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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am so glad that I posted my questions. Thank you all so much for you in-put on your symptoms. Both of my feet have been tingling 24/7 for about 4 or 5 years now. Sometime buzzing in legs but that comes and goes. Loss of sensation in toes...I wake with a feeling deep inside of my chest like a vibration. If you were to put your hand on the inside wall of your refrigerator while the motor is running that is what I am feeling. Think this is how a kitten must feel inside when it purrs. Very strange, scarey.. Now I just hope I can get some of this reversed. Am taking 1,000 mcg. of VitB12 but have to look around for the sublingual kind. Even the tinitus in my ear has an electrical sound to it. RIght now my diet is rice, chicken and fruit. Nan
  2. Thank you all for your replys. Now I don't feel so all by myself with this. Dr's have been kind of ignoring me for years and saying it's my nerves. I am not a nervous person in general. I am now just diagnosed and starting to go wheat and gluten free. Have lost some of the feeling im ny toes at this point and don't know if nerves can regenerate themselves but my trash can is full of stuff and anything unopened will go to my daughter-in-law and be used. At least maybe it wont get any worse. Not getting a good nights sleep due to the tingling is also a problem and that is making me nervous as it is kind of tingling all over.My husband passed from cancer 6 years ago and I kind of feel all alone with this. Now I at least know others have the same symptoms. Funny thing is I have never had intestinal problems with it. BUt the test is positive for it. Nan
  3. Thank you Momma Goose. I have been told by Dr's for past 5 years that I have anxiety and I know that is not the answer. I do think that I have had Celiac for many many years and no one has even given it i thought that it could be Celiac until my gastroenterologist did the test and it came back positive. I have also had chronic hives for years (34) and I think this has something to do with celiac also. Don't know how much damage has been done but hope some of it can be repaired or stopped from progressing. Had all of the neuro. testing including a brain scan and all os ok. I do get buzzing numbness in my legs and feet and also have a vibrating feeling in my chest. Feel it mostly when I am very quiet at night in bed. Had all cardio testing done also and everything is fine except for a slight leaking tri-cuspid valve which they say is not the cause of the problems. Hope to hear from anyone else that has neuro symptoms. Live alone and it scarey. Today I am getting rid of everything in the house that has wheat and gluten in it. Nan
  4. Is there anyone on the board with Celiac that have neurological symptoms? Neuropathy? Thanks. Nan
  5. Jodie, I have had these symptoms for at least the past 5 years. The only way I can describe the vibrating feeling is to tell you to put you hand hard against the inside wall of your refrigerator while the motor is running and then place that feeling deep in your chest. Is that what you are describing? Never thought of the sugar connection but have been reading many articles on celiac and neurological symptoms. Seems that there is a connection. I anyone can figure this out I will post but have only found out that my blood test shows celiac. Keep me posted on how you make out. Thanks to all of you that sent replies. Nan
  6. Hello All, I am new to the forum and have a few questions. For the past 7 years I have been to many Dr's with these symptoms. Have had neurological testing..normal..Brain scan..normal... Cardiology testing just finished..normal.. Allergy testing..allergic to wheat and many other foods..have chronic hives for many years. Take Zyrtec. Blood test now shows Celiac. B12 =320 I have been told that my symptopms are anxiety for all of these years. Now I don't believe it. These are my symptoms... Tingeling on soles of feet. Loss of some feeling in parts of toes. Sometime buzzing feeling in legs..Off and on. This has been going on for 6 years at least. Does not seem to get any worse. But it is there 24/7. negative for neuropathy.. A very strange vibrating feeling deep in chest. Notice it more when laying quiet. It feels just like a little motor running. Rather a frightening feeling in the middle of the night.. This is my main concern. Just finished with all sorts of heart tests and I am fine. A buzzing noise in one ear..Many years of this. Do these sound to you people who suffer from Celiac like symptoms of this disease? At this point I am at a loss. Thank you, Nan70