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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Ive been gluten-free for several years, but have contracted leaky gut with more food problems. Added more diet changes for the last two months trying to heal. My home and work life is less than supportive. My hubby thinks its good that I'm on my diet, however, he will not change any of his eating habits because he shouldn't be dammed for my disease. I'm also frustrated that I don't know anyone else with the disease. People treat me like I'm a baby because I won't eat like everyone else. For me, the dietary changes are a pain, but my emotional state has suffered more than my physical problems.
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. I understand how you feel. For the last five months I've looked pregnant. I had the blood work done for Celiac (negative), colonoscopy, an ultrasound, and CAT-Scan. All were negative. I did try the Celiac diet for a short period of time. I lost five inches in my waist and three inches in my abdomen. It seems like it would take a while for the body to calm down, flush out the bad stuff, and to heal. Good luck and feel better soon!
  4. My abdomen was quite large as of the end of June 07. I started the Celiac diet on 7/1/07. Since day one, I lost 5 inches in my waist and 2 inches from my abdomen. To keep in mind, before I started the diet I looked at least 6 months pregnant (I looked like this for the past 4 months). I understand your frustration! Good luck!
  5. Hi Rosey, Thanks for your post! It really brightened my day. I do not feel so alone . I started the diet on July 1. After two days, I lost 5 inches (!) from my waist and 2 inches from my abdomen, incredible! I also feel much better, although still very tired and feeling weeker than my normal self. My colonoscopy is next week with a new doctor (5 weeks and I still don't have my blood results) who may have some answers. I'll let you know what I find out ASAP! I hope you are feeling better and if you ever want to chat, that would be great! Thanks again for the post... Take care!!! Deb
  6. Thanks for the response! It is nice hearing from someone who feels like I do. I'll let you know what my doctor says as soon as I get some answers. Please let me know how you are doing. Again, it is really nice to talk to someone who "gets it". Take care, Deb
  7. Hi, Today is my first day here, WOW! I'm hoping someone may be able to give my some insight. I have been at war with my body since last November. In a nutshell: November: two rounds of the "flu" December: cold and bladder infection January: two kidney infections February: possible "kidney" infection. Started having major abdominal bloating (look six months pregnant- but would de-swell after about three days), loose stool/pain, feeling extremly tired, brain fog, sick to my stomach, feeling on edge. Went to my regular dr. who scheduled an ultrasound. Didn't find anything, so it was all in my head-stress related. March: felt better April/May/June: All the symptoms that I had in February are now constant. I always look six months pregnant, have either D or C. I decided to go to another dr. at the end of March. Could not find a dr who was taking new patients, felt very depressed. Since I didn't have a dr., I decided to go to Urgent Care. The dr. told me that he thought I had diverticulits. The following weekend I felt much worse, so I went to the regular ER where they gave me a CATscan. This showed that diverticulits was not the problem, but I did have an irregular liver enzyme. He didn't tell me what it was, only that I needed to go to a gastro- but I needed a referral from another dr because they can't give referrals. By May, I was concerned-called my gyn. who was nice enough to refer my to the gastro. Had my first appointment the beginning of June. Thought I had cediac, IBS, and lacto intolerance. Scheduled blood tests. Dr. has results, but is so busy that I will get my results when he can get to me (this is now the beginning of the fourth week). Have a scheduled colon. on the 10th, but feeling feeling helpless. Afraid that my blood tests will come out negative and no one will believe how awful I feel. Thanks for letting me vent. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I could sure use some advice!