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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Severe Stomach Cramps

    Thanks, everyone, for your views. It makes me feel better to know that I'm not alone in this. On another note, I downloaded the radio show on Celiac called "Gut Reaction," from Audibles.com & gave it a listen. It's very moving & powerful, but left me confused. Everyone at the end of the show was saying that the gluten-free diet was a like a miracle cure & that they feel so much better. I've been on the diet now about a year, as strictly as possible, & although I've seen a decline in bowel problems & migraines, I still have a lot of other problems, like joint/muscle pain & fatigue. I definitely cannot call the gluten-free diet a miracle cure, but it's certainly helped some. angel
  2. Hi, I've had some weird things happen to me in the last month. Several weeks back, I got what looked like food poisoning, & wound up in the hospital, where I had to get rehydrated with an IV. So there was that, then a few days back, my fiance & I were on a road trip, when I started to get these waves of stomach cramps. They soon became terribly severe & started migrating to my intestines. Pretty soon, both my stomach & intestines were cramping in waves, so bad that I was screaming into a pillow. I felt like I'd been shot. This went on for an hour & 1/2. I honestly thought I was dying. We were in the mountains, nowhere near a medical facility, so we just pulled over & I hoped they would pass. All in all, I had the cramping for 4 1/2 hours. It was a nightmare. I've never had anything like that before. I've been gluten free for about a year & wonder if I got contaminated in both instances. Blood tests showed that I didn't have food poisoning after all in the 1st instance. Has this stuff happened to others here? angel
  3. Any Info On La For Veggie Coeliac?

    There's a Mexican fast food chain in LA called El Pollo Loco. They grill their chicken right in front of you, with no added bread crumbs or flour. I recommend them. angel
  4. Hey Tifanny...I grew up in HB but now live in Virginia. I've heard that the city has undergone a lot of development in the last decade since I left... angel
  5. I'm honeymooning in Yellowstone this July, and am pretty nervous about the food situation. Since it's a national park, I'm expecting nothing but concessions with hot dogs & hamburgers. Anybody here who's had any experience with gluten-free dining there? Thank you! Angel
  6. Gf Mascaras?

    Yesterday I bought some mascara by Loreal "Panoramic Curl", applied it, & by the end of the day my eyes were very irritated. I got all of it off of me, but my eyes were killing me all night long, they felt like sand was in them. Today, my eyes are two big puffy balls. I look terrible. I am glad I tried this stuff out now. I'm trying to find make up to wear to my wedding in June & I can rule this out! Dont know if it contained any gluten, but it's definitely not for the allergic. Just thought I'd pass that on... angel
  7. Gf In Jackson Hole, Wyoming?

    Jill...I'm going to Yellowstone for my honeymoon & was interested in learning about some gluten-free restaurants there? Thank you! Angel
  8. Wedding Cakes

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I found a bakery in Centreville, VA, that makes gluten-free wedding cakes! They're called Happy Eatery & can be found here: http://www.happyeatery.com/ angel
  9. Can anybody help me to find a bakery in the Washington DC region that might be hospitable to doing up a gorgeous gluten-free wedding cake?? Thank you, angel
  10. Feel Like I'm Sinking....

    Thanks, everyone, for responding. It helps me so much to hear your views. Yes, I have been in therapy from time to time over the years, but I don't know how much good it has done. In response to the question of abuse, I wasn't really abused my parents, just neglected as they struggled with their alcoholism. I was, though, raped in 1993 by a serial rapist in Southern Calif. He handcuffed me to a tree & did his thing. I managed to escape him that night & call the police. He was arrested & later I found out he was a serial rapist. But for some unknown reason, he was released from jail only after a few years, &within the week, murdered a girl, & now he's on death row. Anyway, I'm pretty haunted by that event, although I was cutting myself earlier on in life. I started when I was around 15. I DON'T want to kill myself. When I find myself fantasizing about driving my car into the river, I try to tell myself that that act would cause pain to so many people. I value life, I respect life, I love life. I've been working on a degree in anthropology, the very study of human life, why on earth would I want to end mine??? I know it's a cop out & I hate myself for being so self-pitying, it is simply the overwhelming, constant, debilitating pain that brings me to the brink. MS & Lupus run in my family & I'm going to start testing for these conditions very soon. Suicide also runs in my family. Yesterday, after writing my note to this board, I called a suicide hotline & spoke to a lovely lady named Star, who was so patient & compassionate. Just to hear her voice helped so much. I am going to fight the impulses to harm myself. I am doing just that by writing this now. Sigh. If anything, I think just plain old curiousity will keep me going. I want to see what happens tomorrow! love angel
  11. I am a 35 yr old female & have been strictly gluten-free since about last April. I'm not feeling much relief though. Over this past year, I have also weeded out other foods that I realized I was sensitive to, like corn, dairy, and soy. So here I am, leading a lifestyle like a monk. No alcohol, no smoking, & I exercise frequently. I eat fresh meat & veg, yet I still feel terrible. I also have Fibromyalgia. New symptoms seem to have arisen. I have cramping throughout my back, neck & arms. I have Raynoud's Syndrome, & with this being winter, it's flaring up constantly. I am a music teacher & am not even able to play my instruments now for any length of time due to pain & Raynaud's. I am lucky to be engaged to an incredible man, but I am very very depressed. I am terribly suicidal. Every day, I am fighting suicidal thoughts. I cut myself sometimes, when I just can't deal with the pain & frustration. I am terrified I'm going to commit suicide. I am living now for my fiance, who is aware of my pain & misery & who pleads with me not to kill myself.I try, but I am finding the most mundane tasks to be so difficult & painful. I try to reason with him, saying that if I am in so much pain, day & in & day out, does he really want me to continue on like that? I am pretty much housebound, since I give lessons from here, but even when I have free time, I dont have the strength to go anywhere or do anything other then maybe clean the house or watch tv. I am sorry to be so self-pitying, I just don't know what to do at this point. I sincerely want to stay alive, & to have a great life with my fiance. I don't want to be a drain on society though. I want to be fully functional. Doctors have put me on different meds, painfillers, anti-depressants. Nothing works. OK, I've blathered on long enough.Thanks for listening. angel
  12. Whole Foods

    I went to Whole Foods in Falls Church, VA, yesterday, not knowing about the gluten-free bakery news, turned a corner & there ran into a 6 foot tall shrine to gluten-free baked goods. My jaw dropped, my eyes welled up & I stood there in stunned silence for a moment, then reverently began to explore the options. I looked over and noticed a couple of employees standing there watching me with amusement. I was awestruck & bought a Lemon Poppyseed cake (absolutely delicious!) a blueberry pie, a pecan pie, muffins, chocolate chip cookies (which gluten-free or not, are amazing) creme biscuits. Next time round I'll pick up some scones, some of the gourmet breads, and sample some other cookies. I am so grateful to Whole Foods. We need to all call or email WF and let them know our gratitude and to keep it coming! angel
  13. I bought a large Butterball turkey breast to cook for me & my boyfriend tomorrow. On closer inspection, I noticed 2 things. (1) Enclosed is a packet for gravy, containing wheat, & (2) the turkey itself comes soaked in a concoction including modified food starch (something we all should be very wary of). So, I'm off to Whole Foods for an organic turkey! Happy Thanksgiving everyone, Angel
  14. Alcohol

    I'm 34 and drank liberally from age 19 up to about 8 months ago. At my boyfriend's urging, I gave up drinking completely then & found that my pain levels overrall went down. I had been gluten-free for several months before giving up the alcohol & after going gluten-free, my tolerance for alcohol went way down. I think that when we go gluten-free, we need to give our bodies time to heal, so it's probably a good idea to abstain, though I realize that's not a popular choice. angel
  15. Amusing, If Painful, Restaurant Experiences

    Hmmm...maybe english was his second language? The other night, I went to a show at the Rams Head Tavern in Annapolis. At dinner there, I went through my gluten spiel to the waiter, who was polite in a militaristic manner, & who seemed eager to get things right. So we did the back & forth to the kitchen thing, and I placed my order. He asked if I wanted salad & I said that I would pass. In a few minutes, he came out with a salad anyway, heaped with croutons & a roll on the side. I jump like he'd placed a plate of scorpions in front of me & said "no...thanks...." Regardless, I ended up with some salmon and steamed veggies. A terrific meal. Angel