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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Thanks for the clarification! I really appreciate it. =)
  3. Hi, My son is 10 and was recently diagnosed with Celiac. I'm completely confused on Modified Food Starch and Malt Flavoring in products. I've read that Modified Food Starch is not safe, and I've read that it is safe. One person said that food starch in the U.S. is corn based unless otherwise stated. Is this the case? And is Malt Flavoring artificial and therefore okay? Is Malt only unsafe if it states that it's Barely Malt? I really wish there was a uniform way manufacturers would label these ingredients! I also thought Skittles were not safe, but maybe it's because of the food starch. Please Help!!!! Misa
  4. Thanks to everyone for your replies. The information is really helpful. I was wondering why cereals with oat flour weren't on the ok list, and now I understand. We haven't even started the gluten free diet, and already it's so overwhelming. The doc said to wait until after the endoscopy, so we have just a few more days to figure out the basics. Thanks again. Misa
  5. So that would be true for oat flours, too? There are cereals that are made with rice and oat flours and no other evident gluten. I don't know if they'll be okay or not. So I should look for that gluten free label, I guess.
  6. Hi~ I'm new to this forum. My son (12) was diagnosed with Celiac two weeks ago. This is on top of Type 1 diabetes which he's had for a year now. He has an edoscopy scheduled for Monday and then we start eliminating wheat/gluten from his diet. The food list posted was fantastic...thank you! My question is about oats and oat flour. I've read differing viewpoints about oats and am not sure what to believe and/or adhere to. Our GI doctor didn't have an answer for us and said wait to talk to the nutritionist, but he followed that comment with: but you'll probably know more than the nutritionist by the time you meet with her. So I don't know if oats and/or oat flour are okay or not. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks, and I'm happy to have found this group. I can alread tell it will be a big help. Misa