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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Octoberme, Perhaps I should be first to welcome you to the club. Every one of your concerns has been addressed in these blogs and soon you'll have some specific advise from the great people here who are more experienced than me. You can search the past blogs for specific past discussions to your concerns. At least know that you are not alone. These blogs probably saved my life. David
  2. The Celiac Belly

    My gold standard for understanding I have been poisoned is my "gut reaction." When I first started going gluten-free after two years of low carbs as well, my tummy just disapeared one night. I was shocked, my stomach just dropped away from my rib cage. And lo and behold in the morning: abs! I associate the bloating with the idea that any inflammation in the small intestine is a problem. But remember to mulitply it by 26 feet of intestine! That's why it can go up and down so suddenly. I would have to guess most those guys with beer guts are having the same problems.
  3. A prior topic on wheat in cat litter prompted my to look also at my cat's food and sure enough there it is. I have been "gluten-free" or so I thought for years, but unable to get beyond feeling positively poisoned in the last six months. Hopefully, this was the cause. Does anyone know of some quality, wheat-free dry cat food? Also, I wonder if my cat Toby has a problem with gluten. He sleeps too much and seems to have arthritis in his shoulders.
  4. Reading this Cat Litter Blog led me to check on my own brand - Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat. I was told it is pure sodium bentonite. It is more reasonably priced, clumps great and the "feel" is just right for cats. You can find it online at www.preciouscat.com. There may be other reasons to avoid clay litter from what I see here though. David
  5. Rant About The In-laws

    The common thread to this thread seems to be that the requirements of the gluten-free lifestyle can spark an almost violent reaction in those around us. My guess is that the idea that something so familiar as bread is a (possibly widespread) health hazard is a violation of their world-view. These folks are ususally staunch supporters of the status-quo. They refuse to examine their own actions, emotions and stubborn sensibilities. Most harbor the often harsh lessons of their childhoods without question
  6. Ugh...so Much Pain! Now I'm A Believer

    Also, two weeks, or two months (to mental clarity) not two days is more likely what you are looking at.
  7. Ugh...so Much Pain! Now I'm A Believer

    More pain as you get clean seems to be my response. I'm guessing that as you begin to not overstress the gut with poison it looses some of the excess mucus lining and thus it's protection. Then when you get hit again you digest a lot of it and whamo!
  8. Help Please?

    I'm guessing that's the last time you'll cheat. You've got a month of intestinal hell awaiting you. Just try to make the connection. Also, diminshing (better to quit cold turkey) your intake of easy starches will diminish your addiction to them almost overnight. You won't be tempted by the glycemic (sugar) drop in your blood to gorge on garbage. Sorry to sound harsh, but you need a slap to survive this.
  9. Saving Money

    Hi, Welcome and Sorry. I'm a garden-vegatable and discount meat eating person so the expense of treating celiac is not insurmountable. You will find that most pre-packaged garbage at the grocery store averages $4.00 per pound. Check Froot-loops. So is the butcher's special. I just bought a pork roast on sale at King Soopers for $1.79 a pound with KS card. This is possibly an inexpensive cure for every auto-immune disease you can name. So fire up the grill, tell the kids to shut up and eat what is before them, emerge from the "Matrix", and live.
  10. Eye Infections Anyone?

    Thank you all for your kind, insightful comments. Each of your observations has helped me find better approaches to this "one more symtom of celiac disease." One thing I'll pass on is a naturaopathic remedy of coloidal silver eydrops. Seems to help.
  11. This symptom parallels my own post-poisoning timeline and process. Malabsortion of fats which float (oil on water) is the likely explaination.
  12. Wrist/hand Pain

    Unbelievable! I tell people that the symptoms of Celiac are "all of them." It seems more true than ever. I've been wearing my rollerblade wrist-guard for the last two weeks to get relief from a "construction injury" working with cordless drills that have a heavy battery and often kick-back and tweak the wrist. I thought it was possibly arthritis or even the beginings of psoriasis arthritis (auto-immune) that runs in the family. This website is a life-saver. Still I understand that this is all "anecdotal evidence", but what a trove of insightful indications of what possibly is the cause of almost all common disease.
  13. Just wondering if anyone else gets this weepy, itchy, gooey, publicly embarassing problem. I consistently get what seems to be an eye infection when poisoned (glutened). It may be an opportunistic infection (immune system busy elsewhere) or a more direct symptom. There's extreme times when my eyes swell shut. And that old adage of "don't rub it" doesn't apply cause I just have to get these painful strings of goo out to survive.
  14. Completely Healed?

    I would say I have in the two years I have fought this battle been completely healed maybe twice. When I went 4 months between poisonings I had boundless energy, full use of my mind, regular pain-free BMs, no eye infection, no dry lips, no body pain, slept well, etc. It is the holy grail to get back there and requires extreme discipline but it is well worth it. David