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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Biopsy Results

    Hi to all who replied. Just been to see my GP and he has gone mad. he says i should have heard something before now. He has advised me to go as gluten-free as i can,but can't yet give me perscriptions as they have to get the go ahead from the consultants. He has asked me to make an appointment for next week and was personally chasing up while i spoke to the receptionist. He says they shouldn't have a right to rescope as they have left it for so long and left me getting more ill by the day. He was extremely concerned and also told me a positive ttga would not come back as positive if it was negative or would be highly unlikely. Problem i have now is finding what to eat
  3. Biopsy Results

    Thanks for your reply but can i just ask are you now diagnosed celiac disease. It's just that you said your biop came back inconclusive. What happened after that if you don't mind my asking?
  4. I had a biopsy done 5/6 weeks ago after my TTg blood test returning positive for celiac disease. I have all symptoms except diarroeha ( in fact the opposite). All i get told when i call is no results yet. Has anyone had to wait this long for biopsy results? I forgot to add that the initial result while i was in the recovery suite was Gastritis and oesophagitis and that i may need rescoping as they didn't retrieve as many samples as they needed. In the mean time i am in constant pain but can't take gluten out in case the rescope (if needed) gives a false result HELP!!
  5. Your symptoms sound very similar to mine and yes i feel like i'm going insane too. I was diagnosed with IBS 4 years ago and only recently my doc asked me if i had ever been tested for celiac disease,only because all the meds under the sun hadn't cured my so called IBS. Needless to say i had blood tests and it came back positive. I then underwent a gastroscopy/ biopsy of my stomach lining to confirm it. I have been waiting over a month for the results but all i get is "we're still working on it". What is so complicated about finding out what a person can and can't eat for goodness sake. Like you i am in constant pain, tummy looks like a 6 mth pregnancy, itchy forehead severe joint pains, tingly hands and frequent hard motions, sometimes discoloured I am also dehydrated even though i drink enough. The problem i have is i can't take gluten out of my diet because they may need to repeat the biopsy as they only got two samples and needed 6. I have however booked with my GP tomorrow and if i don't get anywhere then i am going to take matters into my own hands as it's my body they are messing with and i don't want it past irrepairable. Good luck with your investigations and try to stay positive.
  6. Thanks for the reply Paula. I know what you are saying but the problem is the scope i had may need repeating so i have to carry on eating as normal. I am definately sure that i have issues with gluten now but the ttg was positive but the biopsy is looking different ( still waiting for the results). I have classic symptoms as you will see from my previous posts and getting more and more sick. If i go gluten-free now it may give a false result, i guess i just have to stick it out.
  7. Hi people, well still no results . I just wanted to ask a couple of questions really. Recently when i eat bread, gluten foods i get a raised itchy rash on my left buttock and sometimes just above my eyebrow. Accompanied with my other symptoms ( see messages above) is this something to do with celiac disease. Also when they found gastritis and oesophagitis could this be what they needed to see to confirm it ??? i'm hanging in there but feeling quite ill at moment.
  8. Ta folks you're all angels i will keep you posted
  9. Hi gain, it's really great to share this with people alike It is so unpredictable from day to day. I will wait for full biopsy results and hope it wont be redone due to lack of tissue samples. Then when i see my doc i will ask him to put me on gluten-free diet to see if symptoms improve.I just don't want to label myself celiac if biopsy is neg i feel like a fraud almost. I much prefer a diagnosis and i hope that doc will give me one, one way or another thanks all ~keep you posted ps forgot to mention the malabsorbtion test came back at 14 don't know what that means really
  10. Hi all, thanks for that advice my findings on endo was oesophagitis grade 1 and gastritis moderate antral? could this be caused by the gluten monster too. My symptoms i forgot to mention are abdo totally swollen ( can't wear normal jeans etc 2 sizes bigger) pain in joints especially neck shoulders and on a morning ankles sieze up V occasional diarroeh but mainly hard but frequent pain in abdo worse after bread, biscuits etc tingly feeling in hands and fingers moody irritable ( or maybe that's just frustration wanting it all sorted) gas gums bleed recently Help!! are these sounding like celiac disease?
  11. Hi people, well just had my scope done 2 weeks ago and so far no indication of celiac disease. Problem though, i didn't tolerate it too well and they only got 2 biopsies, needed 6 . Anyway called them yesterday and said still looking at it. After my scope they told me i may need another if it comes back inconclusive. My Ttg was pos all symptoms pos and recently tingling in fingers ??. One thing though can anyone help me with, If my biopsy is neg and blood pos plus symptoms will my doc put me on a gluten-free diet to see if it helps? and also if he does will i get a diagnosis cause i'm tearing out my hair at the moment
  12. Can Anybody Help

    Hi thanks for the reply. Regarding the tests all i was told was that the specitivity came back positive and i guess the other was sensitivity was the other, but that was negative. My symtoms have now started to vary though. The C has become the fluffy D if you get my drift but i admit that recently i have ingested quite a lot of gluten ie: bread,pizza,muffins etc as i was told i must carry on eating as normal until the scope.
  13. First of all hi to everybody on here . My name is jo and i am confused.For the last year i have had problems with my tum and bowels etc. After eventually ruling out IBS my doc decided to screen me for celiac disease. My abdomen is constantly swollen to a point where i am mistaken as expecting and i have crampy pains and general joint aching. When i sit for a meal i can eat a small amount but usually end up on the loo. I don't have diarreoh in fact just the opposite. I have found the pain at times un-manageable and been taking strong pain killers. My specitivity test ( whatever that is ) came back weak positive and the other negative. I am having a gastroscopy on Friday to confirm the diagnosis but am totally baffled by it all ?????????? any views would be extremely grateful, thanks ~ jo