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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Fleischmann's Light in the sleeve (not the stick) is made from corn and canola oil. It is claimed to be free of milk and soy. We've been using it for many years and even bake with it. Recently the grocery stores in our area decided to stop carrying it. So, we called Fleischmann's and they told us it could be ordered through any store that already carries other items from their brand. We've got a case on order now. It's the only one on the market we've been able to find thats milk/soy free!
  2. Rant About The In-laws

    I have to chime in about my relationship with my MIL. Its been an uphill battle for the 7 years we've been married.
  3. I think Amber products are ok. Im sure they confirmed them. Amber usually lists the all the ingredients on their product container in any case. I also agree that using strait oils is also a good way to avoid allergens for clients. Both Amber, Biotone and several other companies sell unscented hypoallergenic lotion/oil/cream bases to be customized with essential oils to create a signature line for clients.
  4. We love Annie's Naturals products. They have 4 different types of mustards and they note on the bottle gluten-free/dairy-free. They have a site at www.anniesnaturals.com
  5. The only way to be absolutely sure that you are eating gluten free foods is to buy from companies like Ener-G, Kinnikinnick and Enjoy Life that have gluten free facilities. Especially if they test for gluten. Otherwise there is always a remote chance of cross contamination. I personally don't think that a product should be labeled gluten free if its not made in a gluten-free facility or not tested. It should state something like 'no added gluten'. My wife is extremely strict with her diet and always buys from safe companies. She also bakes/cooks everything from scratch (or gets me to do it for her!). I'm not so strict and will take chances with companies that state made in a facility with wheat, etc. She did inform me that flour based ingredients have the chance to be airborne, plus how well a company keeps ingredients separated and cleans machines are factors for causing cc. Its probably best in the early stages of the diet to be more strict and remove as many chances as possible for being glutened. There are lots of safe companies out there with breads, snacks, etc. to choose from. This also takes a lot of worry and stress out of eating. Later when the body has had a chance to recover and there is security with the diet can chances be taken with 'questionable' foods.
  6. We usually go through a bag of Xanthan Gum fairly quickly (two months or less), however I have seen written on the bags 1 to 2 years. We keeps ours in a tupperware container in the fridge. And it can develop a distinctly sharp, pungent smell when it turns. I found an old unopened bag in the back of the pantry (we really should clean it more often!) and it smelled awful. So, I suppose it does go 'bad' eventually.
  7. Wonderful Bread

    I have to recommend Kinnikinnick. Our whole family is gluten-free and have tried lots of different breads. So far theirs seems the best. Plus, they make yeast-free/egg-free/milk-free breads. Im sure you could make a good bread with the right recipe, but we are pretty busy and don't have time to experiment. We usually buy two dozen loaves at one time and freeze them. To thaw we bought a toaster that has that defrost/toast option, so its easy to make sandwiches, etc.
  8. I was looking for some men's skin care products recently and came across a web store that actually has a gluten-free list of skin/body care products. www.skin-spa.com/glutenfree.htm has stuff for men and women. My wife was excited about this because she contacted them and is getting some free samples to try. They seem knowledgeable. I think the owner has celiac disease.
  9. I have to work away from home a lot too, so I have learned to start preparing food in advance. Theres many meals that can be made quickly in the crock-pot, then portioned and frozen for later use. We do roasts, soups, stews, pastas, etc. in ours. It doesnt take much time to prepare, then it cooks all day while Im at work. I also got a lunch bag and pack it every day before I leave with all kinds of sandwiches, snacks etc. That way Im not tempted while Im away or should I decide to do something spontaneously I already have something to eat. I highly recommend My Own Meals for traveling. They have 5 ready-made gluten free meals that just need to be microwaved or eaten strait from the container (I personally like mine hot though). I think they are really good, especially the Beef Stew. They have a site at www.myownmeal.com, but I bought mine at www.glutenfreetradingcompany.com These meals are also important to have around in case of emergency or if the power goes out. What I like most is that they dont contain eggs, dairy, wheat or soy and no preservatives.
  10. Hi Susan, My wife really likes the Candadi Bread mix from Kinnikinnick. Its gluten-free, yf, milk free and can be made egg free if necessary. She uses egg replacer powder. It is way better than the Energ bread since it has a taste/texture more like real bread. They also have a ready made variant and tapioca bread too if you can eat eggs.
  11. My wife has had a problem with candida/yeast in the past. It was the first thing she was ever diagnosed with, about two years before being diagnosed celiac and going gluten free. Her doctor at that time put her on a yeast-free, sugar-free diet + antifungals (both nystatin and diflucan). It improved a little, but she continued to have the dark circles under her eyes too, plus a permanent female yeast infection. Finally she was diagnosed with celiac disease and also pernicious anemia, which is B12 deficiency. The combination of the gluten-free diet and B12 injections eliminated the problem. Doctors explained that it was a chain reaction that began with celiac disease, then to pernicious anemia and finally yeast overgrowth. B vitamins, as well as other nutrients inhibit yeast growth. It thrives on an a leaky gut and diets high in sugar and carbs. So, I definitely recommend to investigate following a candida diet for a while, at least until he's been gluten free for months and his body begins to heal. Also talk to the doctor about being tested for pernicious anemia, its a blood test. Even if he doesn't have it he will benefit from increased B vitamin intake, so again find out from the doctor how much is appropriate for his age/size. Here are some sites you might find useful: www.nutritioninstitute.com (They have a book Feast without Yeast thats good) www.specialdiets.org www.candidapage.com www.scdiet.org
  12. Yes, Ora5 is a a topical solution and they have a website at www.ora5.com Really helped me a lot. I also remembered that I switched to a natural toothpaste that doesnt contain sodium lauryl sulfate as I have read that it can influence mouth sores. Between those two things I noticed a dramatic improvement. If you go to dentist.net they have a section for canker sores and also a selection of sls free toothpaste. Dr. Katz also sells oral products that dont contain sls or other irritating ingredients and topical treatments. He's got a site at www.drkatz.com. Hope this helps!!!
  13. B 12 Deficient

    My wife has pernicious anemia due to celiac disease. It was so bad that the doctors at Mayo Clinic believe it caused her dysautonomia and neurological problems. She's had to get weekly injections for 7 years. They check regularly, but despite being strictly gluten-free it has never gotten better enough to stop the shots. She has improved though from use. They says its an autoimmune disease and will never go away.
  14. Me and my mother-in-law went gluten free at the same time. (My wife is a celiac and kept encouraging us to get tested because of our symptom. Sure enough wife is always right and we are all celiacs.) Definitely felt like withdrawl symptoms. Just felt lethargic and irritable for a while. And constantly hungry. Finally after three months Im feeling more energy and calm. Mother-in-law asked her doctor why she would feel bad from being gluten-free, shouldnt she feel better? Doctor replied that wheat has neurotransmitters that often provide a euphoric, filled feeling. It has been documented that when you stop eating it you may notice a withdrawl. Depends on how much you used to eat and your body's reliance on it. I thought that was really interesting. It explains the cravings I think.
  15. I was just diagnosed a few months ago and needed a lunchbox for work. I found a Silly Yak Pack at www.sansgluten.com Its a good size lunch cooler - no thermos, but it certainly fits my containers and I put my cell phone and wallet in the pocket. Its really great and I get to tell people about my celiac disease when it gets noticed.