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  1. Im from Kansas City and I'm 18. I'd love to talk to anyone around here. I need some help.
  2. Today I made a pizza, with a rice crust. You take the frozen crust, preheat the over to 500 and cook the crust for 5 minutes. Top the crust with Hy-Vee brand pizza sauce, soy cheese (I used cheddar and monzerella), and then all the vegetables you want (squash, zuchinni, tomatos & mushrooms are delicious) Then cook @ 375 for 13 minutes. It's awesome, and so healthy too!
  3. Hello I'm 17 and I've had celiac for about a year but at first I was in somewhat of a denial and I just continued eating gluten...then I stopped but basically lived off baked potatos, popcorn, diet pop, & rice noodles. I'm tired of that though...and I need some good recipes. I'm also trying to get in great shape for summer-does anyone have any good healthy recipes? I'd appreciate any help... Thanks, Allison