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  1. he didn't like the tortilla's - too dry. i never used the rice wraps so am looking for ideas. thanks
  2. what do you do with the rice wraps? anyone have recipes for wraps a picky teenager might actually eat?
  3. thanks for the help! I hope to get thisgf way of baking under control. I have 3 other kids so I'm doing double duty in the kitchen. So far my son has not liked any of the breads but it's all so new to him still. I think i'll try the zojirushi, i've heard it does well with the heavy gluten breads. Do you know if I adjust the sugar or honey in the muffins/breads recipes, will they still come out? My son thinks everything is so bland. If I could get a little bit sweeter taste into it maybe he would be willing to go with it. thanks Renee
  4. Do you store the flour in the Freezer? and does anyone know of a good bread machine that works well with the gluten fee bread mixes? Thanks for any and all help.
  5. Hi. I'm new to gluten-free. My son was diagnosed this week. He's 12 and a very picky eater. We are stricly kosher so I think i'll be doing quite a bit of baking. My first question is how to store the various flours? I'm going to try your challah recipe for shabbos. Any and all advice would be welcome, being that i'm overwhelmed and a little lost at the moment. Hopefully it will all start to get routine. thanks Renee