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  1. I was just in Italy for two weeks and did not see a single menu with gluten-free labeling, was not offered rice pasta at restaurants, and did not find any cookies or crackers that were gluten-free, as mentioned previously in this line of posts. Perhaps this is true in other cities, but I was in Rome, Florence and Venice. However, it was a fantastic trip and I stayed perfectly healthy, but if I were someone who had to also avoid dairy I would have had a much harder time. My diet was mostly: Breakfast: protein bars I brought with and yogurt bought from the store there Lunch/Dinner: some combination of roast beef, potatoes, green salad, risotto, caprisi salad with tomatoes and mozzarella, cheese, fruit salad (I tried to order chicken and steak a couple times but it was coated in flour and they didn't seem willing to make it without) Snack: gelato--in a cup In all, I ate a ton of cheese and sometimes counted a latte, apple and a protein bar for lunch on the go, on days when my husband was content with a ham-and-cheese sandwich from a deli. Having a mini refrigerator in each hotel was definitely a plus. The MOST helpful thing was writing out on a card, in Italian, that I was allergic to wheat, barley, rye, etc. Having this to read in their own language, the restaurant servers always took it seriously. Best travels, Dawn
  2. I'm planning a trip to Italy and would like to hear from anyone who's been there specifically (I've already read many of the posts on traveling and restaurants in general). If anyone has any good tips on what types of food one can buy in a little corner grocery stand, what type of entrees are best bets to order, or even specific names of restaurants in Rome, Florence and Venice, I would appreciate it! And in turn, after my trip, I will post my own tips. I plan to eat well, enjoy much and stay completely gluten-free and healthy as long as it depends on me! (I have some Italian to learn before I go.)