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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I see no one has replied but I still want to share my experience in case someone has a child in the same boat (especially with a family history of celiac disease/gluten intolerance). My daughter has been gluten-free for a week now and the difference in her is amazing. She is no longer a grouchy, irritable girl. She is happy and energetic and has not had a headache all week (used to get them fairly regularly....sometimes migraines). She says she's able to focus a bit better in class. She is behind in school so she has some catching up to do, bit being gluten-free and having an IEP at school to help her will get her back on track in no time. I don't need a blood test to tell me that my daughter in gluten intolerant.....
  2. Hello all. I am a 45 year old woman diagnosed with celiac disease 4 years ago. I have been happily living gluten free (with the occasional accidental glutening). Recently (after many years of struggling) my 11 year old daughter had been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. She and her older sister were screened for celiac disease but negative. They have never had and GI issues. I have read a lot about the celiac connection to ADD, but can this be her only symptom. Should I have her screened again or just go gluten-free? Because I do all the cooking, our house is mostly gluten-free, but her sandwich bread, cereals and such are not. These would be easy enough to change as there are so many gluten-free options out there now. In fact a local store/bakery is dedicated gluten-free! Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks so much, Sara
  3. Do You Take Communion?

    Early on with my diagnosis it didn't even occur to me to not take communion. Then as usual these boards clued me in to why I may not be feeling better yet. Communion was one of them. For a while I just went through the communion line and crossed my arms over my chest and received a blessing from the priest. Then I finally spoke with him. He told me our archdiocese(sp?) requires the host to be made out of wheat. We spoke of just drinking from the cup but I explained cc problems with him (at my church it's impossible to be first in line as they serve the disabled, choir and altar servers first) So what they do for me is have this little glass chalice of my own and put a small amount of wine in it. It's blessed on the altar with the rest, then it's given to the choir director. I then go to the side and receive the blood of Christ from him. The first time I did this after many months of not receiving communion was a very rewarding experience. My preist tells me that receiving just the wine is recieving the full sacrament, as is if you just get a blessing. Still though, I am more than a litte upset that our Roman Catholic diocese takes the stance that the wafers have to have wheat in it and it seems that others are ok with it. As posted before, it shouldn't matter. When I searched these boards for information on this subject I ran accross posts from a Roman Catholic priest in Australia with Celiac. There were some great discussions if you want to search those threads.
  4. Is It Really A Disease?

    I have enjoyed these boards for a few months now since I discovered them and I have gained valuable information. But honestly, this thread?? WHO CARES what Celiac is labeled as??? Why spend time worrying about it? Call it a disease, condition, intolerance, genetic difference, whatever makes you comfortable. I couldn't care less what it's called or considered. I just deal with it the best I can and move forward......
  5. My GI doc told me everything looked fine after my endoscopy. As you see in my signature my blood tests were split results. After the blood tests but before biopsy I did a 2 week trial on the diet and had great results. Then back on gluten for 6 weeks for biopsy. Results come back as blunted villi (remember doc told me everything was fine) and doc STILL not convinced I had celiac disease. I went gluten-free anyway and had the genetic blood test which came back positive which FINALLY convinced my doc I had celiac disease. I was convinced after the great response to the diet.
  6. I agree 105 isn't that high, especially with no family history. My FIL has diabetes and my husbands last fasting blood sugar was 109 and his doctor isn't too concerned. He's just watching what he eats at this point. Do check in with your OB doc and make sure it isn't pregnancy induced hyerglycemia. I had it with my first baby but not til the 8th month. Still worth mentioning.
  7. Good News

    Way to go! Be sure to share recipes!
  8. Help Me, New At The Diet Again!

    Yes that's true. What blood work was done? I've done lots of reading on this to get it clear in my head. We have 5 different immunoglobulins. IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG and IgM. IgA and IgG are specific to celiac disease and if these are elevated then you have celiac disease. IgE is the one that would be elevated if you have wheat allergy and is the test they run to check for food allergies. Many of those with celiac disease have gone through these 'allergy' tests and come back negative because celiac disease is not an allergy. People CAN have elevated IgE AND IgA, IgG but that is not too common. Hope this makes sense. Do a wheat allergy search on this site and I'm sure you'll get more info. Post your tests and results here and maybe we can help.
  9. Help Me, New At The Diet Again!

    Hello and welcome. Were you diagnosed as having celiac disease? celiac disease never goes away. It is not an allergy. Maybe you have a wheat allergy which is very different than celiac disease. For a celiac, the diet is a life long thing. Symptoms or not if you have be diagnosed with celiac disease you are doing harm to yourself by eating gluten. For me, meats, fruits and veggies were the easiest thing on my system when I first went gluten-free. Check the site index of this site and you will find a wealth of information you are looking for, including online gluten-free products. If there is a Whole Foods near you they carry many gluten-free products you may be looking for- pastas, bread mixes, etc.
  10. Spleen Pain?

    It's a regular thing for me if I get glutened. Search 'upper left abdominal pain' on this forum. It's been talked about a lot. My doc says it's inflamation of the small intestine causing the pain. Than why doesn't everyone get it? He says my spleen is fine. I did have a CT scan just today to make sure it's nothing else. Takes up to a week to go away when I've been glutened.
  11. And even later yet. I did the search after my procedure. Trying to find out why I feel like crap right now and can't be off the toilet for more than 10 minutes . Maybe it's just normal after having that stuff go through you. Trying to flush with water. Anyone else have this after a CT scan with barium?
  12. April I did the same thing this weekend and I feel stupid. I was at my brothers and his wifes family was all there for a family gathering. They're big hunters and really wanted me to try fresh venison. The meat was marinated in worchtershire (sp) sauce, spices and beer. Here we are all sitting around and the plate is passed to me and I took a piece and ate it. I was expecting my abdominal pain that I get with gluten but what I got within the hour was exhausted! My head was spinning like I had too much to drink (I wasn't drinking) I couldn't keep my eyes open and all I wanted to do was put my head on the table and sleep. I drank tons of water hoping to flush it out. I felt mostly well in the morning, my abdo pain showed up but it was not as bad as it's been in the past. I feel foolish putting myself through that for the sake of saving face, especially with family! They really don't get it though and I just didn't fel like dealing with it. Hopefully we have learned from our silly mistakes and put ourselves first next time.
  13. Question About Tummy Pain

    It will take time to get used to the new way of eating and you are doing a good thing by sticking to whole foods. Do make sure you are getting enough protein (I love bbq chicken, no sauce, just a little salt YUMM). Amy's gluten free cheese pizza is delicious and will fill your pizza craving. Make yourself a big juicy hamburger with your favorite fixins and wrap it in a piece of lettuce. You won't miss the bun.
  14. A Newbie With A Few Questions...

    Welcome to the site. It was just 2 months ago I was in your position. Newly diagnosed and wondering what to do. Doc wasn't much help. This site has an amazing amount of information. Spend time reading posts, pick up good books. Living Gluten Free for Dummies was a great book. Antibody titers can't determine how 'bad' your celiac disease is. There are people whose numbers were in the hundreds with no symptoms, and on the flip side people with negative titers that were extremely ill. You do want to make your way to 'full on' gluten-free diet, but don't sweat it at the beginning. I made mistakes and got glutened and slowly learned. Best way to start is eat whole foods- meats, fruits and veggies, rice. Research products- there are lots of lists floating around these boards. Large grocery store chains have lists of gluten-free products. Everybody heals at a different rate, generally 2-3 months is where most people feel really good. I noticed results within a week, but I'm just now having less frequent abdominal pain. I have been lucky and haven't been in the position of having to deal with people misunderstanding this disease. If someone told me a little gluten wouldn't hurt I would probably say to them it's obvious you know nothing about celiac disease because small amounts of gluten CAN make me very ill. Or say something like 'gluten causes my body to destroy my small intestines so no, I won't be fine with a little gluten.' Good luck. This will all become second nature in no time.
  15. It could be casein or soy, except I bet Saturday wasn't the first time you've had those in your diet. I would wonder about the latte. Anyone know if the 'spice' in Pumpkin Pie Spice is gluten-free? Gosh I hope so, it isn't fall without my ps latte...