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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Wow, People Really Don't Get It...

    My boyfriend's mom is so sweet, she tries so hard to make or find things that I can eat - but often gets it wrong. Last Thanksgiving she made an apple pie (one of my FAVORITES pre-dx) and was so pleased that she had a dessert I could eat. I felt bad for bursting her bubble but told her that I couldn't eat it because of the crust and the flour in the filling. She kept grinning though, and said "no, its ok for you to eat - it's ORGANIC!" I felt bad when I had to explain what organic really meant.
  2. Dentist Stuff

    My dentist put fluoride on my teeth at the end of my cleaning last time, and I was sick for days afterward. I'm checking back with them to find out the ingredients for my next appointment, but it's something to look into if your dentist does that.
  3. I just found this and wanted to add that any amount of caffeine (even though it is less than you usually drink) will increase the stimulant effects of phenylephrine. Some people are also just sensitive to the effects of the medication - increased heart rate, "jittery" feeling, increased blood pressure. I took it once and when I couldn't sit still I checked my pulse rate - 190 while sitting down relaxing! If you take this medication again take it without the caffeine and perhaps cut the dose in half. I know it can be rough to cut out the coffee and soda (especially if you drink them daily) but they are also bad for you when you're sick. The best thing you can do is drink LOTS of water, it'll keep you hydrated. I'm sorry they've been so sketchy about the details of whether the medication contains gluten, but it sounds to me more like a reaction to the medication itself than to gluten. Let us know what you find! Lisa
  4. I decided that the best option for me would be to just go gluten-free and see how I feel. I've been gluten-free for a week now, and i feel really good! I only had one problem this week - we went out to dinner with my boyfriend's family, and I had bad PMS and decided I really needed a bite of his brownie - and I felt miserable all night. Since then I've been very good, and I've had none of my previous symptoms. My question is, how long should I be gluten-free before I "challenge" with gluten? Last week was rough, between eating out and PMS and I want to do this right so I get an accurate response. Is it normal to be feeling (mostly) better after only a week, or is it just a coincidence? Another question - Enterolab isn't in my budget, but if I decide to do it later (after being gluten-free) will the tests still be accurate? Or is it like blood tests, where you have to be eating gluten? I would like a more "official" diagnosis than dietary response, but I'm not willing to keep eating gluten and making myself suffer for six weeks while I wait to get in to see the doctor. Thanks! Lisa
  5. I'd prefer a GI specialist, but if you've had good luck with a general practitioner that would be great too. I just haven't had any luck in the past with GP's actually listening to my symptoms. Lisa
  6. I'm trying to find a celiac-friendly doctor in the Tampa/St Pete area. I live in Palm Harbor (just north of Clearwater and west of Tampa). Anyone have personal experience? Thanks in advance for any input. Lisa
  7. I'm 25 years old, living near Clearwater/Tampa Florida. The more I read here, the more I wonder if celiac could be the explanation for my symptoms. For several years, I've had a lot (a LOT) of gas/bloating, and pretty much constant diarrhea (or at least very loose stools). I also get severe tension headaches. A friend of mine was diagnosed with celiac/lactose intolerance two years ago and referred me to his doctor as I had almost the exact same symptoms - the doctor told me that celiac is very rare and he didn't think that was my problem, but he did test me for lactose intolerance which he said came back negative. I tried just eliminating dairy from my diet, but didn't get consistent results. He told me that it was probably IBS and that I should just treat the symptoms. I've tried various over the counter remedies (rolaids, tums, anti-diarrheals, anti-gas meds, etc) with no change. After seeing that doctor I gave up and just learned to live with the symptoms. Over the last six months, it's gotten worse. The gas is pretty much a constant, I rarely have formed stools, and I'm almost always bloated and have abdominal discomfort. When i have to go to the bathroom, I have to go NOW. Over the last two months I've been exhausted all the time, to the point where I have difficulty staying awake at work. I'm sleeping more than usual and waking up tired. I've also had aching in many of my joints and my headaches have gone from weekly or every other week to pretty much every day. I've had enough, and a story on the news tonight mentioned Celiac and caught my attention. I've been online all night reading and trying to find a specialist in my area. I'm so glad to have found this forum and to find that many other people have had the same problems with doctors taking them seriously. I know that I have many of the symptoms on the "checklist" for celiac, but has anyone here experienced anything similar? Regardless of how the tests come out I'll probably try a gluten-free diet (hey, it can't hurt). Has anyone had problems getting these tests covered by insurance? I have BCBS which is usually fine, but I want to know what I'm getting into. Also, when going to see a GI specialist did you have a long wait to get in and get tested? Now that I have an idea what might be causing my symptoms, I can't wait to find out if this is it and get started on fixing it! I would just try the diet, but I would like to have an official diagnosis because of the genetic factors. Thanks for reading and for creating such a supportive environment! Lisa PS - I was laughing reading all the "poo" posts...it sounds so familiar! Funny to think that we all spend so much time thinking about our poo...