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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. When Does It Stop!?

    Hi I was an insomniac before i went gluten-free and it took a while after the diet started but now i sleep like a baby everynight, the only time i don't sleep now is if i've had something with gluten in. I also suffered with a migraines daily for three weeks to the point where my brain got into the habit and i had to break the pattern, you could try cutting out caffeine and or dairy products, i know that seem harsh especially at the moment but you don't know if you have any other allergies I hope things get better for you soon Goodluck
  3. Hi In the past i was on anti-depressants for clinical depression and anxiety, i was on and of them for about 3/4 years maybe longer, but last november i was diagnosed as a celiac and after about 3 months i started to wean myself of the a/d's and since then i have struggled but according to my gp it can take up to a year for the stomach to heal properly and i hope that its the celiac symptons i'm suffering from not another bout of depression. especially since i've accidently glutened myself a couple of times and firstly i suffered the anger and rage then i was so depressed, these symptons lasted about two weeks the first time, maybe 4/5 days the second time, and all the time i was going through it i didn't think it would ever end and i did consider going back on the a/d's but i found this site and found that other celiacs suffer emotionally the same as i and that helped me realise that it is just the gluten. My doctor doesn't believe that there are mental health problems linked to celiacs, but its to much of a co-incident if you ask me, my mum is a celiac but years before she was diagnosed with that she was treated for schizophrenia and depression and my son and my nephew have autism. It makes me wonder if we'd been diagnosed earlier would things have been different. goodluck
  4. What If?

    Hi The first time i suffered from depression was post-natal and since being diagnosed as a celiac i often wondered if my first pregnancy was my trigger, especially since my son has autism. I've never felt right since then, and i've struggled with severe depression of and on for the last 4-5 years but after being on a gfd for about 3 months i weaned myself of anti-depressant and i have felt so much better, i really do believe if i wasn't a celiac i wouldn't have suffered from deression because in the last 9 months i've messed up my diet a couple of times and the symptons are so extreme i've behaved like a mad woman and then i was so depressed i could have topped myself, everything seemed so awful and i was ranting and raving at my family and i just couldn't cope and i didn't know that it was because of the gluten until i found this site and found out that quite alot of celiacs suffer similar symptons after eating gluten i was going to go back on anti-depressant but now i know that alot of other people are affected the same as me i can put things in perspective and i just need to be vigilant about what i eat and then emotionally i remain stable. The bottom line is being a celiac totally sucks and i wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy but at least we've been diagnosed and we can do something about it now, Imagine if we had to spend the rest of our lives living undiagnosed it doesn't bear thinking about, and its believed that there are 3/4 of a million people in Britain undiagnosed so i guess i'm one of the lucky ones. good luck
  5. Hi Justin Don't panic okay, you are not alone, everyone on this site knows how your feeling and what your going through, i was diagnosed last Nov and i'm still coming to terms with it but trust me the gfd does work, to start of with i stuck to fresh foods ie; fruit, veg, rice and meats, and just checked lables on sauces and packets most lables do tell you if they contain wheat or gluten, and if your not sure don't eat it. there are also gfproducts on the market, there not that nice but when you fancy something sweet its nice to have something in the cupboard. After you've been on the gfd for a while you are going to feel so much healthier the benefits will so outway the foods you miss, and yes you will probably get complacent like the rest of us and mess up and the symptons can be quite extreme both physically and emotionally but the longer your on the gfd the quicker you recover so like i say try not to panic okay just stick with the basics to start with and trust me it will take time but it does get easier. Good luck and just take each day as it comes.
  6. Hi I know exactly how you feel i could've written that myself, even to the point that i also have two children, both my children have also been tested, both negative thankfully, like you i was dreading that my children would end up going through all that i've been through, i know just because their neg now that the could still develope it at sometime in their lives but i'll just have to pray they don't. Last week when i left my message i was so low i was at the point that i would have willingly starved to death then mess up again but finding this forum and peolpe replying and letting me know i wasn't alone and that other people were suffering in the same way i was helped me feel kinda normal still, if that makes sense, it made me realise and believe that what was happening to me was because of the gluten and that i wasn't losing my mind and that helped me so much. This week i feel so much more positive about my future and i know that if i ever mess up again that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that all those feeling and the aching and tiredness will pass and i will feel better, mind you hopefully i won't mess up anytime soon!!! So i know its hard and i know exactly what your going through but please don't give up it does get better, you will feel better and when useless idiots tell you they wish they were cealiacs dare them to try just one week following the diet they'll soon change their minds trust me oh and get your own back if they visit feed then only gluten free food they'll soon get the message. Just remember it does get better so don't give up just make sure you stick to the gfd okay goodluck hardyo,kent uk
  7. Thanks everyone, Its true i don't feel so alone now, i really had started to believe i was the only person who felt like this, i mean there's loads of medical info on the symptons etc but nothing prepares you for how your going to react when you've eaten something containing gluten. I was starting to think i was losing my mind, or that i should start taking anti-depressants again but now i know thanks to you guys that i'm not the only person who has this reaction i think i can keep going and take each day as it comes, also not to get complacent and always check the lables!!!!! I'm also going to start taking vit B-12 after all i've got nothing to lose. Well thanks again for your advice and honesty and i wish you all good luck on the gfd.
  8. Hi I'm new to this but could really do with talking to people in the same boat. I've been a cealiac officially since Nov,06 thats when i started my gluten free diet, before i started my diet i'd been on anti-depressants came off them beginning of the year though, cos being newly diagnosed as a cealiac i though that could have been the reason behind the depression, took awhile for the diet to kick in but in 4 months i started to feel fantastic all the symptons seemed to have vanished, then i got complacent and didn't check a label, blew it big time i'd forgotten not all ketchups are safe, but it totally messed me up the physical symptons were bad enough but i thought i was going nuts ive never felt so angry in my life, argued with everyone, (two peole still aren't talking to me) snapped at the kids i was like jekyll and hyde it was awful because no one new what was going on at first, it was my daughter who found the culprit lurking in the cupboard, thankgod it took about a month to start feeling one hundred percent, but i blew it again last week you wouldn't think that pickled onions would contain gluten i never gave the vinegar there pickled in a second thought ,so i lost the plot again no fun for anyone as you can imagine, i've found lots of information on the physical side of celiac disease and i know it can cause depression but please if anyone else has sypmtons like these or if you feel depressed or anxious after eating gluten i beg you please let me know thanks