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  1. Have you ever considered Lyme disease? Not saying you do, but many of the symptoms are similar - Lyme can cause a number of different ailments, actually. It may be worth looking into, maybe not. One of the symptoms is persistent sinus symptoms - amongst d@mn near everything else under the sun In my case, there's several factors that have slowly brought my attention around to Lyme. Considering how it all plays out, I'm thinking of getting thoroughly tested for it first before I do anything else. we'll see how it goes - best wishes your way - this stuff isn't much fun, eh?
  2. Thank you very much. I've been perusing that site. A lot of this makes sense. I can relate to so many of the symptoms on here. Although so many of these symptoms are the same for so many different things, I feel like this may be shedding a bit more light on what I'm going thru. Honestly, I kinda scares me, but I can't really ignore it any longer.
  3. Hi ya'll! I've been lurking around celiac.com for some time now, but just recently stumbled upon this thread. Little did I know about the controversy & difficulty regarding testing for Lyme. It really makes my head spin now. I spend a lot of time outdoors - backpacking, hiking, hunting, etc, etc. I have had plenty of run-ins with ticks. Probably about 5 years ago now, I was turkey hunting int he spring & rolled up a tick in my sleeve. It bit the top of my forearm multiple times (you could see the marks). Once I felt it, I removed the tick. In about an hour, the bite location was swelled up like half a golf-ball was under my skin - big round lump. By the time I drove home, I felt like I had the flu - super tired, achy, etc. I went to the doc & he gave me some sort of antibiotic to take for a week or so & just told me to keep an eye out for rocky mountain spotted fever. This was probably about a year or so before any of my GI symptoms started. I have been tested by my doctor's office for Lyme, but not sure of what the test was. I guess I just wondering now if I've been looking the wrong way the whole time. Should I investigate Lyme in my case more? If so, what testing should I look into? and How can I find a good doctor around Louisville, KY? Here's a link to a thread about my GI symptoms, etc -
  4. Yeah - in short, I've been wondering exactly the same thing. I went to a few doctors about all my problems & had tests, etc & long story short, I'm still looking for answers. The town I live now is horrible for allergies to start with, so that doesn't make things much easier.
  5. An Apple A Day......

    & what sucks about it all is the friggin feeling of chasing my tail around. The symptoms are the same for so many different things & having one thing trigger something else, etc, etc - I'm not really sure what direction to look. Does anyone have any experience with Lyme disease? I don't know much about it, other than ticks. I have had some nasty run-ins with ticks in the past - had one of the worst "flu" feelings after getting bit. I hike/hunt/spend a lot of time outdoors - I sure I will be bit again, it's really only a matter of luck or time. I'm not sure if I've been checked for Lyme, but if so, it's only been in the "normal" run of generic bloodwork from a GP. I wonder if this would be worth looking into more seriously or not...
  6. Sorry, not to hi-jack, but this sounds somewhat familiar to me. One thing I have been wondering Can you be sensitive to oats, but not gluten? I can't really see why it wouldn't be possible, but I haven't ran across any mention of just being intolerant of oats before. Hell, I dunno - I feel like I'm chasing my own tail half the time trying to figure out what's up
  7. Yeah - that's been my modus operandum for years now. Vomiting, for me, is fairly uncommon, but it sometimes gives a surprising amount of relief - like my body knows there something there that shouldn't be. I also have tons of gas in the morning - sometimes I can be my own alarm clock...
  8. Question For Everyone

    Well - Now that's why I like coming here, there's got to be some place to ask these questions. I am right there with ya on that. I would describe mine as a burning sensation. I feel like it is from contact with something I expelled, as I have never had that feeling otherwise. It can be so friggin painful! Does anyone experience what I can best describe as "ass sweats"? When my guts are in the zone to put the hurt on me, one of the majoy signs I get is that my butt sweats intensely - not all over the cheeks, but more on the way bottom of lower back & into the rectal area. It is really embarrassing because it is not uncommon for the sweat to be so intense that it soaks thru my clothes, leaving a rather large spot that looks like I didn't make it to the bathroom in time. I've tried to pay closer attention, thoughts being that maybe I'm clenching or straining, but I can't quite figure that out
  9. So, I heard a while back that Enterolab was the way to go for testing. The issue for me is the price tag. Does anyone have experience with different test? I came across this test from Canada that all you do is put blood on a card - no sending things back & forth and it's only $50 - but then again, you get what you pay for, right? I'm still not sure if I want diagnosis or not, but looking into right now & just trying to find more info. I'm sure now that I have had enough gluten & other offending foods recently that I could get a fairly accurate test.
  10. Do You Lose Your Marbles?

    I'm still working on a diagnosis (possible celiac, also possible fructose malabsorption), but I definitely know what you're talking about. The intense cravings for crappy simple carbs & gluten (chips, sweets, etc) can take me to new levels. I've been thinking quite a bit lately about the correlation between foods I crave & foods that hurt me. I definitely have found a strong link in my world between binging on sweets & being an a$$hole the next morning. side note: this morning I took the first B vitamin I've had in a while & now (4 hours later) I have noticed a major improvement in mood & energy. Now, I'm sure an arguement can be made for placebo effect, but it's a start. The last 2 weeks have been kinda rough for me. Everything was under control, but had noticed some flare ups here & there recently. I received a message from a board member just recently & got back on here. Once I logged in & started reading a little, it was kind of depressing as the realization settled into me that this is something I will probably never be "cured" of.
  11. Yeah - I used to get horrible night sweats as well. That was one of the indicators originally to go to the doctor. When I originally got my bacteria overgrowth issues under control, my waist slimmed down a lot & the seat went away. Now many symptoms have crept back in, but luckily, the sweats have stayed away for the most part. For me, it felt like more of a response, like something was going on to create the heat that being dissipated thru my sweat & it would make sense that intolerable foods & bacterias were having a party & heating things up in there.
  12. An Apple A Day......

    Well, yes & no - a lot of both (not sure if that makes any sense). Overall, I would say more constipated than when I smoked, but that is not without bouts of D here & there. Granted, there's a lot of things at work with cigs & GI stuff. The fructose stuff does hit home on some accounts, but, as always with this stuff, there's still room for mystery. I read somewhere before to pay attention to your cravings, since many times you will actively crave those things which you should avoid. I definitely have sweet cravings - sometimes those are much worse than any cig craving. Overall, the concept of things fermenting in my belly does make sense. I have so much gas so often that it's often embarrassing - i.e. the first date with my now-fiance (luckily) - I leaned down to pick up my cat to show her & my leaning was enough internal pressure...well... Sometimes beer can make me swell up like a balloon - like take a sip, belly expands, take a sip belly expands, etc. Yeah - I've been to the GI specialist, doctors, blood, stool, urine, etc, etc. I have thought about Enterolab or allergy testing, but I'm now so put off by most doctors from the previous run arounds that I don't really care if someone can diagnose anything or not - I'm looking for relief I can live with & work with.
  13. An Apple A Day......

    Hehehe - and quarters: if you get back 2 dimes & a nickel, ya got a problem I cant' say I've ever noticed, or thought about, cooked bananas. I can't say I've had an itchiness in my mouth that stood out specifically (except maybe bananas), I'll have to pay attention better. Bananas can sometime taste kinda metallic/acidic to me, but I just thought that's how it was. I've read about fructose malabsorbtion before. I'm may need to do a little more reading. One other thing I feel I should add is that I quit smoking a few months ago. When all my troubles started intially a couple years ago, it was right after I tried to quit before. I made it a couple months but ended up smoking again because, unfortunately, it made my guts feel better. This go round it's been almost 6 months, but with no desire to smoke again. Although I do have a strong desire to get my guts in check.
  14. An Apple A Day......

    No, I started going that route, but I never made it completely to gluten-free - I read to keep gluten intake while testing, so I quit trying to change the diet for a bit. Once tests came back with bacteria overgrowth, I went to (what I call) a "whole food" diet - very little, if any, processed food & sugar, supplemented with probiotics. Everything was more or less "ok" (never what I'd consider normal, but not bad) for the last couple years. I would still have 3-4 solid bm's per day (but much cut back from the 15+ not-solid per day previously). My energy was back up & I felt a lot better. Now more recently I am back to having gas that causes sharp pain, lot's of gas, more floating stinky stools, stools more often, overall crappiness feeling, more fatigue & irritability, feeling "full" - not finished feeling. It also kinda feels like I have UTI - but I don't. I have also noticed more often that when I feel like crap, I also have the feeling of a lump in the back of my throat that I didn't really notice before. One other note - I can eat a salad, but only every other day. If I eat a salad 2 days in a row - it will look almost identical on the way out as on the way in - like it never digested at all. Could this still be celiac or is it more likely a food allergy? - I'm fed up & skeptical with the Dr's so I'm looking to avoid that as much as possible. I do see in hindsight that this question would've been more properly suited for a different topic - more of a pre or figuring it out, rather than celiac specific - pardon me...
  15. Alright - been thru the gamut of Dr's offices - long story short, after test & test & hernia surgery - ended up with a doc telling me I had bacteria overgrowth. Between diet, exercise & probiotics, had everything under control for the past year or more. Lately, eveything has been sliding back to how it was. Right now I have 3 specific foods that I try to avoid because they kill me. There's a few others I try to avoid as well (beer, processed food, sugar) but they aren't quite as menacing. Basically, I try to eat "real" food prepared simply. My go-to dish is my "white meal" - baked chicken breast, white rice, some sort of mild veggie. The foods that kill me: apples (uncooked - eating an apple "like an apple") summer squash/zucchini bananas certain IPA beers Each of those give me horrible gas, explosive BM (for lack of better term), irritability, feeling of a lump in my throat, and like a confused/dazed feeling. There's enough distension in my system that I can feel exactly where the mesh for the hernia was put. Has any one experienced anything like this or have any suggestions/stories/anecdotes/etc for this situation?