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  1. Do any of you have elevated platelet counts with the low grade fever? How about Hashimotos? I have been running a low grade fever- 99-100.3 degrees since last Dec. every day, and my platelet count has gotten to 526,000. One dr. said I have a bone marrow disorder essential thrombosis cythemia). Now I found out I have celiac and am hoping this is the cause of the fever and elevated platelet count. I also have Hashimotos. Feeling horrible and getting ready to start the gluten-free diet and am a bit nervous about getting started. Anyone have any input or similar symptoms?
  2. What is your platelet count and white count? Have they done a CT scan on your liver or spleen yet? Exactly where on your abdomen are you having pain? Have tehy done a complete blood work up yet? Did they do any other tests on you? How high is your fever and how often do you have it? How long has your platelet and white counts been up? How long have you known you have celiac and been on the diet? Have you had a TSH and TPO (thyroid peroxidase) test done? Just want to know these answers before I go on to tell you what I know so far. What kind of a dr. are yo going to? (specialist, hematologist?) Maybe I can direct you as far as more testing and what they have told me. I did even go to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. What are some of your other symptoms? Did you have the fever and elevated platelet count before starting the gluten-free diet?
  3. I, too have elevated platelet counts. The highest has been 526,000. I have had a low grade fever between 99-100.3 degrees since last Dec. every day. One hematologist said I have essential thrombosis cythemia (bone marrow disorder). In the meantime, I also found out I have Hashimotos thyroiditis and am in the process of getting that taken care of. Have been feeling horrible and so I went to a naturopath who did a blood test and found I am allergic to gluten. I just had an endo and colonoscopy. The small entestine biopsy turned out normal, but the Dr said the blood test was more specific to celiac and to start the diet. I am going shopping now to buy food for this new diet- YIKES! It's scarry! I am hoping the platelet count and fever are related to celiac rather than bone marrow disorder. I guess time will tell. The naturopath says there is a chance it's connected. I really want to know if anyone out there has the same fever and elevated platelet count issues, with or without celiac. Please help!