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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Does anyone know of a great place to eat in Philly. I am headed there in two weeks and want to have a fantastic time. I love fine dining and dancing, classy and hip! Any suggested would be appreciated . If there are any gluten free Italian Restaurants I would be in Heaven! Headed for Philly Sara
  2. Greetings, Does anyone have thyroid issues? I had my thyroid tested and my tsh was 3.64. My doctor told me I need to take meds, but I am in the normal range. I have felt terrible for a long time. I have felt like I have the flu, I have nooooooooo energy and can't seem to get out of my own way. I am also being treated for Lyme Disease. I had a bite and my first test was positive. Any thoughts???? Sara
  3. Greetings, Does anyone know of gluten free stool softener, cleanses, fiber , or laxatives. I have been taking iron supplements. Need I say more! I need something that will not be drastic, as I teach full time. Many thanks
  4. Balance Point

    For any of you in NH... I would highly suggest a visit to Balance Point in Milford, NH. I spent about two hours with Christine (The Holistic Doc) to discuss my current food allergies. She is amazing. I think she would also be awesome for children! She works only with folks that suffer from food allergies and celiac disease. She suggested several supplements and I feel better already! She actually listened to me, unlike my current PCP, the allergy department, dermatology, the ear, noses and throat specialist... Visit her website for more information! HAPPY HEALING! Sara
  5. How exciting! You will be fine! IEP and 504's are tricky stuff. Depending on what your IEP states you should be covered. I would suggest reading it over before your next meeting. You can always add things to an IEP at any point if you are not happy with what is happening. An IEP is usually much more specific than a 504. I would make sure that your IEP states that you child has extra time to complete all assignments (This is very important if she is absent from school due to doctor visits.), bathroom visits and nurse visits as needed. You may also want to include snacks as needed. This may be done in the classroom or the nurse's office depending on the teacher. I am a sixth grade teacher and have a minor in special ed. Feel free to e-mail me at my home account if you have questions this school year - sedunk@yahoo.com Good Luck and Happy First Day! Ms. D
  6. Greetings, I am a sixth grade teacher and I will tell you that it doesn't get easier with age. I have had both ends of the spectrum. From students crying wolf, to students who refuse to see the nurse when they really need to. I would suggest a reward system or sticker chart for good behavior. If she doesn't cry wolf I may offer a special snack or free time. I would also explain how serious it is to pretend to be sick. Good luck
  7. It is just me again! I am still on a quest for organic, gluten-free, hair dye! Have any of you folks used Herbatint to cover grey hair. I contacted the company and they told me it was gluten-free. I will not grow old gracefully! Sara
  8. Has anyone out there ever been to Balance Point in Milford, NH? It is a clinic that deals with food allergies and celiac issues. I have an appointment this week. It sounds great! Wish me luck!
  9. You are so funny. I am 33 and teach 6th grade. The white streak may be a bit too dramatic, hehehe. I will post more information if I find it. Sara
  10. Oh no! Thank you for the heads up! I have really long hair and that would be bad if it broke off! I just don't know what I am going to do!
  11. Balance Point

    Greetings, Has anyone been to Balance Point in Milford, NH. The clinic specializes in food allergies and celiac's disease. I am willing to try anything at this point. My PCP told me I was tired because I must be depressed. (I am very Happy other than not feeling well.) She wanted to put me on depression medication and sleeping pills. Please let me know about your experience at Balance Point. I have high hopes. Many thanks Sara
  12. Greetings, There is a Sallys about an hour away from here. I will have to check it out. I just found out that Henna is also gluten-free. I have never used it, but am willing to try anything at this point. IS Whole Foods then name of a Store or Product Line? Thank you so much Sara
  13. Greetings, Look up the morrocco method on the net. They specialize in gluten-free and organic hair care products and henna dye. I am not sure if there are any salons in your area Good luck. Sara
  14. Greetings, Does anyone know of an organic gluten-free hair dye for black hair. My allergist thinks I may be allergic to the black dye that I am using on my hair I have really black hair and a very large white streak! Since I am toooooooo young for white hair I dye the roots about every 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. I am Italian and my hair grows so fast. HELP! Sara
  15. Greetings, I am about to fire my PCP. I met with her last week. She told me that she thinks I am depressed and not sleeping enough. That is why I feel tired. I feel tired because I am anemic! She wanted to put me on depression medication and sleeping pills. I told her I don't like taking medication, especially ones I don't need. Then she told me I have an anxiety disorder about taking meds. Did I mention I have had really bad reactions to some meds! Where do you live. I just did an internet search found a holistic doctor in Milford NH. She and her husband specialize in food allergies and celiac. Their practice is called Balance Point. I went to see a nutritionist on Friday. She gave me Pioneer Vitamins, they are Gluten Free. I am also going to be taking a new supplement called OPC3. My friend is a member of a company called market america, there supplements are supposed to be gluten-free as well. Good luck. Let me know if you know any good PCP's in NH. I am in desperate need on a new one! Sara