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  1. May 2009 Starbucks is test-marketing individually-packaged gluten-free cake for sale through the summer. Try them and pass along the info to your gluten-free friends.
  2. I just discovered the best gluten-free Chocolate Chip cookies! They are bite-sized, crunchy and have a hint of coconut. They are the store brand cookies of a natural food chain called Wild Oats. Check their website to see if there is a store near you. Its worth a trip! I bought 3 tubs when I was in Princeton last week. http://www.wildoats.com/u/find/ Trish Strat gluten-free since 2002
  3. We always take instant grits to eat for breakfast with us when we travel (individual packages..just add hot water). Tillamook Country Smoker Old-Fashioned Beef Steak Nuggets are great for lunch or snack. Order them through www.tcsjerky.com And our latest favorite available from our "regular" grocery store are Thai Kitchen products. (www.thaikitchen.com) Stir a raw egg into their Rice Noodle Bowls (the egg will cook in the hot soup) and you have a delicious meal! Trish Strat gluten-free since 2002
  4. Hi! My son is a junior in high school and we are getting serious about choosing a college. We'd love to hear how college kids manage to maintain their gluten-free diets...especially during freshmen year when they are required to be on the meal plan. Thanks! Trish and Andy Strat Both of us gluten-free since 2002
  5. I'm going to Mexico City and Cuernavaca with my Girl Scout troop at the end of June. We'll be staying at a Girl Guide facility, where many of the workers speak English, so I'm not too worried about that part. I kind of figured I'd eat a lot of tortillas! Trish