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  1. So, my doctor's appointment was actually in a way very encouraging. My new doctor spent literally 25 min with me answering all my questions! On the bad side I was told that there is nothing more that the GI department can really do for me due to the fact that they cant solve my issue. They referred me to start up with an endocrinologist. My new doctor in the meantime wants to go back and do both scopes again But the good part about that is that they will be doing them both at the same time, so I will be knocked out and not feel anything this time. I did find out though that I am now officially anemic, which I kind of already knew but it was confirmed. The new doctor is also genetically testing me for Crohn's, IBD, IBS, and colitis. He also prescribed me Belledonna to replace the vicodin! (YAY, i finally get to ditch that stuff) On the other hand, he also prescibed an antideppressant which he stated would help with the pain and sleeplessness. So, all I really have to say is...we shall see. Not much anyone can do at this point but wait. Thanks for the support guys, and thank you soooooooo much for letting me vent. I will keep you guys updated as I know more.
  2. Hey all! Sorry it has been awhile since I have posted. Here is an update. I am still staying away from all the specific carbs and sticking with the high fiber, high protein. It really hasnt made a difference though...in fact I am still gaining weight! I really dont know what to do anymore. When my doctor transitioned me from the prednisone to the entocort...i couldn't have either in my system, so I went 2 days without steriods. Let me tell you that was by far the worst 2 days I have had in a long time. I had an episode each day and they were soooo painful and extreme I passed out the first time from the pain and the second time I was throwing up with diarrhea from the pain. I still managed to refuse going to the ER though . Since I have been on the Entocort the episodes have decreased to about 2-3 times a week and only need the occasional vicodin...I am usually able to tough out the pain. I am still having the daily diarrhea and sometimes still having accidents. I did have my period for the first time in 7 months though! the only problem is is that it lasted 9 days and made me borderline anemic! I cant win!!!!! My doctor ordered a barium swallow and I get the results tomorrow. Only problem is, is that my doctor quit last week...I mean this is the only doctor familiar with the past 8 months of my medical testing! The only other GI available is the one that wasnt convinced I was celiac. (the one I talked about in previous post). So I am starting from square one again. And my pills are almost gone. And last but not least on top of all that my weight gain is getting really out of control. I have gained 55 pounds in the past 8 months. I dont even recognize myself anymore...all i see is this fat blob...and no one can help me! I mean im friggin eating one meal a day due to lack of appetite still and its all fiber and protein at that! Im really getting deep depression. I have heard of this diet called Siemons protocol or HCG diet and was wondering if that might help me at all. If anybody has any info on that let me know! Other than that, this has been my life since last post. Sorry its so depressing. Hopefully tomorrow I will learn that my new doctor isnt incompetant and can help me. Cheers!
  3. Ok just an update! My GI Doctor is now thinking that I may be a refractory celiac, which means that I am still showing most symptoms of celiac even though I am on the gluten free diet. The only thing is is that I am going to be on a steriod called Entocort for awhile. I did look into the previous links that you guys sent me and brought them up to my doctor...she said she wants to do a little homework first but will be looking at them. But for right now, or until she conducts more diagnosics she wants to put me on Entocort. Even though she is doing this, I have changed my diet to mostly fiber and protien to help rule out the yeast factor (cant hurt right). I have been feeling a little better but I still am having episodes. Anyways, thanks for the help and the links they have been tremendously helpful! -Cheryl
  4. California Support Group

    YAY!!!! I heard from Deborah and they had no listing for a Bakersfield Support Group...so I signed up! So I have to get through some paperwork but I hope to start a Bakersfield Support group here shortly! So everyone in the Kern County area you are MORE than welcome to come! I am also going to be going to the Celiac Foundation convention on May 3d. My first Convention! Im a little (just a little ) excited. Thanks for the help guys... and hope to hear from you if your in my area! -Cheryl
  5. California Support Group

    Hi Owen thanks for the information...unfortunately, the phone number and email address are no longer correct. I did have a listing with her name on it but it was 5 years old and the support group is no longer running. Thanks for trying though Momma Goose....i emailed Deborah and was never given a response back...and that has been since you posted your last comment. -cheryl
  6. WOW! that was alot of information to digest...literally...lol. I never even knew that it can go that far. I am definately going to take a closer look at that and try it....I mean at this point I am willing to try anything just to get rid of that pain. Thank you so much for all that information AliB, wow, dont mean to sound redundant but I never even looked at it that way! thanks again.
  7. Wow that is interesting you would say that....my GI doctor just put me on the powder form of cholestyramine about a week and a half ago...so far no improvment...but it might be too early to tell. She is having me take it for the next year! My GI doctor also is going to try to take me off the prednisone due to the fact im starting to show signs of diabetes from it. She wants to replace it with a slow release steriod called Entocort. I still have to do my own research on it.
  8. California Support Group

    Thanks momma goose...ill do that today. and sorry tom im in Bakersfield California...the nearest support groups I have found are at UCLA or Fresno.
  9. Hi all, I am looking to start a support group in my area because from what I am seeing we dont have one for 2 hours in each direction and I know there is a need. My problem is, is that I have no experience with this besides leading hospital volunteer groups. So I am wondering if there are any pointers you all can give me or show me the ropes so to speak. I figure if no one else will start one I will do it myself, im sick of waiting for someone else to do it. (5 years) Thanks. -cheryl
  10. Disease Making Me Feel Isolated

    Yes it is truly amazing at how much of our society and social functions revolve around food and we dont realize it til we cant participate in the way we used to. It seems impossible and depressing at times...depending on the way you look at it. There are always two sides to every coin. For the inter-office parties I just found that is was less stressful and more fun to bring my own food or make a dish if its a potluck. This also helps with the questions as well because your food will always be new and different to them. This helps with explaining as well, they ask because they dont know and are interested. Spread the awarness I go out to eat alot with my family and friends but i always bring my own food that way you can still eat with them and not have to suffer the agony and pain of being glutened later(and the months of healing ). After maybe doing this a couple of times they get used to it and your lunch problems will be a thing of the past! As far as cooking....if you dont like to cook....well your just gonna have to get used to it...lol. This is who you are now so you might as well accept it...if you wanna eat you have to cook. There are alot of recipes out there that are simple and good to make. I have found that for every gluten food that I miss there is always a substititute or a loophole to turn it gluten free. It actually becomes a fun challenge after awhile. Another plus is that those cravings for gluten disappear fairly fast! Last but not least....dating....eek! This was the greatest challenge for me because our average date is going out to eat! First off, what we typically do is degrade ourselves because we dont think a man would be willing to accept the gluten intolerance. This is because you view yourself with a disability...which is not true!!! Remember he is qualifying for your affections not the other way around What I found was the easiest way to date was going to an event like a fair or the movies and as you get to know him a little better...sight seeing accompanied by picnics there is always something to do, you just have to be creative sometimes. Dont be afraid to explain things and be open about them...and if he is a good guy this shouldnt be a problem. I met my husband this way, when we were dating he actually got really into creating recipes and meals that i could eat...and he voluntarily chose to go gluten free as well, which is something my own family wouldnt do! Just give it time and you will find the right one. I hope this helps and you will be in my prayers as well. I wish you good luck and always stay positive, it only becomes as bad as you let it. -Cheryl
  11. Hey Judy thanks for the advice im definately going to check out that link. Raven, to answer your question before all this started I was totally medication free. They started me on prednisone last month...and they started me on vicodin about 3 months ago I called the companies and was informed they were gluten free medications especially the prednisone, which I was also told helps treat the symptoms of gluten intolerance. Other than that im not taking anything. I have learned from all my past medical experience that my body loves to hide things....all my tests show up perfectly normal even when taken to the ER for massive pain. My 1/2 inch diameter gallstone didnt even show up on the HIDA scans and I went through 3 of them! Thanks for all your help and advice guys I really appreciate it.
  12. Hey all, more depressing news unfortunately. I went to my Dr on Monday and she never showed and I was passed on to a new Dr that knew totally nothing about me...he didnt even bother to pull my medical record! I explained what was going on and the guy tried to convince me i wasnt a celiac!!! I almost laughed at him...if he had bothered to look at my record, I have had 3 separate tests showing I was BUT NO...he wanted to conduct yet another test. So I got to spend my afternoon sitting in the lab with 103 degree fever due to having a cold...no one cared. I couldnt freakin believe the doctor had no clue! So he renewed my prescription of prednisone and vicodin for another 3 WEEKS til I can see the other doctor again...hopefully this time she will show As far as the prednisone I have only been on a low dosage for a month and all my syptoms went away until i went down to the 5mg dose and within 2 days all syptoms returned. This pain and my symptoms have been going on for almost 4 months now...with still no leads.
  13. My GI doctor has run the 24-hour urine cortisol level test and it came back all normal...the other tests I have never even heard of! That link was soooo helpful...thanks. I have another Doctor's appointment on Monday and I will know then if she decides to take me of pregnisone and do more tests. Im kinda freaked out. -cheryl
  14. Hi I was diagnosed with Celiac about 6 years ago and have been gluten free ever since, August of 05 I had to have my gallbladder removed due to a 1/2 inch diameter gallstone that took gallbladder function to 13%. After that i have been fine and pain free. About 5 months ago i started to get intense abdominal pain again, kinda like gluten only it never subsides in intensity. My GI doctor had only one solution for me...pregnisone and vicoden. Along with all this in the past 5 months i have also gained 80+ pounds and gotten major stretch marks all over my body. The funny thing (or not so funny) is that I cant keep and havent been able to keep any food down. I am now eating cream of rice cereal and somedays i even throw that up. I have chronic diarrhea and lost my job due to the fact that i have accidents. I havent had my period since August of 07 and I have terrible migraines. My doctor thinks that I may have Cushion's Disease but my blood and urine tests are showing up normal. So my doctor is keeping me on pregnisone and vicodin with no future stop date, because the endocrinologist wont see me due to normal lab tests. I noticed however when i decreased my dose of pregnisone 100% of the symptoms came back within 2 days. The pain is so horrible I thought the gallbladder pain was bad...but this...I feel like im going to go insane the vicoden doesnt even touch it anymore!...Anybody have any advice or similar situations?! HELP! -Cheryl
  15. LOL...I just have to say I really enjoy all your posts! They are always in a positive light...thats a really good sign! Like the others said, you are limited on what you can eat but thats only because you have had one perspective of cuisine all your life! Being gluten free is a challenge...but a good one! I have found endless substitutes and posibilities with recipes (which i try on my non-gluten free friends) ^.^ Along the lines of cheese I would recommend that you pick a cheese that is light and has the least amounts of ingredients such as annatto. So basically stay with the white cheeses. And dont be tricked into the whole " have to buy from a health food store". I buy ALL of my groceries at a regular supermarket and I buy my bread at Trader Joe's when I dont make my own. A WORD OF CAUTION THOUGH....in one of your earlier posts i noticed that you said you eat alot of nuts and dried fruits....BE CAREFUL...when most manufacturers package that stuff they put flour on the conveyor belts to keep the fruits and nuts from sticking!!!!! So my advice to you would be to never hesitate calling the company...I have called a TON and never talked to a rude person yet! So, in conclusion I guess I would say have fun, be creative, and good luck! ^.^ -Cheryl