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  1. Not Dealing Well...

    howdy I'm not sure where the article was from-I'll ask the gal that sent it to me for more info on it... I have been suffering from right sided pain off and on since i was 18 (now 30) was also told it was probably a ruptured cyst -but it is tough to confirm those kind of things since it had already ruptured (supposedly!) now that I look back I'll bet I was having gallbladder issues -not female issues. when i finally had my gallbladder out in October of 2003 the doc said it was loaded with old bile and was black-no stones though (supposedly, again) I feel after reading and talking to people w/ similar problems I might still have issues with my bile duct- maybe being clogged etc. anyways-did you have adhesions? did you get the endo removed? Did your pain go away or at least improve? Was the endo causing bowel problems? How did they find your endo? Ultra sounds don;t work I'm told-endo won;t show up on ultra sound but who knows. Any detailed info would be great thanks Vegas Vic
  2. Not Dealing Well...

    P.S- has your hair been coming out more then usual? Vic
  3. Not Dealing Well...

    howdy from Vegas! wow it's interesting to know someone else gets the right sided pain- it can be sudden and sharp- the girls at work are convinced I have adhesions from my ovaries sticking to my intestines but I have to admit I have less pain on the new diet. I went nuts the other day and pigged out on some "wheat free" cookies that were made from oats-that night I was back to square one!! took about 2 days to feel better but now am having right sided pain again since eating the cookies very frustrating and depressing. Have you explored other reasons for pain besides celiac? Or are you convinced it's gluten or possibly soy? I can't remember from the other htreads if you had your gallbladder out? What symptoms did you have before going on this diet? (as specific as possible) did you burp food up alot? Gurgling stomach? thanks for the response- Vegas vic p.s- a friend I met on the board has been emailing me direct and sent this intersting article-I don;t know if you've read it before: LOW CARB VS GLUTEN FREE DIETS Low carb diets are gaining in popularity largely because many people = feel good on them. The theory is that excess carbs stimulate excess = insulin production, which leads to all kinds of health problems. It's a = valid theory I am sure, but that's not all there is to it. A large part = of American's calories currently come from sugar, refined fats, and = white flour - which contain few nutrients. A switch from a diet based on = empty calories to a nutritionally dense diet of meat and green leafy = vegetables would dramatically improve any lab rat's health. But the = situation is much more complicated than that. A small but substantial number of low carb dieters discover quite by = accident that when they cheat on the diet, they don't feel particularly = bad unless the meal contains products made from wheat. Even a bit of = breading on the meat in a low carb meal may give them a shaky = "hypoglycemia attack" or their headaches or joint aches may return. = Sensitivity to wheat products is masked by the fact that most Americans = eat some flour in every meal and most snacks. When someone avoids = refined foods and carbs in general long enough for symptoms to recede, = occasional exposure may reveal the true cause of their symptoms. Not = everyone spots the connection, but when it is pointed out and they begin = paying attention, a significant number of low carb enthusiasts begin to = see it plainly, and switch to gluten free.=20 The gluten free diet excludes all the baked floury and sugary junk = foods, the buns and breads and pastas that were off limits on the low = carb diet anyway. But it allows all the fruits and vegetables that are = off limits on a low carb diet. Rice and corn are allowed, and rice and = corn pastas are available. There are gluten free breads available, which = range from terrible to pretty good. Label reading is required, just as = on the low carb diet, but with a different slant. Products containing = wheat, spelt, barley, and rye are must be avoided, including hidden = gluten from malt, or soy sauce.=20 People who accidentally discover their reaction to wheat assume it is an = allergy. In most cases, it is an intolerance, not an allergy. That means = that shots or other allergy treatments will not eliminate all the = problems and dangers of gluten for those people. Unless proven = otherwise, it is best to assume that gluten reactions may change, but = will never be "grown out of" as so many doctors say of childhood celiac = cases. What are the symptoms of gluten sensitivity? There are so many = that it's best to categorize them as a) deficiency symptoms, brain = effects, c) immune system effects, and d) miscellaneous.=20 The classic reaction is Celiac Disease, a slow progressive damage to the = villi of the small intestine. It begins in the duodenum, where iron = should be absorbed, lactase should be made, and where the hormone to = tell the gallbladder to dump should be made. Thus iron deficient anemia, = lactose intolerance, and gallbladder problems should be red flags for = this condition. Poor gallbladder function means poor absorption of fats = and oil soluble vitamins, with dry skin a common symptom. As the damage = spreads, the celiac may eat more and more just to maintain a normal = weight, or may lose weight no matter how much they eat. Deficiency = symptoms that eventually occur can include anemia, sore mouth, numb or = tingly feet, even senile dementia, from B12 deficiency. Poor dream = recall, stiff hands, sciatica or carpal tunnel syndrome, and eventually = arthritis may result from B6 deficiency. Depression or grouchiness from = B3 deficiency. Anemia, fatigue, cervical dysplasia, fibrocystic breasts, = miscarriage, or birth defects from folic acid deficiency. Low thyroid = function and fibrocystic breasts from iodine deficiency. Poor sense of = taste and smell, stretch marks, body odor, smelly feet, white flecks on = the fingernails from zinc deficiency. Poor night vision from zinc and = vitamin A deficiency. In general the damage done to the intestine = probably leads to leaky gut and susceptibility to Candida overgrowth. = But intestinal damage is only the classic reaction, and years of other = symptoms may precede them.=20 Gluten and a similar protein found in dairy products, casein, both = resemble opiates. Some people become very sleepy after meals containing = wheat. Severe cases have been diagnosed as "narcolepsy". Others may = develop panic attacks. ADD and ADHD have been associated with gluten = intolerance. Autism has been repeatedly been associated with gluten = and/or casein. Many cases of schizophrenia have been caused or worsened = by gluten. Any regular intake of an opiate-like substance implies that = addiction could take place, and certainly many people have admitted a = sort of addiction to baked goods or dairy products.=20 Many "incurable" autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, = lupus, MS, thyroiditis, pancreatitis, and juvenile diabetes have been = linked to gluten and/or casein. In vitro tests have shown that when = gluten is added to the blood of celiacs, the cells that fight cancer = stop working. Non Hodgkins Lymphoma is the #1 cause of death in = untreated celiacs.=20 Miscellaneous effects: Irritation to the gut affects valve function and = leads to acid reflux at the "cardiac valve" and autointoxication from = the iliocaecal valve not closing properly so bacteria get into the small = intestine where they don't belong and overload the liver with metabolic = byproducts.=20 Now for the really little known information:=20 Gluten intolerance is often associated with poor Sulfation. Glucosamine = sulfate builds joints, but other sulfates are needed to repair the = lining of the gut to keep out undigested food. Poor sulfation may cause = or worsen allergies or gluten sensitivity, and may cause the dark = circles around the eyes known as "allergic shiners".=20 The antigliadin test is notoriously insensitive, so another test is = often done with it, for "endomysial antibodies". This is a very = sensitive test, but all it means is that you are attacking your own = muscles. This may explain why so many people with Fibromyalgia turn out = to have gluten sensitivity.=20 Gluten sensitivity is common in obesity.=20 Spelt is very controversial. Beginning in the 1940's American wheat = breeders brought in germplasm from high protein Russian wheats, so that = modern wheats are very different from the oldest wheats like spelt. = Spelt contains gluten too, but some people swear they react to wheat but = not spelt. These people may simply have a wheat allergy. A totally different theory says that it is the molds in stored wheat and = bread that are really wrecking people's health. Spelt is usually grown = on a direct contract and bypasses the usual storage and milling routes = that common wheats go through.=
  4. Not Dealing Well...

    Hello all I was responding to this thread-I was told IBS too-later had my gallbladder out but it didn;t do any good- now I did the Entrolab test and it came back positive for wheat and milk allergy.. I guess my question to all is does anyone have lower right sided pain? I have it when I walk too much, eat too much etc. it is very uncomfortable and I thought it would go away after gall bladder surgery and then after i tried the new diet but it's not... I went to a gyno and she said she doubts it's female related. I also feel sometimes like I haven't completed going to the bathroom-so I go a little bit here and there which is time consuming whe you're out and about!! I was going through the internet and found these two interesting articles: Researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles think they may have identified the cause of this mysterious and very common condition, and found an effective way to treat it. The Cedars-Sinai researchers found that 78% of the IBS patients they tested had what they called small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), a condition in which excessive amounts of bacteria are present in the small intestine. The researchers treated the patients who tested positive for SIBO with a 10-day course of antibiotics. Tests at the end of that time found that 25 of 47 patients had no bacterial overgrowth present, and that 12 of them had no IBS symptoms, while the symptoms were "significantly reduced" in the other 13. The symptoms were also reduced in the patients in which some SIBO was still detected, suggesting that if treatment had been continued until it was completely eliminated, perhaps with an alternative antibiotic, better results would have been obtained. ( New article)RE: dairy product consumption Johne's disease is an infection that cows pass on to humans as irritable bowel syndrome. Johne's disease has no cure and costs dairy producers over $1.5 billion each year [source: USDA]. The bacterium, Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis (MAP) causing Johne's is not killed by pasteurization and is passed onto consumers in milk, cheese and ice cream. I am going to take this info to my gastro doc to see about getting tested for these!!! Any thoughts on these articles and right sided pain issue? thanks Vegas Vic
  5. thanks for the reply- I have been reading more about enterolab- I checked the internet high and low for negative info and found none so I felt comfortable and ordered the $349 test- it tests for Celiac disease/genetic/ and milk allergy too. I'll let you know how it goes- I go to GI doc this Tuesday and will find out more info on the test she did on me before- (I asked her a long time ago to run a wheat allergy test (blood)- had it done and all she said was "One part was positive and one was negative" and basically the part that was positive doesn't mean anything (Ok?) So I blew it off and went back to trying meds for IBS (Zelnorm, Nulev) but they didn't help -so I'm back to square one. Now that I'm learning more about this i am going to pay more attention! Let me know how you are feeling- Sorry to hear the pain is coming back-mine is there about 80% of the time..and my diahrrea is getting worse. The ERCP test sounds a little scary- Have you heard if an MRI works too to see if a stone is present? That would be my luck too-have it down and have no change I am so sick of being poked and proded (I have no veins practically!-usually takes 2, 3 sometimes 4 times to find one!) Sorry I sound so negative- this has been going on for years and am losing patience! Good luck and let me know how you're feeling!! -VegasVic
  6. JHMom- SO the GI test from your regular GI doc came back negative (as mine did) but the enterlab results were positive? Has the CF diet helped or do you still have some of the same symptoms? I am considering buying a test from enterlab- my GI doc has been no help (now 2 years of coming and going to her office) still have all the same symptoms but getting worse!!
  7. I had my gallbladder out in October (10 days before my wedding!) Right sided pain still there though and all same symptoms as before- however- I too had a weird "Gastro" attack before I ended up in the ER- felt like a knife in my side and major gas/ diahrrea, could barely move etc. Like a weird "attack"- So I had hoped the surgery would get rid of chronic pain-but didn't. My sister works in surgery- she asked one of the surgeons about my complaints and he said to have an ERCP done- or at least an MRI- I asked my GI doc and she said she wanted to try me on a few more meds (!!) before doing more tests (??) So she put me on Robinul Forte-didn't help- I am going back next week to her and demanding an MRI- from researching the internet and going on forums it sounds more and more like a stone is still in there- ALso ended up in the ER (twice in 2 weeks) with extreme "Gall baldder like" attacks- middle of the chest pain which radiated to my back like someone was trying to pull an arrow out of me the wrong way (I never had this type of pain prior to my surgery) Utterly confused!! I had asked doc to test me for a wheat allergy about 2 months ago- she said one test was + but one was neg. -- I falied to ask her more details but will now that I know more about all this- I am considering buying a test from enterlab- have you done this?
  8. hello I am new ! my sister found this forum board and suggested I look into it- i have been having off and on pain on my right lower side for over 12 years- It has gotten worse over the years and now I have loose stools, feel horrible and full sometimes after eating only a little and have more pain on my side when my stomach is full, bloating, gas, sometimes constipation and when I walk alot I get right sided pain- it seems to flare up if I walk!! Recently got my gall bladder out (6 months ago) and this hasn't helped with the pain. If I don't go to the bathroom right away I get sharp side pains- already been tested for appendicitus but was negative, also for ovarian cysts, female probs, etc. I am 30 and just married- Want to start a family but not until pain goes away! Does anyone else have right sided pain or symptoms like mine? If so, were you diagnosed with celiac? I love bread but would stop eating it if it meant no more pain.