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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My GI doctor was against using GlutenEase without proper monitoring over time. I'm reluctant to try it as my recent upper endoscopy showed partial villi damage. The new enzyme DDP-IV (dipeptidyl pepitidase IV) is mostly used to treat Type 2 diabetes. I won't risk further villi damage to promote Enzymedica's claim. It's not a cure nor an Okay to eat gluten(on purpose or hidden) my doctor said.
  2. I recently received a gluten-free diet list from the JFK Medical Center. There-on, "some egg substitutes" was listed to avoid. Why? I've been eating Egg Beaters- a whites ony product. Would this product cause loose BM's? Please advise.
  3. I recently had my first colonoscopy. Hip! hip! Hooooooray! No polyps or signs of cancer. However, the Dx was diverticulosis (left colon greater than right). This Dx requires a high fiber diet excluding nuts, popcorn, corn, and seed( sunflower, pumpkin, caraway, sesame.) Considered harmless seeds are from tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, strawberry, raspberry and poppy. Q1: I like watermellon. Are the small white seeds bad or safe to eat? The larger black seeds I spit out. I am waiting for a recommendation from my GI Doctor for a gluten-free high fiber supplement. I'm bother by dirrhea/loose stool and frequent bowel movements. The fibers available are as follows: 1) acacia 2) guar gum 3) methylcellulose 4) calcium polycarbophil (FiberCon is gluten-free, Equalactin is ??) 5) inulin 6) psyllium (Metamucil,powder & tablets are gluten-free; the wafers are not.) Q2: Which of these type of fibers works better with a gluten-free diet? Any input would be appreciated.
  4. Alcohol And Gluten

    I gave up on grain alcohol and beers a long time ago. I drink red wine. I think the alcohol did effect me to much, but now I suspect that the SULFITES therein may be causing some problems of late too. A recent endoscopy showed a mild esophagitis. I don't eat spicy foods. Wine is considered an "acid" type drink and may have produced to much acid in the stomach. Is there a test for SULFITES sensitivity?
  5. My wife brought home a bag of Lay's Light Potato Chips yesterday. I did not recgonize the ingredient "olestra." I did a quick google search and I was SHOCKED. Apparently this artifical fat is making thousands of people very sick with diarrhea, stomach cramps,etc. Many users end up going to the emergency room for treatment. I'm trying to limit my fat intake but, not with this product. As always, the inventing company, P& G, claims it was fully tested and safe to eat. Even the FDA approved it for food use. I have enough trouble with diarrhea and loose stool. As a Celiac, I'm relucant to eat these chips, and asked my wife to return it to the store. I warned her not eat these chips herself. She is not a Celiac patient, but does have constipation. Anyone have any problems with Olestra?
  6. Doctor Northern Va Or Dc

    Did you try the Doctor's Directory in this web site? The list goes by states. That is how I found my new Doctor ( GI specilist in Celiac) in New Jersey.
  7. thanks for the reply. Yes, I will look for another product now. Back in 2005, I considered this product the best for prostate care.
  8. I'm on the same search. I've tried Enjoy Life's soft baked Snickerdoodle cookies recently. There nut and gluten free. I don't like their NO-Oats Oatmeal cookies because the brown rice flakes tend to be to hard(like not cooked well) to chew.
  9. I have been using a product called "Urinozinc Prostahelp-Prostate Formula" since April, 2005. The company, Vitanergy of Miami, FL, did not reply to my E-Mail regarding hidden gluten in this product. Neither the company's web site nor the product label for other ingredients claims it. Sometimes formula's change without notice. A telephone call is no guarantee either. I would like to continue using this formula because it contains a good blend of B-6,12, folic acid,etc required for Celiacs. Does anyone familiar with this product know for sure?
  10. Gluten Free 2 Months And Burned Out

    It's a life long game. I've been at it for 22 YEARS and still struggle with this gluten-free diet. It's never 100%. To hard to achieve in every day life. A recent biopsy showed my villi are flat but still tall enough to absord some nutrients. My new doctor said that I did a "good job" inspite of some cheating(got a little to reckless last year or 2) during that span of time. Even more critical is using dietary supplements that could contain hidden gluten. I contacted the company, but to date, got no reply so I stopped using the stuff. Some companies don't care about us. Gee, burned out after only two months. Sorry, I have no sympathy for you but I do understand. Hang in there!