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  1. Hey guys sorry it has taken me so long to reply things have been nuts and the Dr.s have been driving me nuts. I really appreciate all the support you all have been giving me. Things have gotten better my daughter is still Gluten free. But of course her blood work came back negative for Celiac's. She had been gluten free for a couple of weeks at that point. So they gave me a referral to a GI specialist who we go see in October. We had another appointment to get my daughter weighed again today (her last appt was in May) well she has not gained any weight at all. She got taller though, she has gotten a hold of some food that had gluten in it a month ago and holy cow did she scream and was constipated. So I told the Dr.s that if it is not Celiac's then it is one hell of sensitivity to wheat and Gluten. So they said in mid September before we go and see the GI Dr. to put her back on Gluten and wheat. I looked at them like they were nuts. They want us to put her on Gluten for a whole month before we see the GI Dr. who I have been told is not even sure that he wants to do a biopsy. (Scream). Oh and to top it all off the last appt we had in May they failed to mention that my daughter was anemic. And I just found out that a very serious form of Anemia runs in my family I have even had a couple relatives die from it. I feel crazy!!!!! I am so ticked off. I know they don't believe me when I tell them that she is 100% better since I took her off Gluten and Wheat. They just don't know why she is not gaining weight. UMMM maybe if I had known she was anemic I could have taken care of that. I don't know what to do anymore. I know that I am going to keep her off Gluten until she is older. I can not handle a month knowing that my daughter will be in pain screaming, constipated and the tantrums. UGH!!!! My husband and I are thinking of taking her to a Naturopath or driving 3 hours to a very large City with a children
  2. Thank you all for your input and advice it is just so hard when you are trying to figure out what is wrong with a child who can not tell you. I think that you are right that even if the test come back negative that we will keep her wheat and gluten free until she is old enough to try going back on herself. I am so convinced that if the test come back negative that they will look at me like you are just making this all up and be like oh well you are just an overly concerned mother. I have had that reaction before. Thank you all you made me feel so much better about this whole thing. I would have never known that the chances of the test coming back negative and if and they do I would have just been even more frustrated. It is just so frustrating and worrying plus the doctor just said that he thought it might be Celiac and then did not tell me any thing else about it. Not even what other names wheat and Gluten can be found under. I am glad that I found this site. Thank you all again Kindness
  3. Hello I am new to this board and this subject. My daughter who is 12 months old may or may not have Celiac Disease. Any ideas would be a great help. She has been constipated and is the same weight that she was a 6 months old. She would scream for hours after eating wheat products and had terrible tantrums. So my husband and I took it upon our selves to cut out wheat. We went to see the Dr. today and they took some blood work and we have to go back in three weeks. He said that the symptoms we were telling him sounded like Celiac but because she is not "under weight" and the proper height that he is not sure. Since we stopped giving her wheat products the screaming fits have pretty much stopped and she is now having bowel movements. But he is not sure why the change in diet worked; he made it sound like if it was not Celiac that it may be a wheat allergy. I am so tired and confused. What is going on with my daughter if it is not Celiac then what is it. They took blood work and we go back in three weeks and if the blood work is positive they want to give her a biopsy (spelling) I don't think I am comfortable with that at all. Ok any ways enough ranting Thank you Kindness