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  1. not aware of any groups since I am not up there all the time. We have a house on hwy 11 outside Walhalla. If you haven't been to the new market up by the Cliff's communities (about 15 miles east of Walhalla) they have a better than average selection of Gluten Free Products. I realize your message is pretty old but if you do find one in the Clemson area let me know please. regards
  2. Thanks to you both for answering. I guess I'll just have to watch and see how it fluctuates over time.
  3. Hoping some one can help me with question on blood work. I was diagnosed in May via blood test and confirmed in June with Endoscopy. Recent blood work came back with Low immunoglobulin A at level of 49 and Low Immunoglobulin M slightly out of range at 41. Doctor's office said it would only be a problem if suffering frequent infections. In researching it seems A may be related to intestinal disease (celiac)? If so, it would seem this might be common with others. Any help?? Thanks