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  1. Sorry, I didn't answer you before. I had computer problems,hope they are over now. My interest are reading mysteries, mostly cozies. My favorite author is Elizabeteh Peters.

    I have done many crafts over the years. I am a christian.

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      I am so sorry for  not replying to you sooner Betty. Thank you for being kind and thoughtful to me. I hope you have a lovely spring. 


  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

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  3. I have known that I had celiac disease for about 13 years now. I have had several operations and recently my health has deteriorated . I have undergone several tests for my heart and all have been within known range. ! saw my PCP yesterday and again the subject of fibromyalgia came up. He feels I might have it in addition to my celiac disease. About 5years ago I research the subject and decided that while I had some symptoms of the disease, I didn't feel I had it. Someone touching me often sends pain throughout the area. I used Tylenol for pain. My doctor is referring me to a gastrologists and chronic pain clinic and order a bunch of tests. I had the tests this morning and will wait to hear how they come out. As I was searching for information on fibromyalgia I notice the thread on endometriosis and I had bad case of it. I learned this after my hysterectomy. I do sleep with my head up; because of a hiatal hernia, take vitamins. Tow things I have found that helps is aloe Vera with my morning meal (2 25 mg pills) and red rice yeast, 600 mg. The latter I took for cholesterol; but it helps keeps me regular. At this time I could uyse some support from others with similar problems.
  4. I just found this thread and find it very interesting. I am not sure what trigger my Celica. Now that I know about it, I realize that I probably had it most of my life. I would have minor symptoms. Stop growing at 13 years old, No weight gain; no matter how much I eat. Hives at various times and a lot of allergies. BMs 3-5 days and always constipation. Cramps and nausea with my periods. After I started working at the hospital I started to gain weight and became overweight. I am now 76 years and wasn't diagnosed until I was 62 years. The reason, I had 2 brothers who were celiac disease and the 3rd one was being tested. Looking back I know that many members of the family had it. In 1985 I contracted H. pylori bacteria and feel that is probably what trigger active celiac disease. The bacteria infection was found when an endoscopy was done. My digestive was so bad the doctors could tell nothing. My blood work came back as 2+ for wheat and negative for the rest. So I have no paper diagnose for Celiac. I am 1/2 French and 1/4 English and 1/4 Scotch.
  5. Ok Need Help Again With Symptoms

    It is possible, check it out. Betty L.
  6. Hi, You have my prayers; I understand what you are going through. I am presently on a feeding tube after my last surgery for a hiatal hernia. The third one in 6 years. My doctor feels that all the vomiting and body spams is the reason for the hernia. It is easy to make mistakes when you first start the diet; but it does become easier. I read the label of everything I buy and have decided not to eat out. Try rice, potatoes, chicken, eggs, fresh or can fruit. At times I couldn't eat and ended up in emergency at the hospital. Betty L.
  7. Allergy To What?

    I feel maybe it is reaction to sulfites found in the dried fruit you mention. Mango, dried cranberries and raisins all could have sulfites added to them in the drying method. Watch light color food for sulfites. Betty L.
  8. Ok Need Help Again With Symptoms

    Check out any medicines she is taking. I started to develop a similar rash last fall. After a food dairy, etc I found nothing to explain it. I discover It was the blood pressure medicine I was taking. Change of medicine and rash has disappear.
  9. I learned about sulfites long before I knew about celiac disease. I have had to avoid them. You will find them in light color food, mushrooms, beer, potatoes (partially cook) dried fruits like apricots, peaches, pineapple, etc. I always read the label if sulfites are there, I put the item back. One experience I had ; the doctor wanted to used sulfur for a kidney infection. I told I was allergic to sulifites . He reply this was different and I knew he was correct. A week later I had a bad allergic reaction to it. Since that time I avoid all food with sulfur or any of it compounds.
  10. It is just over a month now that I had surgery to repair a hiatal hernia for the third time in 6 years. It was the same hernia that broke open each time. The first time in 2002 started with vomiting and dry spams. Nothing show on the tests; but the doctor I was seeing said " something is wrong and we will find out". He order a barium swallow. The hernia showed up at once. It was only a wait until I could get schedule for surgery. Four days in the hospital and I was having dry heaves & body spams as I left the hospital. Two years later (2005) I had emergency surgery to repair the damage. This time 3 weeks in the hospital and not appetite. I still had body spams; but not as bad as after the first surgery. In May of this year I started have spams again, sore throat, etc. At first it was thought I had an allergic reaction to lisinophril I was taking for blood pressure. Change of blood pressure medicine help; but didn't solve the problem. Barium swallow again; I need more surgery to repair my hernia. This time all product used were gluten free. My doctor learned about Celiac problem this time. I spent a week in the hospital, and had a feeding tube put in place. One tube goes into the stomach area and the feeding tube is placed on the duodenum of the small intestine. At first I was on a 24 hour feeding schedule, now I am receiving the same amount of food in 16 hours, so I have 8 hours free. My food is Fibersource HN with Nutrishield. Each can has 1/4 of the daily recommended FDR . I take 6 cans daily. Four and 7 tenth cans gives me 1,400 calories. I am now allow a soft diet starting with water yogurt, soup, etc. My body has responded. My skin is no longer dry, improved hair growth, and nails I have again. I have had only a few spams this time. The doctor feels the spams are the cause of the damage. It is taking me longer to respond this time and it is hope that I will not need another repair in the future. I looking for other causes for the problem as I thought I was on a gluten-free diet all this years. Betty L
  11. I am highly allergic to sulfur and any of it compounds. I watch the label for sulfites as I am allergic to it. In the 60's & 70's the a lot of buffets, groceries ,etc would spray sulfite on light color foods and I would have a reaction from it. It is now illegal to spray foods with the sulfite compound. After my recent experience I am wondering if part of my problem may to other chemical compounds added to food to keep them fresh. I would think nitrates might be a source. Any thoughts. Betty L.
  12. I like Glutino crackers & bread sticks and several of the their cookies. One I find useful their cream sandwich cookies; there are at least 3 varieties. what I like about them; the cookies are packed 2 to a pack. I can pt them in my purse and have a smack. Rather expensive. Betty
  13. Hello, I wished to thank everyone for all the help you have given me in the last few days. I am feeling stronger and ready to accept my fate. Your comments help me talking with my doctor about the surgery is planing on doing ASSP. My hiatal hernia has ruptured again. The herina is on the back side of the throat. This is the 3rd time. He said he has had failures after the first repair but never the after the 2nd repair. I was keep in the hospital the last time for 3 weeks because my stomach & intestines were jumping all the time. I was so doped up that I didn't realized they were doing that. I all knew I couldn't eat. He feels the rupture is occurring because of the spasms. I have been complaining about them since before 2002 and I was taken seriously. My husband asked about gluten-free medicines and the look on his. I could just feel that he suddenly understood what I am been talking about. Everything will be gluten-free and I will take my own soap, etc with me. I don't used body powder, so does any one know a gluten-free powder. The hospital used Johnson Baby Powder the last. He will put in a pain pump, a feeding tube. Four hours in surgery, 2 weeks in the hospital and if all goes well I should be better in about a month. The first post I read was about bladder spasms and that may be the answer to my intestinal spams. I am doing do some research and will mention cystitis to my doctor. I feel good about this doctor learning about celiac disease. My first surgery, I was told I needed more fiber as in grains. Yesterday, he finally realize what I was talking in regards to celiac disease. He does a lot of teaching in the area. This doctor cares for his patients you can tell when you talk with him. I couldn't have a better surgeon. Betty
  14. I don't really know. I know non-celiacs take it without problem. I suppose it would depend if you had too much acid. My problems were constant vomiting after taking it. I didn't have a haital hernia before. by the time, I realize it, the damage was done. The vomiting was not just once; but all day. I have body heaves where my whole body is effected. I am unable to keep anything down. This causes my body fluids to be off. In 2002 I spent a week in the hospital on being tube feed, no food. In 2005 3 trips to the emergency ward to correct this, sent home. Another day before surgery and a total of 3 weeks on IVs. Now it is starting again. I have no desire for food. I was doing okay today, until I ate. I shouldn't have because shortly, I am exhausted.
  15. Any celiac disease taking Nexium is asking for problems. I wouldn't wish my problems on anyone. They have been terrible. I feel Nexium was the cause. The very thought of it upset me.