till mid March and have been home about three weeks now. We can't utilize any of the supplements like pediasure,ensure or any due to the sugar content, our daughter has a malabsorption with dairy and sugars if she has more than 17grams of sugar a day her bowels distend and create this gas that causes her to have cramping and diaherra again. I am keeping a food dairy also is that a good idea to continue with? Also do alot of the celiac children exhibit alot of gassiness? Our daughter does and we wondering if as time passed this would alleviate itself. We aren't using the bean flours so was curious about this.
  3. Nice Eyelashes!

    That is ironic my daughter and I both constantly have comments on our eyes and eyelashes. Everyone always comments on how we have such big beautiful eyes and such lovely eyelashes too. I do know our Gastro told us that our eyes are a sign of celiac the largeness of them and how they jump out. Interesting the things we learn each day.
  4. I so need to find someone out there that can explain this all to me its overwhelming me right now. Our eight year old was recently diagnosed with Celiac and Polyglandular Autoimmune Disease. She was in the hospital for a total of a month. Now I have gotten my results back and I too have Celiac, plus so do our two other children. I am stressed because I see no positive results for my daughter, while I still show no symptoms other than now the doctors believe my seratonin imbalance is a sympton of my having Celiac. Could there possibly be something else our Gastrointerologist have missed as daughter is still exhibiting huge mood swings, chills, and still looks quite emaciated even though we are eating gluten free. We have had to struggle with getting her to eat as they want her to consume 1500 calories daily and that is a huge battle for us. When we do get her to eat its like a starving person as she consumes so much that her stomach then gives her problems again. I am at a complete loss and somewhat scared as I see nothing positive only her getting worse. Can anyone help me?
  5. Wow Paula, I am in the same boat but its my eight year old and it kills me daily to watch her and I still see no positive results and I am scared to death to the point taking her into our hometown is stressful as people are so shocked by her appearance and weight loss.