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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Quinoa Flakes

    I too have used quiona flakes for baking and breakfast hot cereal and have enjoyed using them both ways. I was looking for a more substantial flake for "oatmeal cookies". I have a new cookbook from the library "The Best Gluten-Free Family Cookbook" by the same women who wrote "125 Best Gluten-Free Recipes". In it they list buckwheat flakes (oatmeal style) for some recipes and it sounds like just what I am looking for. The only place I have found them is Glutino and am thinking of ordering a box. Has anyone used these flakes which are 100 percent buckwheat? They are not the same as the Maple Buckwheat Flakes by Arrowhead Mills. DK
  2. I was looking at a bag of Lay's Kettle Cooked Sea Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips bought in California. It clearly states at the bottom of the ingredients "Contains Wheat and Milk Products." Reading the list of ingredients one reads "Wheat Maltodextrin". I do not remember reading this on an ingredient list before. My reaction was: What!! A search on the internet produced results that said when the maltodextrin is derived from wheat it will be listed as above or maltodextrin (wheat). My fear had been that maltodextrin might have been listed on some products I purchased in the past without the wheat being identified. DK
  3. Homeopathic Remedy

    celiac3270, I think the drug your doctor is talking about is Reglan, a generic for it is metoclopramide. It gets things moving through your system faster to stop the fullness feeling so you eat more. Be careful. I took it for not quite two weeks and I developed side effects of extreme nervousness. I am usually a quiet person, but I couldn't stop talking and I was up at 3am. Even though I stopped it early, the side effects remained for days. DK
  4. I prefer the Silk brand soymilk. They even have a nog they make that is better than most commercial brands because it is thinner and not so loaded with spices. It is not fortified with calcium though like most of their varieties. I have used it on my morning cereal for a different flavor. I also like the chocolate, which is quite sweet so I save it for once in a while. DK
  5. If you make cornbread and use gluten-free flour for the regular it comes out very good. My husband likes it better than "real people" flour. (that is him keeping humor in our lives). If you cut the baked cornbread into small squares and even use the crumbs, bake it in a 425 degree oven until toasted, just like the mixes in the store, it will come out great. You can add just about anything else to the mix that you like in your stuffing. No one complains when it is the only stuffing on the table. DK
  6. I use Ancient Harvest Quinoa Flakes for a cereal. They have cookie and muffin recipes on the box which I haven't tried. I think you could probably substitute them for oats but I don't think they would remain as well formed in a cookie as oats do. They seem to be more delicate and light. They contain all the essential amino acids, so are quite good for you, as well as good amounts of Thiamine, Riboflavin and Iron. They are also organic. DK
  7. Thank you so much for posting all those wonderful sounding recipes! I always look forward to your posts on any subject on this board. We make a green salad like yours, but use pine nuts and cranberries for a sweet and crunchy taste. DK
  8. One Of My Favorite Things..

    I love Cooking Light magazine. Our local library carries it and I read it each month and check out the month's before copy when the new one comes in. I have also given it as a gift to a family member. DK
  9. I went into a local Mom and Pop diner and ordered a breakfast item minus the toast, the waitress was curious and very nice and asked how I can live without wheat. She gave me a big bowl of fruit to fill in the empty space on the plate. As she was walking back to place the order she yelled out for all to hear: "This lady can't have wheat, so hold the toast". Of course everyone had to look to see what this "strange" individual looked like. DK
  10. Gravy?

    Another good thickener is arrowroot. You can find it in most any grocery and often cheaper in Asian markets. DK
  11. Oats

    Here is a link to an article from Forbes on oat contamination that I saw on another celiac disease forum http://www.forbes.com/lifestyle/health/fee...cout522133.html It includes McCanns in those that were tested and found to have cross contamination. DK
  12. Whole Foods has opened an east coast gluten-free bakery. You can find articles on it at Google news section. I sent an e-mail to them regarding opening one on the west coast and this is the reply I received: I am very glad that our Wellspring stores have opened a gluten free bake house. I will pass on your recommendation to Dori Beron, our regional Bakery Coordinator and Patty Richards, our Portland Bakery Team Leader. Thanks for the suggestions! Will Hildeburn will.hildeburn@wholefoods.com DK
  13. I Need To Vent

    I am trying in my own small way to educate more people about celiac disease. Our local library has a display case that anyone can reserve for a month to showcase an educational topic. I reserved it for this month. Along with articles from the internet which I enlarged, I am displaying books and magazines with articles on the subject which can be checked out. The books come from branches all over the county. I am including websites where further information can be found, such as this one. Even if only a few people show an interest, it will be worthwhile because they will help "spread the word". DK
  14. You can still have a pizza night out and remain gluten-free if you bring your own gluten-free pizza and some aluminum foil for the restaurant to heat it on. My granddaughter has gone to pizza places, where she has brought her own with no problem and extra care by the staff to make sure it remains gluten free. DK
  15. There are about 15 Whole Foods in Northern California and many of them have cooking classes. You can look on their website to see if one is near you. If they don't have a gluten-free class, ask them if they will add one. Someone posted not to long ago that the one in San Mateo has had a couple gluten-free classes. DK