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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I sort of describe it to others like this: 1. I eat gluten and my body things its poison or a foreign object 2. My body makes antibodies to attack/eat the gluten (I think of ms. packman here) 3. The antibodies cannot distinguish between the gluten and the intestine walls (happy little fingers - like a sea anemone) and start eating the villi too! 4. Keep eating gluten, it gets worse and if the intestines cannot properly function, everything goes to s**t, literally.
  2. Thanks for the quick response.
  3. Will deleting an account delete all post history as well?
  4. I'm Planning My Cheat Day

    Did you ever see the SNL skit for adult diapers called "Oops I Crapped My Pants"? The thought of gluten makes me think I could do similar ads. I have a friend who is lactose intolerant and we call it EMERGENCY FACE. (That look you get where you need a restroom ASAP and you don't want people to know but then have to break out into a modified sprint.) There are lots of recipes and alternative products and encouragement for you to stay gluten-free. That said, only you can want to do it and make that happen. If you are going to cheat, I recommend access to a private, well ventilated toilet for the post-cheat. Be prepared, be very prepared. (This is not the time to buy the cheap tp either. If you are going to splurge on junk food consider the fluffy 2-ply as well.)
  5. 1. You are a really fantastic human being for seeking out a place like this to ask questions and get support! (Not all persons are so lucky, so pat yourself on the back for wanting to find out more) 2. This is hard for you and your whole family because it involves food - everyone needs to eat and eating has so many social and cultural components. Your wife is going through a whole slew of emotions and undoubtedly feeling left out and that is is very unfair that she has to give up so much and probably doesn't want to give up her family meals and wants to see her home as "safe." 3. How you feel about gluten and how she feels about gluten will change. This level of emotional intensity over everything is new and everyone in your house is trying to learn what this means. If she is recently diagnosed she is probably dealing with a slew of other health issues. It takes a while for bodies to heal and she probably doesn't feel 100% better and might blame the current gluten-in-the-house situation for not feeling or getting better. (she also might be getting cross contaminated which SUCKS and feels like starting over from day one) 4. I am almost 2 years gluten free and often envious of those who are able to have a gluten free house. I live with two roommates and it means doing double work every time I want to eat something. (Cleaning up their crumbs, laying down a clean dish towel, getting my gluten free utensils out of a special bucket, having to use and clean things separately and get them back into the bucket, etc.) It sucks. I feel like I did not choose to be gluten intolerant and I should not have to clean up after other people who leave out POISON on the counter... but the fact of the matter is my working definition of "clean" had to change and means something very different to me than it does to them. I wouldn't doubt if your wife is feeling scared of your kitchen, crumbs and fingers. Again, this can change. (I no longer have roommate rage, I roll my eyes and clean up crumbs daily, because that is what I have to do to be healthy.) 5. Talk to her about separate spaces. Color coding, like others mentioned can be really useful. But go gentle and say its because you want her to feel at home in her house and safe. Ask her what she feels is reasonable. Here is the thing... she might not feel like she can share her space right now. She might feel gross and bloated and uncomfortable and tired and doesn't want to have to THINK about one more thing in her life that could make her sick. It sounds paranoid but when you are first diagnosed and all of a sudden you find out that things with gluten can be in ridiculous places - like twizzlers & envelope glue! - you think you are going mad and will never find all of the hidden gluten and never be healthy. So while this feels really like she is punishing you, its probably because she wants to be healthy for herself and her family. (but when you are going through the beginning stages its really hard to know how you feel and articulate it because it feels overwhelming) Hopefully the stories here can shed some light onto what it feels like from the can't-eat-gluten perspective and if you are able to have a conversation with your wife where you can say "man this has to be overwhelming and scary, lets work on this together" she is going to feel like you are her partner in this and that you will be helping her too (reading labels, respecting the rules of the kitchen, etc). YOU ARE AWESOME FOR WANTING TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON AND ASKING QUESTIONS, DON'T FORGET THAT!!!
  6. My issues with Dr. Morgan were the following: -implied that this was "all in my head" and that the solution to all of my problems was seeing a therapist (left me a follow-up message on my voice mail that said "I just wanted to let you know about your test results, they were positive and yeah, I wanted to let you know that I didn't think you were crazy.") -She pushed for me to take Benefiber. When I said that I was not comfortable consuming a product made from wheat (I was regurgitating food and having to run to the bathroom 8-11 times a day even AFTER being on the gluten-free diet) and was very hesitant to consume new foods. Her response was: "Well you are never going to get better if you do not try." She did not give any rational WHY Benefiber would be a good idea or talk to me about alternatives. -She said I wasn't loosing weight fast enough for it to be "a concern." -I was so upset (I waited 3 months to get an apt. with her and it was to get treated in such a flip manner) that I ended up leaving her office and hysterically crying in the waiting room. She made her office staff inform me they close the office for lunch and I needed to get out. Overall she was dismissive, condensing, rude and gave me little hope that I could live without pain. A friend actually referred her and has had a very good working relationship. So if she works for you, great. I found another GI.
  7. This is a big day! One whole year of taking care of your body for you and for the people you love. They may not get it, but it certainly is cause for celebration! DOWN WITH GLUTEN, UP WITH PARTYING!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Iud Options

    Yeah, that is my only regret - not asking for the numbing agent! I was not feeling great this morning, but I am fine now. I am actually pretty excited!
  9. Iud Options

    I had a similar problem with acne post-going off the pill. (I was put on it when I was 20 because I went 6 months without a period and everything else "checked out ok" and so the solution was hormones) I stopped taking it a few years later and got recurring pimples on my face and butt (ahhh, sharing is caring). It took about 6 months for it to stop happening. I still get a few zits around my chin about a week before I get my period, but its a lot better now. Hormones are crazy and amazing things.
  10. Iud Options

    Jestar - no, that was not something that was explained, but I have a follow-up apt. in a month to check on it and me. My body has been completely wacky lately in terms of my period, so while this isn't going to regulate it, I am excited about not worrying every month about being late. emcmaster - I am sorry to hear about your acne, is there a correlation with your IUD? Overall, I am pretty happy with this decision, even though I am experiencing some strong cramping still today, its tolerable. The insertion process was more painful than I expected and I nearly passed out at one point. (got dizzy, sweaty and cold feeling) In the middle of it I said: "What ever you are doing, could you please stop it right now" through gritted teeth." She explained that she could not stop, that she was in the middle of inserting it and that it was almost done. I grabbed onto the side of the table and tried my best to breath. It was only a few seconds of really sharp pain, followed with cramping that began to ease up. She informed me that the insertion was easy. I glared at her for a second and she calmly replied: "It was easy in the sense that it went in quickly and there was no problem." My RNP was fantastic and talked me through it and explained that the cramping and pain/pressure around the cervix was "sort of like what a labor pain is like" and I looked at her and said: "Oh hell no! I don't know how anyone ever has babies. They are so scary and expensive and they are going to hurt at least that much. No, no." She laughed a bit and said "everyone has their time. Its different for different people." I said, "Yeah well, I guess the are cute for a reason. Or else people would never have them!"
  11. Iud Options

    I did it! It was more painful than I expected and I did get a little dizzy, but I am feeling fine now. I am pretty excited for the cramping to subside and to see how I feel.
  12. Suggestions For Elderly Mom

    Going out to eat - maybe you could make copies of dining out cards for her. Just paper ones with space for the server to write her order and table number on it so that if she does go out to eat it will be easier for her to communicate that she cannot eat gluten without her feeling like she needs to talk about it a bunch. Supplements and teas get tricky. I know of at least two "tummy teas" that contain barley in them. It was one of the last places I would have expected gluten to be, but yeah, it sounds like she might be ingesting gluten. The other thing to look into is that some supplements can interfere with other drugs so she needs to talk to the doctor who prescribed her the antidepressants to make sure they aren't counteracting each other. Her antidepressant levels might also need to be checked (usually via blood work). If she has gained or lost weight they also might need to be adjusted.
  13. Suggestions For Elderly Mom

    Testing for antibodies isn't a bad idea... there can be false negatives, which could lead your mom down the path of "lets find out what else is wrong with me" and more medical tests being ordered. If she is open to it, maybe you could go through her kitchen, pantry and medicine cupboards and go a gluten-free spring cleaning. If she takes and rx, it would be wise to put an allergy alert on her account at the pharmacy so they at least know to check if there is gluten in any of her medications (you often have to check yourself because many staff persons are not trained to know what gluten is or be able to decipher it from an ingredient label; they can tell you what drugs are in there, but not necessarily what the starch binders are) Does your mom think she has been getting glutened as well?
  14. This was me. My digestion has settled now that I am gluten free (1.5 years) but my periods are still irregular, but yours might level out... it just takes a while. If water and fiber aren't enough, I highly recommend calcium-magnesium-citrate supplement. A tablespoon at night and a bm the next day. The first time it worked I thought it was magic and wonderful all at the same time.
  15. Iud Options

    I am going with the Mirena and have an appt. this afternoon. I am a little nervous (I often get panic attacks in doctor's offices) but I think I will be ok. I was prescribed a suppository to soften my cervix, which I took last night. I have advil in my system (cramps were so bad they woke me up a few times last night with bad pain) and a meal prepared for when I get home and snacks at the ready. Someone mentioned a heating pad would be a really welcomed addition to some sofa time, so I am going to pick one of those up before I had over. I am really excited about the idea of a somewhat more regular period and making my womb an inhospitable place!