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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have been diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis and Gluten Intolerance. Both diagnosed for the first time in my early 30's. If I only knew in my earlier years how lucky I was to be able to eat what I wanted!! Oh well health comes first :-)
  2. Not Celiac

    I was told by the Celiac Research Center in Baltimore that if you don't have the genes for Celiac that you can rule it out with 99.9% accuracy. That is pretty strong. I would look into other food allergies maybe. Have you gotten the food allergy testing done?
  3. I loved it too!!! I buy it at our local market. You can get it at the gluten free mall too but I think you have to order 10 at time
  4. Exercise & Losing Weight

    Wow. no need to get nasty... this is just a friendly talk about weight loss. We are all just suggesting what worked for us. Walking does help you loose weight... talk to the American Heart Association on how walking 30 minutes a day can reduce you weight to help you lower your blood pressure. Also, walking is much better for your joints and muscles than running. Running 20-30 miles a day will end you in a hospital with knee replacement surgery. Also, have you ever hear of runners collapsing from a heart attack? Your heart has an elastic sheath around it that protects it from harm. If you constantly run at a fast pace it is teaching your heart to expand constantly. Ever play with a rubber band only to have it get out of shape. Well soon or later you heart will not be able to contract efficiently. It will expand but not be able to go back causing a heart attack. Not to mention that most people who want to loose weight need to start off light. The muscles and joints are stiff and need to ease into exercise and build up to their comfort level. I have gone to a gym for the past 15-20 years and I have used every method out there. For me, walking is the only one that helped me to loose 20 lbs. I tried going 5 days a week and running. Yeah you increase your cardio but I substained many muscle or joint injuries. Yes I was doing it right. I even spent over a hundred dollars for running shoes to make sure I had the right shock absorption. THe machines were new by the way so the shocks in them were good. Trainers aren't good either... they want you to work so hard so that they look good that it is sickening. My coworker has one right now gettting her ready for a 5K and he doesn't care if her calf muscle is injured. keep going and get on that bike for 20 miles.... That is the wrong attitude to have. Sorry I don't agree with your over indulgence of exercise it only leads to low self-esteem and body image. If anyone feels the need to exercise that much it becomes them and sooner or later they develop eating disorders and poor self-esteem. Because when you work a body that hard for that long it is going to crash and it will not be pretty. Life is too short to spend most of your time in a gym or on the road.
  5. I am not comparing Lactose intolerance and Gluten intolerance because I know they are different. He was just saying if gluten makes you feel bad don't eat it plain and simple. I produce a high level of IgA antibodies when I am eating gluten. I think my highest was 141. But I never produce a positive Tissue Transglutaminase nor show damage in my body. This was confirmed after two gluten challenges over a period of years with no damage whatsoever. I had a little redness in my stomach but it was confirmed not to be gastritis. He said it was probably the wheat allergy that produced extra stomach acid. I don't think it is safe for anybody to eat gluten on someone elses experience and that is why I said in my earlier post that it is truly a personal decision because after all you only get one body in life. That is why I get a little sensitive when I hear somebody group all of them together (celiac, gluten intolerance, allergy etc.) They are unique in every individual.
  6. Exercise & Losing Weight

    the best way to loose weight is to walk at a moderate pace for at least an hour a day. Biking doesn't really help with weight loss as you tend to coast more thus not burning any calories. THe way my doctor explained it to me is that you are taking in so many calories and unless you are burning those calories in the same day they turn into weight. It is a proven fact that your hour a day doesn't have to be all at once. You can do 15 minutes here, 15 minutes there etc. Best advice I think is to get a pedometer and wear it all day. It will help you determine how much walking you need to do. I walk on my breaks at work. I have two 15 minutes a day and a 1 hour lunch. I can get in my walking before I even get home. With the heat, I have been going to the gym and using the track indoors. Be careful to replenish your fluids when you walk. Good luck!
  7. I am gluten intolerant and it was explained to me by one of the top doctors for celiac that they are not the same thing. There is no evidence that Gluten-Intolerance will turn into Celiac Disease if you continue to eat gluten. I can eat gluten and not have damage or symptoms but I CHOOSE to eat the gluten free diet just in case. I was told it was a personal decision just like when lactose intolerant people drink milk and feel bad afterwards. He said if gluten makes me feel bad don't eat it. If it doesn't I could find my level of comfort with it. The difference.... both gluten intolerance and celiac disease produce a response just celiac disease attacks the small intestine and gluten intolerance does not. Also, not everybody with gluten intolerance can say they experience no symptoms like me. I am fortunate in that sense. It is amazing I feel that I even got diagnosed.
  8. I get it in the summer time. I like Dr. Scholls lotion for cracked heals. I put it on in the morning and at night when I go to bed and then put on socks. It works wonders if you continue it.
  9. Fast Food?

    Wendy's: Southwest Salad - chips, chili and sour cream all gluten free. I pick Honey Mustard dressing, Cheese fries Boston Market - Chicken, Ham, Turkey - chicken gravy is gluten-free (use cornstarch as a thickner), mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables, corn, garlic potatoes Burger King- My favorite, Garden Salad with grilled chicken and ranch dressing yummm! Chickfila- grilled chicken, side salad, waffle fries Mcdonalds- only their side salad and the ranch dressing, fries are ok for me Arbys- nothing or they refuse to look into it. their loss Pizza Hut- salad and ranch dressing Popeyes- nothing KFC- rice
  10. Good Gluten Free Bread?

    I tried the gluten free basket bread and did not like it but that might be just me. I thought it had a horrible after taste. No matter what bread I try I always come back to good ole faithful "Kinnikinicks White Sandwich bread" It is the closest I have found in a supermarket.
  11. *Best Bread = Kinnikinick White Sandwich Bread *Best Bagels = Don't eat *Best Pasta = Tinkyinada any type *Best Pizza = Foods by George *Best Rolls = Don't eat *Best Crackers = Don't Eat *Best Cereal = Fruity Pebbles *Best Waffles = Van's *Best Donuts = Don't eat *Best Muffins = Dont eat *Best Cupcakes = Dont eat *Best Cake = Cause your so special angel food cake *Best Cookies = K-Toos vanilla creme *Best Chocolate = Cadbury eggs and charleston chew frozen *Best Candy = Starburst , skittles *Best Gum = Orbit peppermint *Best Ice Cream = Baskin robbins chocolate chip! *Best Sprinkles = betty crockers caramel sprinkles. *Best Sorbet = son't eat *Best Chips = Utz no salt (sorry have to do it) *Best Pretzels = Glutano *Best Drink = 7 up new one *Best Soup = healthy choice chicken rice or progresso clam chowder *Best Frozen Meals = Amy's mac and cheese *Best Nutrition Bars = don't eat
  12. I just got back two weeks ago and did not have such a great experience. Maybe I was expecting too much after all the favorable responses from everyone. I went to eat at the one place that has the most gluten free food and ate what was designated and was sick for 3 days of my 5 day vacation. Animal Kingdom was the hardest to find something gluten free. Oh well what to you do. I am glad you had such a great experience. The place really is magical!!
  13. Bk Fries

    My take on the whole BK from previous experience eating there pre gluten free.... They are dedicated and the fries are put in one container under the lamps and the onion rings in the other. You scoop up with the scoops and some get in the other spots. I have found a lot of times onion rings in the fries. Pre-gluten-free it was an unexpected surprise to have a taste of something else.
  14. stomach burning is the only symptom I get from Gluten. My doctor said your body produces excess stomach acid to rid itself of allergies/intolerances. Over time it gives you a mild form of gastritis. Once I quit gluten (i have a wheat allergy and gluten intolerance) it went away. Now if I get into some gluten my stomach burns instantly. Popping I am not sure on...
  15. Elmiron works wonders for many people but for some it makes their hair either fall out or break off. I don't know the percentages but the majority can take it with no problem. I do know it is not an immediate response and can tak months up to a year before you feel anything. I had no relief with it but relief with the argnine in 1 month. I just went to a support group for IC and most of them take argnine too. One advantage is you can get it at GNC whereas Elmiron costs about a 100.00 dollars with no generic available. Your plan might cover it more not sure. My hair didn't necessary fall out I just got major breakage on top of my head so it looked like I had a halo. It repairs itself when you stop the drug. I guess what I am saying is give it a chance if you are one of the people it works for it will be well worth it.