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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hey all, Well I just got back from my GI appointment. I do feel as though they took me seriously. The GI specialist thinks it could be either IBS, Celiac, or Inflammatory disease. The first blood test that I had back in July, the Anti-Tissue Transglutiminase, was negative. They are still going to run the full panel on me though. They are also going to test my blood for quite a few other things. I can't remember everything they are testing for but they had like 15 different test marked down. They ended up taking 4 vials of blood. They also performed the sweat test which i guess is for CF. I am also scheduled to get a "25 gram D-Xylose Hydrogen Breath Test" on November 20. Not sure what this is for though. They are also doing 2 more stool samples on me. My next GI appointment is on Dec. 21. Overall I am pleased with all the test they are performing. Hopefully we'll find out what is going on. He did say if everything is negative he would want a colonoscopy to check for Chrons. He did ask one interesting question. He asked what my ancestry was and I said Scottish & Irish. He told me that people with Scottish ancestry are more prone for Celiac. I never heard this before and found it interesting. Anyways just wanted to say I check this site out frequently and thank everyone for all the info. renik
  3. Hey thanks for the info guys. As for my personal history the only thing I can think of is that about 5 years ago I experienced the dull pain in my upper abdomin that I am experiencing now. It only occurred back then once every few months for about a year. Each time I experienced it it started slowly and became more uncomfortable over about a 2 day span then it would go away. I never had abnormal bowel movements back then though. For the next 4 years I never experience the pain until the last few months. Not sure if that would be related or not. As for my family history I do know that my Dad has had bowel problems for years since he was also in his late 20's. He is now 62. His family doctor at the time did think he had Crohn's initially but he never was diagnosed with it. I know he was diagnosed with polyps but I think that was over the last few years or so. I've never really asked him what all his symptoms have been. I asked about candida earlier because my dad has stated that he believes that it is the yeast in foods like pasta, bread etc.. that has bothered him for years. I have been thinking that maybe it's not yeast that bothers him but rather the gluten. I don't believe he has ever been tested for Celiac. As for myself I really haven't had any other symptoms than what I have stated above. I haven't seen any blood in my stool and my tests have also shown no blood. I was also tested for parisites which came back negative. I never was tested for liver enzymes. Hopefully the specialist will do some thorough test on me. I do know that it was the specialist who asked my family doctor to get the anti-glutaminase blood test done on me. That's what got me thinking about Celiac and lead me to this web site. Anyways thanks for the help. I think this forum is great and I have already learned a lot already. renik
  4. Hi there, I have been having intestinal problems now for about 6 months. I am a 28 year old male who has not had any medical problems up to this point. My guts have been constantly grumbling and growling consistently over that time. In the first couple months I had these symptoms I lost about 15 pounds. I also have not had a normal bowel movement since it began. I rarely get dirahea but do go to the bathroom 4-5 times a day. The stool is constantly a very light brown and quite often floats and smells really bad. It is also rarely in solid form but most of the time is I guess what you would call soft. I seems to all go in one pile. Sorry for being so graphic . I also seem to get really gassy quiet often. I also occasionally get a dull pain in the upper right area of my abdomen that seems to last for about 2 days and then goes away. I have had stool samples, upper GI, barium enema, and have had numerous blood test including a anti-glutaminase blood test that have all come back negative. I do have an appointment with a GI specialist coming up at the end of October. I really don't have any other symptoms except maybe feel a little fatigued when my bowels are really grumbling. Of all the bowel conditions I have read about it seems that Celiac disease seems to be the condition that fits most. I have read about candida and wondering if it could also be that. I have read that most doctors believe that candida cannot occur in healthy individuals. What are other people's view on Candida here and do think it could happen in healthy individuals? I am also wondering if I should change my diet to see if that helps. Should I go gluten free? Lactose free? Yeast free? or all the above? Anyways thanks for reading and for any advice. Thanks, renik