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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have to vote for Trader Joes, it is cheaper and it makes awesome brownies that have the thin crust over the tops that cracks when you bite it (that's my favorite part) I add choco chips and it is even better
  2. Help Me Before I Litterally Waste Away.

    I hope you don't have any more allergies or intolerances, but just so you know I had a bunch or skin and blood tests for allergies and nothing showed up not even things I knew I was already allergic to like peanuts. My dr. explained the tests had about a 50% accuracy, and I did find I did have reactions (sometimes very strong) to foods which I tested negative.
  3. Help Me Before I Litterally Waste Away.

    you could possibly have additional intolerances that could be holding you back. I know that Ensure is almost 100% highly processed corn and soy, not good for you even if you can have them, there is another vitamin drink I use called mix 1 that is more natural. You could try adding more good fat to each meal to up your calories, like olive oil and avocado. Also there are a lot of natural supplements out there they are just a little harder to find, use what your dr. recommended as a guideline and find one you can have. Googlr Dr Ron for tons of natural gluten free supplements
  4. you need something acidic like lemon juice, if you google soaking grains you will find a lot of info from people who know more than me and they might have other suggestions posted
  5. I forgot to add when you are baking you only soak the flours and sugar in the kefir mixture and when they are done soaking then you add the rest of the ingredients and bake as normal. Things you make like this come out so fluffy and tender it is amazing
  6. I am on a 4 day rotation with all foods I can tolerate, to prevent new intolerances from developing. you can by sprouted rice at some places like Whole Foods, but one way you can do it cheap is I throw my brown rice in the rice cooker cover with water and add lemon juice about a Tbsp a cup I think (I got this info people posted online mostly from a book called Nourishing Traditions) and let it sit (I close the lid so nothing falls in) for 12-24 hours then pour out most of the water and fill it up to the line with fresh water that my rice cooker suggests for brown rice and cook as normal. This would be a little trickier in a pan because you need to account for the water absorbed while it was soaking. When I am baking I mix all my flours, sugar and add kefir or buttermilk for the liquid (or a mix of kefir and water basically need enough kefir to let the good bacteria do it's work) and cover with plastic wrap and leave on the counter 12-24 hours to ferment. It makes your grains much easier to digest
  7. I am also vegetarian and there is still tons of stuff for you to eat If you have a Trader Joes near you they have tons of gluten free food much cheaper, I like their brown rice pasta the best, they have mac and cheese, brownie mix, pancake mix, and they will print out a list of all the gluten free stuff they carry if you ask. you can make rice, risotto, you can get corn tortillas with beans, cheese and veges or quesadillas, making indian or thai food is easy and doesn't normally require any special expensive ingredients. make extra and label it in the fridge or freezer and make sure your family knows not to touch it so you have extra meals There are a lot of vege gluten free cookbooks you can probably get at the library for free
  8. I like this recipe but find it too sweet, if I reduce the amount of sugar do I need to add something else since it is the only dry ingredient?
  9. Orange County, Ca

    There are some place in Long Beach I like on 2nd st which is practically the OC like Z pizza and Natraj Indian are gluten free friendly Veggie Grill in Irvine is good And Disneyland is gluten free friendly, go to the restaurants at the hotels so you don't need to go into Disneyland and I think most will validate your parking (ours was)
  10. stop eating bread, then try again in a month or two it will taste better. I like Pamelas bread mix for regular bread and chebe for rolls. Chebe has a nice crunchy outside chewy inside texture that other gluten free breads don't have, but let it cool a little it can be gummy inside when it is hot.
  11. do you have time to go home between work and dinner? You can have dinner then meet everyone at the restaurant and have salad or steamed veggies. You can also excuse yourself and speak to your waiter away from the table if you don't want attention on yourself.
  12. I am not grain free but I can't have corn and have problems with rice if I eat too often. I am also on a rotation diet and on the day I eat grains I try to eat them sprouted or fermented and this helps a lot especially with the rice. I also have problems with beans and quinoa if I eat too often (maybe once or twice a month is OK) but sprouted I can tolerate them better
  13. Use more water to avoid the thick starchy film, when you first put the pasta in the water stir it really well and stir more often while it is cooking. I find stirring it really well in the beginning and more often toward the end keeps it from sticking to itself and the pan
  14. Need Pasta Ideas.

    Do you like pesto? I use a really good fresh pesto that has no dairy, you could also make your own, toss with things like sauteed zucchini, fresh tomatoes and maybe toasted pine nuts
  15. in Hollywood area Hugo's is great, they have a menu up online and I drool every time I read it I also like Veggie Grill in Irvine