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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. hey I know the relief you are feeling, to know what the problem is . I have 4 children 3 with celiac confirmed with blood and biopsy, my 6 year old was diagnosed the end of may, my 4 year old in june and my 2 year old in august so we are new to this also. My son the 6 year old was so sick for so long he was vomiting daily, he was extremly underweight, pale, lack of energy and a huge distended belly, he went thru so many tests and drs appointments, when we found out the biggest weight lifted off my shoulders because, even though its a huge lifestyle change, I now know what we are fighting. My son has gained almost 10 pounds and has grown a whole inch since finding out, It seems like I have a whole new happier, healthier kid now. What a change. good luck to ya.
  2. Anyone In Utah?

    hey, I am in utah also (tooele). Nice to see some local info here.
  3. We found out that 3 of my children have celiac right before their birthdays. I am not all that great at baking so I ordered cakes at a local gluten free store here in utah, the cakes tasted very good, but they didnt look so kid friendly. They only have two cakes to choose from. I think you have a great idea, people with allergies will always have birthdays ,weddings, graduations etc.. If you have the desire and the knack for it ... go for it. the demand for this is only going to grow.
  4. I agree with the last post. According to my childrens dr. There is a very high chance for false neg in children under 3. 11 months seems really young for them to rule out celiac entirely. Just watch and if you really think so get him tested when he gets older. Just as an added fun note saw the name hornbeck, not so common of a name it caught my attention its my mothers maiden name.
  5. I am in Tooele Utah. the gfutah I go to that site often. Thanks. From that site I found out there is actually a kids celiac camp here in tooele. Its good to know about something so close as my kids get a little older.
  6. If your child has been diagnosed with celiac disease and you have the proof from a dr. It is a disease , then it is not in the same catagory as allergies or food intolerance . It falls Under the americans with disabilities act , every child in a public school is entitled to a hot lunch. It sounds like I am truely blessed in that my childs school is so wonderful about this. They provide my child with a gluten free hot lunch prepared by them everyday. For the same price as everybody else. Some of the lunch staff have taken courses , by their own choice about gluten free meals and how they should be prepared. I am in a small town and would have never imagined they would have offered this to me. I didnt even have to ask. My childs teachers have been wonderful also. no problems.
  7. So, all 3 of your girls have celiac? Well as far as my town, just finding this out, I guess there are quite a few children. School started here today and the school is going to provide my 1st grader with a gluten free lunch, because of that I found out that there are other kids in my childs school with celiac and in 2 of the others schools right near us. I was happy to learn as far as school lunch is concerned that they have been doing gluten free lunches in the county for a little bit and have a better understanding of the diet. I dont live in a big town so It really suprised me to learn of so many so close.
  8. Hi, I am a mother of 4 kids ages 2.4,6 and 9. My 2,4 and 6 year old all have celiac. All diagnosed within the last 3 months. New to the diet and lifestyle. neither my husband or I have celiac. Would love to hear from other parents in utah who have celiac or children with celiac.
  9. hi. well I have a 2,4 and 6 year old w/ celiac . My 2 year old just had her biopsy last week, which confirmed celiac. A month ago she had her blood tests that showed positive for celiac. My childrens GI dr did tell me prior to the blood work that they usually test children at 3 or older unless lots of symptoms are there, because before 3 they are more likely to get a false negative. My child was having so many symptoms we tested her early.
  10. ooops on the Quote, I hit the wrong button, although I do agree. My son age 6 had very severe symptoms of celiac, He was confirmed pos for celiac disease. Dr. said all family should be tested. Found out 3 of my 4 kids have it ages 2,4 and 6 . All confirmed with biopsy and blood. Dad and I are neg. I would have never thought my 4 year old. She had none of the symptoms my other 2 had.
  11. School Lunch

    Wow. Thanks for all the ideas. They are all great. I will put them to good use. Thankyou so much.
  12. Ok so I have 4 children ages 2,4,6 and 8. All except for my 8 year old have Celiac. My 6 year old will be starting 1st grade this fall, I am stuck. I am 3 months into learning my children have celiac, so im fairly new to this diet, its one thing cooking meals at home but does anyone have suggetions on meals bringable in a lunchbox?
  13. this may or may not help, I know that Wal Mart has a pediatric type drink similar to pediasure in their baby section next to the baby formula. It is the walmart brand I know it is gluten and lactose free but not sure if soy free, worth a look. Hope it helps.