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  1. Hi, I called the company directly yesterday to seek advise on their products. No one has called me back. I will need to purchase a ham before the end of the month and this product has always been my favorite. Does anyone know if their hams are gluten free. Thanks so much,
  2. Hi Everyone, Still trying to clean out my freezer of possible foods that contain gluten. Everyone advises me to read the label but because I am still new at this I am very confused. Advise needed for Hillshire Farm Beef Smoked Sausage. Does anyone know if this product contains gluten. Thanks so much
  3. Hi, I have just read a news article about distilled white vinegar and possibly is should be a food item that should not be consumed because it is a derivative of alcohol. I have been having problems with gluten free salad dressings and am wondering if anyone else is having a problem also. If so are there any recipes out there for a dressing that does not contain vinegar. Thanks so much
  4. Hi Everyone, I am brand new to this forum. Have just recently been diagnosed with gluten intolerance and am trying to not break down into tears. I realize that I can still eat many products but am just feeling sorry for myself. Question: I have been craving a piece of kielbasa and am afraid to try. Can any of you tell me the product names of kielbasa that contains no gluten. On Amandas mommy blog I believe she lists Hillshire Kielbasa as a gluten choice but I need to confirm this.