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  1. Hello out there.... I am recently diagnosed with celiac through the blood tests...I have not been "scoped", or biopsied yet due to the fact that I have medicaid and it is very difficult to find a Dr. that will perform the procedure. I guess they don't pay enough.....Anyway...I am trying like heck to eat right, but I feel like such a downer on my family-we used to eat out all the time, not just junk food, but real food too, and now everything has changed....I am wondering first of all if there are any reccommendations anyone has to how you eat out or where to eat out and I am also wondering about putting the whole family (2- 10 year old sons and a wonderful dad ) on a gluten free diet. I am just concerned about their tastes---any suggestions there too?? I am starting to go into the depression I have heard goes along with such a drastic change in life, and really could use some support. Thank you for listening........