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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was very nauseated the whole pregnancy. My son was born 1 month early and I hemorrhaged and then had trouble producing enough milk to nurse him. (Lack of absorbing nutrients?) It took another 10 years to get pregnant again and miscarried at 3 months and the hemorrhaging was worse than when I delivered my son. I was taken by ambulance to the emergency room and my blood pressure was 53/38 when I got there. Obviously, I have a Vit K problem, amongst everything else. How could docs miss this all these years? lynn
  2. Type O negative here. I've read the Blood Type books and I thought the most interesting info in them was how blood types developed and about the migration of peoples etc. Yes, I need a type O diet and exercise to feel my best. Even nongluten grains are difficult for me to digest and I can't tolerate dairy either. I'm such a cavewoman. lynn
  3. Yep, It is amazing how much better my asthma is. I still keep the emergency inhaler handy, but I have used it only twice this summer so far. Before that I had been to the emergency room for bad attacks several times in the past year. I had coughing and severe reflux, too and it is so much better. I had to give up dairy also, so maybe that is helping with controlling my asthma. I feel SOOOO much better. Lynn
  4. My ancestors were Swiss, German, English, French, and whatever people are called from Luxembourg. Luxemburgers? Luxembourgians? They both sound funny. No Irish as far as I know. Too bad, I really liked Ireland and the people when I was there. Lynn
  5. Enterolab

    Thank you Taneil. Some of the information links on the enterolab site are not working for me. The page where the tests are ordered works and one other one. Unless I'm doing something wrong, and that is entirely possible. Lynn
  6. Enterolab

    Am I correct in understanding that the enterolab tests can be done even though I have started eating gluten-free for almost the last 4 weeks? Being gluten-free is sure making a difference. After reading many things the last several weeks, I am making a huge picture by connecting the dots. Everything finally makes sense, at last. Lynn
  7. Hi, I am new here. I am going to the library to get that issue of Women's Day. I have been doing gluten-free for the last 8 days and what a difference already! Up until 2 weeks ago I had never heard of celiac. On a totaly unrelated forum, someone mentioned that her husband had celiac, what his symptoms were, etc. and then I did internet searches and I was floored. I have so many of the symptoms, except for weight loss. As a kid, I had canker sores, the sore cracks at the corners of my mouth, bloated and constipated. About the age of 14 I got extremely itchy rashes on my legs and arms that the family doctor back then said was due to allergies. I looked at the pictures of DH and the rash looked exactly like it, no matter what "ointment" he prescribed, nothing worked. It finally went away when I was about 26, but as I said, it is back. I have severe reflux, bloated, abdominal pain, and now I have been having diarrhea. When I was 14, I had my tonsils out and hemorrhaged. I had fertlity problems, but managed to have one son, who was born early and I hemorrhaged. 10 years later, I managed to get pregnant again, but miscarried at 4 months and hemorrhaged so badly, I almost didn't make it. I have bad allergies and asthma. I've never had a hemoglobin test that didn't say I wasn't anemic. How could the doctors not know? How could I have never heard of celiac? My problem now is that I don't have any insurance until July. From reading all of the posts, I understand that I would have to go back on gluten to get good results from the tests. I DON'T WANT TO!!! The difference with not eating gluten and no dairy is amazing and I have even lost 4 pounds since starting eating this way. I think I am going to go with enterolab, so that I know, but will give a lot of thought to getting the other tests. I mean, the doctors were so clueless for years and thought I was just being a pain in the butt. However, the minute we have insurance on July 7, I will call and get an appointment to have my son tested. He has also had reflux and either diarrhea or constipated since little and the doctor says that it is because he is a nervous person. DUH!!! I think the first year of his life, he saw about 7 different doctors. Now, they have him on reflux medicine, but he still is either constipated or has loose stools. I hope this isn't too long, but yes, I am chubby too. bluebird (Lynn)