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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks, I guess we just have to wait it out.
  2. Did your doctor know that day? My daughter's doctor said he didn't see any signs of celiac, but it could still show up on the biopsy. Her blood was negative. We have a strong family history of gluten intolerance with positive dietary response. She has an unexplained iron deficiency anemia, low vitamin D level and some hidden blood in her stool. It would be so helpful if we could just figure this whole thing out. Thanks.
  3. Thanks so much. That was really helpful. Hopefully we'll get the results of the second testing today.
  4. My daughter's IGA showed <3 (with a negative being <11 and 11 to 17 being equivocal and >17 positive). Her IGG was 7 with negative being <11. The TTG antibody, IGG was <3 The TTG antibody, IGA was also <3, so negative for both. She has actually been retested and we are waiting the results because for some reason the hematologist thought that the other doctor didn't do the full panel. Does this sound like the full panel, and does the IGA seem low. I've seen a few things on low IGA affecting the celiac test. Thank you.
  5. My daughter has been struggling with anemia. Her hemoglobin came back up a bit today after a month on iron, but they found she has blood in her stools. They sent the celiac panel today and we should have results on Monday. I'm just nervous that this could be something worse at this point.
  6. Poor guy. I totally agree with Susie here. It doesn't have to be gluten for me. I am off dairy and don't eat the yellows of the eggs, peppers are also a problem. Sugar and caffeine are big triggers, as well as some chemicals and dyes in food. I eat a very basic diet and that is how I feel best.
  7. My daughter has anemia and they are suspicious of celiac because of malabsorption issues and my history. THe hematologist told her not to change her diet, but I'm wondering if I should do a two day wheat binge with her or if we are too late at this point. She has been eating what she normally eats (which includes plenty of breads and wheat products) and I did buy wheat bread which she has been having some of last week. Thanks. P.S. She is 17, so she is definitely capable of telling me when it's making her feel bad - didn't want you to think I was torturing a little one or anything. Plus, stomach problems are not a major issue for her right now.
  8. Hi Susie, One of my main neurologic problems was weird heart palpitations and increased heart rate due to actually a too low blood pressure most of the time but sometimes it is on the high side especially when I'm tachycardic. They say it is neurologic-based because BP is controlled from the back of the brain. I always have an increase in weird heart symptoms when I am ovulating and premenstrual (so basically half the month IF I get a normal period). I do take a beta blocker which slows the HR down as well as anxiety medications (not SSRI). Relaxation techniques help, as well. Not saying that this is caused by anxiety but getting wigged out about it doesn't help me when it happens. I am just learning more about the heart/blood count/celiac connection now. Do you have a good hematologist and celiac doctor? I know with my DD, she has a low white count as well as anemia and the doctor always checks BP and HR because high HR is a side effect of low blood counts. Hope this helps. Love, Elaine
  9. Thanks so much. The more and more I think about it, I think that I just lived with stomach aches for so long that it just didn't phase me as being abnormal. I had diarrhea probably several times a week but for the most part it wasn't unmanageable, but my stomach did burn a lot. I almost forgot about it now that I haven't had gluten in so long. My daughter will be tested this week for celiac so I pray they figure out whether it is or not.
  10. Feeling Left Out

    (( HUGS )) So sorry you are having to deal with insensitive people. Have you tried Pamela's brownie mix? I try to have some kind of sweet treat for when everyone else is having their dessert.
  11. I've always had stomach issues but it wasn't always an issue for me, sometimes just a lot worse than others and other times my stomach was doing pretty well. However, I have been afflicted with a bunch of neuro stuff. Now my DD who doesn't really have any stomach problems is in the process of being tested for celiac based on a resistance to absorbing iron (they think she either has a malabsorption problem like celiac or is bleeding in her gastrointestinal tract). Are there a lot of you out there whose stomach problems were lower on the list of major issues?
  12. Thanks so much for all the helpful info. The first set of iron tablets were hard on her stomach - she was not constipated but she woke up cramping in the middle of the night. She has switched her to something with more of a coating on it so hopefully they will be better. The thing with my daughter is that she does not have a lot of stomach issues in relation to all this, so I'm not 100 percent convinced it is celiac, although the hematologist said that she has had people who had no symptoms of celiac and were diagnosed through being anemic - and then realized after being gluten free that they felt much better. Kassandra - that is so interesting about your counts going down with IV infusions. Did your hematologist say why? Did you actually have a blood transfusion? I wonder if gluten can be carried through into the blood, if you get an IV blood transfusion from someone who eats gluten.
  13. Recovering But Anxious

    Hi Alex, I have been very anxious since my unofficial diagnosis and going gluten free. I went through an initial phase of feeling very depressed about the major dietary changes, the more shopping, more cooking, more preparation and much less eating out thing. I also had a lot of anxiety about being glutened because I had a stomach bug this winter and I felt like I was going to die (I thought I had gotten glutened but then the rest of the family started to come down with the same thing), and then a couple instances where I may have gotten glutened and felt extremely unwell. I've read some of the glutening incidents people have posted about and frankly, it scares the bejeepers out of me. However, a lot of my anxiety also stems from the fact that I have been misdiagnosed for so long that I have neurologic issues and fatigue issues. I do see a therapist and it has helped me immensely. In short, I think it is totally normal to feel depressed and anxious about being told you have a life-altering and potentially debilitating disease. I HIGHLY recommend therapy even if you just go for a few months and get your feelings about this out. I want to say that you typed that you shouldn't feel this way because you have a good support system, but that's not the case at all. We all have feelings and this IS a big deal. My 17 year old is in the process of being tested for it and she is having a lot of rage, denial, anxiety issues about it as well. Good luck to you.
  14. Well, the reason we took her to the doctor in the first place was because she was very tired and always really cold. She has not complained of shortness of breath. How were you treated for your anemia? Are you feeling better now?
  15. My 17 year old daughter has iron deficiency anemia. Her hemoglobin has been slowly going down, from 9.9 to 9.3 then today to 8.5. She has been on iron pills for the past few weeks and it still went down. The doctor is suspicious of celiac given the family history of gluten intolerance (I have not been diagnosed but have been gluten free for about six months or so and other family members have a lot of trouble with wheat as well). Her white count has also been going down from 4.1 to 3.5 to 3.1. Has anyone experienced this with celiac. She will be tested further for celiac by blood (I thought she was a few months ago but she only had the gliadin done, not all of them apparently, and that was negative). Then we will probably do a biopsy.